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by - June 28, 2012

It is hard to find a good palette of just matte shadows.

I love matte shadows for blending but most palettes I own only have very few mattes in them. My everyday favorite matte is UD’s Buck from their Naked palette. I love it for creating depth in my crease.

Since my collection (yes I refer to my makeup as a collection now HAHA) was lacking matte shadows, I decided to order Meet Matt(e) from theBalm ($39.50).

This palette was a lot smaller that I had thought it would be (3 ¼ in x 3 ¼ in). It fits in the palm of your hand. Inside it packs 9 matte shadows in it and dare I say; everyday shadows. The actual case is made of a heavy duty cardboard, has a magnetic closure and contains a decent sized mirror.  I wouldn’t really use the double ended brush that comes with it as I find it kind of too stiff for blending. Can I just say I love theBalm packaging? I love the retro pictures on them. On the back, Matt even has stats!

The shadows are not quite as buttery as the theBalm’s more shimmery shadows (Shady Lady) but are very decent for a matte shadow! Some do have a teensy bit of fallout but not as much as most other matte shadows. The three lightest shades were a bit chalky but nothing like the chalkiness that comes from a matte shadow in one of the 88 palettes. As you can see from the swatches, Matt Smith disappears on my skin tone. For me that will my next goto transition colour. J

click to make larger
swatched over UDPP, two swipes each

My favorite is Matt Batali with Matt Hotowitz coming in a close second.

I find this matte palette has a good variety of colours for everyday use.

TheBalm can be found online at or

What is you favorite matte palette?



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  1. I saw this and I ALMOST ordered it!!

  2. It truly is a great little palette. It does need to be used over a primer for staying power and added vibrancy. I love this little guy now!

  3. Aww what lovely colors! I really want more matte shadows, but I promised myself not to buy any new ones until a make a huge dent on the ones I owned.

    Samantha (Nail Art Couture)
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    1. I am in love with this palette. I didn't need it LOL I just wanted it. So glad I got it though, this was the only palette I used while I was on vacation. Nobody needs shimmer at the beach haha.


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