June 2012 Glymm bag

by - June 23, 2012

Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, it’s been a crazy busy week for me! It was my birthday this past week so there were a few dinner invites, movies, shopping etc. Friends came in from my home town and took me to see Bryan Adams last night! So freakin’ awesome! He is fantastic live. Then we went out after and now I am paying the price L I am too old to party like a 20yr old anymore haha!

But I want to post my June 2012 Glymm bag.  There are two samples I will certainly use from this month's bag J.

June 2012 Glymm bag

Glymm went digital this month J Instead of a product info card we got an URL address where our product information was posted.  Myproducts.glymm.com   I kind of like this idea. I always have an internet connection somewhere so it was easy to look up and I figure we save some paper. Plus it is one less piece of cardstock paper for my puppers to chew up. She lives for these cards haha. Seriously you should see the mess I come home to sometimes.  But she has fun doing it – she doesn’t eat it just rips it apart...everywhere...

Anyhoooooo, on to this month’s products;

Clark's Botanicals

Clarks’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream 
deluxe sample
Full Size: 50 ml/$115.00
I am not sure if I like the smell of this. I already have some sea marine type creams and I haven’t really used them because of the smell. That is just me though :P
Plus the price of a full sized product is kinda cray-cray don't you think?

Salvadore Dali

Salvadore Dali ItIsDream    sample
Full Size: 60 ml/$54.00
Wow, this stuff was strong and gave me a headache. Not for me.

La Fresh Eco-Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover   
2 samples
Full Size: 18 pads/$9.99
I really like the idea of these. I have been known to buy a small bottle of remover or a small tub of remover to do a quick fix. Carrying around a couple of these seems to be a good idea.

La Fresh                         Vitamin & Sea

Vitamin & Sea Perfect Skin Solution   sample
Full Size: 45 ml/$68.00
I haven’t used this yet. This serum is to be used on the face at night to smooth and repair skin. I tried smelling it but I couldn’t smell anything after the Salatore Dali perfume

belvada lip duo

Belvada Duo Lipstick | Harmony (Natural Earth)
Full Size: 3.4g/$20.00
Now this is too cute. Individual lipstick and balm in the same tube! Press one side down and the other side pops out. The lipstick products can be interchanged. There are 3 shades and one balm to choose from.

lip balm

lipstick side

lipstick swatch

Glymm Cosmetic Bag - Nylon Collection
Full Size: $12.00
This bag is identical to last month’s cosmetic bag but blue. They are decent bags – stylish and sturdy. I also like the fact they are lined. I have already implemented them into my cosmetics; one has lip glosses in it and the other perfume samples

So now I am going to go crawl back into bed and rest my head.  LOL  I should know better by now...but I had fun doing it!  \m/


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  1. I didn't like the perfume either...it was just too much for me. I did like the lipstick/lip balm duo, I thought it was a cute idea!

  2. Hi Jayne! yeah the perfume was way too strong. But my friend liked it so I gave it to her. Everyone's taste is different!


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