Winners Snag! some Nubar

by - June 10, 2012

Found it! Ever since Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty mentioned that the Nubar Polka Dot set was at Winners, I have been stalking it. And I finally found it. The last one. Ahh  the sense of accompliment. Hahha actually it was just a rush to find it!. And for $16.99. Yippee!!!

I have been wanting the Nubar Black Polka Dot polish to quell my hunger for Lynderella's Connect the Dots (almost impossible to get).

The cosmetics aisle at my Winners is always so picked over, makeup smashed, things opened and pawed. I did see a couple Cargo Mediterranean makeup kits (so cute) but they had all been opened and I will not buy makeup that isn’t sealed L.

But if you love nail polish, Winners has a ton of OPI sets; duos - one polish and one crackle, mini Muppets set, and some mini NYC Ballet sets.  As well as Orly and Barielle.
So freaking happy!

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  1. Aah, this is a great find!!

  2. YAY for Winners!!! I just got this too!!! :D I was so happy!

  3. Sometimes Winners suprises me! Halifax mentioned this weeks ago and we finally got them here in Winnipeg. LOL

  4. Great find! New follower :)

    Cierra @ Sugar & Spice


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