May 2012 Luxe Box

by - June 02, 2012

My May Luxe Box came the same day as my May Glossybox. Actually I got lots of goodies in the mail that day. Canada Post must have been saving them all up for one delivery. Luxe Box, Glossybox, Cult Nails and my new camera!!! It was like Christmas when the postman came. Everyone was like ‘who are these for? What’s going on?’ All the ladies were checking out my stuff J so there was a little gathering around my desk HAHA.

This month’s theme, Luxe Box had a May is Thank You, Mom Month. The concept or suggestion was that we could share the box with our moms. I am mom-less now L so I will use it all up myself J.

We also received the standard black box AND a Bath and Body Box (white box).

Bath and Body box contents
There is no mention of the Bath and Body products in the Luxe Box info cards so I will just make some stuff up! Kidding - in this box was a Gillette Venus Olay Razor and sample of Olay Regenerist (we also got one in the main box). From what I can see this razor is a refillable and all I need to do is buy more cartridges. If it is anything like the other Venues razors –Done!
In the main box:

Cargo blu_ray Lip Gloss – full size ($25)
Now everyone else I know that got this box received an Essie polish. I was looking forward to that but I am quite content with this lip gloss. It is in the shade Laredo. It has a minty scent and there is a little tingle when I first apply it. I really like this nudey colour. It is made for high definition filming. I had to take it back from a few co-workers! They were like Oh if you don’t like anything.....

Olay Regenerist – sample (15ml/$60)
A wrinkle revolution complex. That is what the card says LOL. A revolution on yah face! HAHA anyhow I have always liked Olay products. Olay has always worked for me. It has been a steadfast product in my routine over the years. That I can thank Mom for Y. Now that I am getting older I certainly need all the help I can get. I am starting to get the 11’s between my eyebrows. Not cool. So I am going plaster this on it.

Paco Rabanne Black XS L’EXCES for Her and Black XS for Him – 2 samples (50ml/$56-$74)
I had a spritz of the Paco Rabanne for her and it was really nice, a woody oriental scent. Everyone liked the scent. I didn’t open the one for Him yet. I do like that these samples are spray samples.

Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Color Care shampoo & conditioner – 2 samples (236ml/$30)
Fekkai Advanced Salon Technician Color Care Rapid Results Moisture Mask – 2 samples (198g/$45)
I like hair care samples. This is the first time I have received the Fekkai samples. I know they were available in the Luxe Box a few months ago. I am not sure if they were the same thing. But anyhow, I got hair and I can use these. J

We also received a card for $20 off a subscription services for panties, Panty by Post. It is for their premium signature line only. There were a few giggles in the office over this. I did see this sub service on one of Bentley Blonde’s videos recently. I might browse the site ~~giggles~~.

Lots of goodies in the month’s Luxe Box! I am really impressed with the Cargo blu ray Lip Gloss. I got to play around with it for a day. My new nude-y gloss.

I believe the only constant in the May Luxe box was the Bath and Body box. There were several different variations. Essie polish, Cargo lipgloss quad, Cargo glitter eyeliner etc. I like this about Luxe Box, your box may not be the same as everyone else’s, a surprise! Currently there is a wait list for Luxe Box. All new subbies will have to sign up on a wait list.

So I am going to play around with my camera this weekend and figure out the settings. It takes 3D pics but I don’t have a 3D monitor – How would that be? A makeup blog with 3D pics LOL I bet in a couple more years there will tons of 3D blogs! Oh yeah and I have to love up my Cult Nail polishes! So stoked! Makeup overload happening over here. Overload! Off to play now...



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  1. Instead of the lipgloss, I received a Cargo Lashactivator lash grower...apparently in 30 days I'm supposed to have super human lashes.

    1. LOL Well show us some pics you get crazy long lashes!


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