May 06, 2016

April 2016 Topbox | Model co

April 2016 Topbox

For April I chose the Model Co privé box. I have liked everything I have previously tried from Model Co and when I saw the full sized BB cream I was like 'SOLD!!!`

There were only two items in this privé Topbox: a lipgloss and a BB cream. 

BB Plus Cream Daily All-in-One Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF30  Medium

Full size: $22/35ml

Combining serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF 30-UVA and UVB SPF, BB Plus covers blemishes and imperfections, helps maintain hydration, corrects signs of dullness or fatigue and helps protect the skin from UV rays.

Sweet that we got a full size product! I got the shade Medium which on first glance looked pretty orange to me.  But it smoothed out all right on my skin. The formula was a little more liquidy than I am used to for a BB cream.  The coverage is quite light on me.  Any redness is evened out but I can still see my freckles and any darker imperfections so a concealer is a necessity for me. I have been wearing this to work all week and I really like it for a more natural not done up look. 

April 2016 Topbox

Shine Ultra Lip Gloss – Fairy Floss

Full size; $20/4ml

Lend a luxe touch to your beauty look with this reflective shimmering gloss that glides on smoothly for a non-sticky, long lasting finish.

This gloss is a very sheer pink. And it does make your lips look super shiny. This strawberry scented gloss feels a little goopy but not sticky at least not so much that it irritated me. I cannot stand sticky glosses or my hair getting in them. It is surprisingly long lasting even on my coffee slurping mouth :)

April 2016 Topbox

Bonus item: Schick Hydro Silk razor

I was pretty happy to see this bonus item this month. I love getting these razors every once in a while in my subbies.  It lets me try new razors, otherwise I would probably would never change it up from my Olay Venus razor (which I got in a sub).  Plus we got a $5 off coupon for new blades. That is pretty generous. I am digging the ergonomic handle on this one. Razor d’ete?

April 2016 Topbox
Shine Ultra Lip Gloss in Fairy Floss | BB Plus Cream in Medium (slightly blended out)

I saw this privé box and had to have it. I so wanted to try more from this Australian brand. It did remind me that I have a Model Co. Cheek and Lip tint kicking around somewhere that I quite enjoyed. I am going to go root around for it.


Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription where you can get 4 deluxe beauty samples sent to your door for $12 a month. Sign up at 

April 19, 2016

Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection
Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection

When I received this I was like What? Condition first? What? I was so curious to see what this Reverse Washing was all about.

Formulated with Fleximax Volimizers and Fibre Polishing Actives, the Beauty-Full Volume Collection will leave you with smooth, soft touchable voluminous hair.  
The Beauty-Full Volume Collection includes;
  • Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner
  • Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo
  • Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximizer 
  • Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mouse
  • Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray
How does the Reverse Wash System work, you ask?

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection
Step 1: Pre-Wash Conditioner  Step 2: Shampoo
Step 1: Pre-Wash Conditioner
Apply 2-3 pumps evenly throughout wet hair. Leave on for one minute. Rinse.
Love the pump on here. I think all shampoo and conditioners should come with a pump! The Fleximax Volumizer formula is supposed to leave hair smooth and polished. I used 2 pumps to lather through my hair. I let it soak in for a few minutes then I rinsed out.

Step 2: Volume Shampoo
Apply to wet hair from roots to tips (with the conditioner still in it). Lather. Rinse to remove excess weight from your hair.
This shampoo suds up like crazy. Wow. I had it all throughout my hair in no time. The second ingredient is SLS. So if you are moving away from that in your hair care routine you may need to try another shampoo.
I was worried at first after I rinsed the shampoo out that my hair would be too tangly to get a comb through. It was a little hard to finger comb my hair out. So instead of waiting to let my hair air dry, I immediately applied Step 3. 

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection
Step 3: Hair Maximizer
Step 3: Hair Maximizer
Use after the Tresemmé Beauty-Full Reverse Wash System. Apply small amount to damp hair from roots to tips, focusing on the lengths. Blow dry your hair using a round brush to create volume.
I used about a nickel size worth of product and ran it through my hair getting close to the roots (I stayed about an inch away). Then I combed my hair. The Hair Maximizer gave my hair enough silkiness that I was able to comb my hair. I hardly ever blow dry my hair anymore so I let it air dry giving my hair a flip every once in a while to bump up the volume naturally.

I think my hair looks pretty good here without even styling. I would go out like this. Yep. 

Hair is 50% dry
My first week of using the Tresemmé Beauty-Full Volume Collection went well. Really well. I was pretty happy with the results.  I had bounce, frizz control and manageability. But sometime near the end of the second week, my hair started becoming greasy a day after washing.  My hair is dry; I rarely ever get greasy hair.  Normally, I can go 2-3 days before I feel the need to wash my hair. I think maybe my scalp rebeled against the Hair Maximizer? But I like how it smoothes out my hair! 
So while it does deliver what it promises; volume, bounce and frizz free hair, I don't think reverse washing with Beauty-Full Volume is for me on the everyday.
Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection
Volume! after using the Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection

I am a fan of Tresemmé products and use them quite a bit. I especially enjoy the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth line. It helps keep winter dryness and frizz at bay. 

While I can't use the Beauty-Full Volume system continuously, I will use it periodically to get me some shiny bouncy hair.  Since I don't blow dry my hair that often anymore, I think I may need to try the mousse from this line. 
Have you tried Reverse Washing you hair? Did it work for you?
Edited to Add: I went back and tried this system out again for the past two weeks without the Hair Maximizer.  The results were fantastic! It was the Hair Maximizer that was causing my scalp to get oily. Yay so excited to figure that out.  Do I notice a huge difference in my hair versus using shampoo and conditioner the traditional way? I think so, I seem to have less product build up in my hair. But my hair gets a static-y a bit easier than before. 

**products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

March 28, 2016

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation #review

L'Oreal Lumi Cushion foundation
L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation

L’Oreal recently launched its version of a cushion foundation for Spring 2016 and I was eager to give the True Match Lumi Cushion foundation a try as I love luminous finish foundations and have tried the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation with happy results. And I just wanted to get on the cushion band wagon of course!

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation

Let’s talk about the compact first. It is really pretty. I love the rose gold. The foundation comes in a double lid compact. The pretty rose gold lid is actually the mirror on the inside. It has a round sponge applicator sitting atop the well of the secondary lid that keeps the product air tight. The sponge cushion sits at the bottom of the compact. The foundation looks really dark in the sponge but trust me it is pretty light on the skin.  Currently, L’Oreal Paris Canada only has 8 shades available in the Lumi Cushion line. All are in light to medium skin tone range. L’Oreal Paris USA has 12 shades available. 

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation

Since I use a mixture of N1-2 (Classic Ivory) and N3 in the True Match Lumi liquid foundation line, I picked up N2 Classic Ivory in the Cushion Lumi. It was a pretty good match for me maybe a bit on the light side. 

L'Oreal Lumi Cushion foundation

The Lumi Cushion Foundation has sheer coverage.  You can build it up to a light medium coverage but don’t expect anything more than that. I definitely need concealer if I want to cover up the red splotches on my cheeks or any redness. 
This foundation is really dewy. Really dewy. I have dry dehydrated skin so the luminosity of this foundation is not really an issue for me. In fact it is what drew me to it.  My skin seems to suck this foundation right up and I don’t see the super luminous effect other see.  Unfortunately for me, once the foundation set it did cling to dry patches. 

The wear time on the Lumi Cushion was about 5 hours. It began wearing off rapidly after that, first on the lower cheeks and then the chin and nose. I tried reapplying it at work in the afternoon but it did not look as good as applying it in the morning on fresh skin. 

The price is the real stickler for me. I got it when it was on sale for $16.49 CDN. That was 30% off making the foundation normally sitting at the $24 mark for 0.51oz. It is pricey considering the True Match Lumi Foundation runs about $18 CDN for 1oz.
L'Oreal Lumi Cushion foundation

The Lumi Cushion is an alright foundation for me. But I do not think I will be repurchasing. I consider the L’Oreal True Match Lumi liquid foundation much better coverage, effect and price than the Lumi Cushion foundation. In the end, I have other foundations, CC and DD creams that look better if I want sheer coverage at a better price.

What were your thoughts on the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation? Worth the hype?

March 20, 2016

Topbox | March 2016

Bonjour Makeupnuts! It’s monthly Topbox time. Once again, I opted for the regular Topbox for March. I am so predicable right? Honestly I can't remember what the wishlist selections were. I think there was an Elizabeth Arden and So Susan prive box. What I do remember is that I either had or tried most of the Topbox wishlist items previously. So the regular one it was.

March 2016 Topbox
March 2016 Topbox
The contents:

March 2016 Topbox

Maskeraide All-Eyes-On-Me Hydrating Eye Gel Patches   deluxe sample

Full size: 4 eye patches/$25
Place these under the eyes on clean toned skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
I am a big fan of the Maskeraide masks so I am genuinely looking forward to trying these.

March 2016 Topbox

Mereadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer    deluxe sample

Full size 25ml/$45
From my little swatch fest, I do like how this foil sample is presented with a little resealable flip top in the packet. Although the colour looks a bit warm to me, on the orange-y side. But I will have to try it out before I write it off.

March 2016 Topbox

Pop Beauty Pure Pigment in Metallic Charcoal   full size

I was not expecting a full size pigment in this bag.  This charcoal has a slight duo chrome metallic shift to it. I like pigments and think it is quite pretty. But I have learned the hard way to be careful with dark pigments. My carpet can attest to that! But the sacrifice was in the name of beauty. 

March 2016 Topbox

Nova Scotia Fisherman eXtreme Skin Care Lip Balm - Fisher Mint  deluxe sample

Full size: 9.2g/$4.95
Spearmint! That’s all I can smell when I open this. There is definitely mint oil in this. It is so tingly and cooling on the lips. I still haven’t decided whether I like that or not. But it is so moisturizing. I mentioned in my last Topbox post that Nova Scotia Fisherman has a free trial where you can chose three samples for free but pay $5 postage to try out the line. 

March 2016 Topbox
mereadesso all-in-one-tinted moisturizer | pop beauty pure pigment metallic charcoal

I am really eager to try out the Maskeraide Eye Patches. Tonight actually. It has become a Sunday night ritual to do a mask before bed; get ready for bed, apply the mask and relax for 20 minutes.

Want to try out some new beauty products each month? Sign up for a Topbox. It is $12 for 4 deluxe samples sent your door each month.

March 15, 2016

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron #review

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron

A couple years ago I started experiencing issues with my right shoulder and curling my hair became a huge pain. So on those bad days, I just didn’t bother curling my hair. I have naturally wave hair so a couple pumps of curling cream and lot of scrunching and I am ready. But to look more polished, I like to curl my hair for a more uniform stylish look. Because of the shoulder issue, I need a curling iron with a clamp. Lifting my arms up to wrap my hair around wands is a struggle for me. It takes me forever and my arms kill me afterwards. Having an auto rotating curing iron makes curling my hair even easier now. 

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out the Irresistible Me Ruby-Auto Rotating Curling Iron. When this professional curling wand arrived, I was super impressed with the lux and sturdy packaging it came in.  It even has a little magnetic close on it. I don’t even want to toss it. The top flap has all the cool features this professional curling wand has displayed on it.

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron
Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron

The iron itself is sleek and long but it is lightweight and surprisingly evenly balanced. The 360 degree cord makes it easy to place nicely on any counter. No more having the cord drag my iron off the counter for me! The cord is just over 8’ long.  Most irons have a standard 6’ cord. I didn’t think that extra 2 feet would make a huge difference but it sure makes moving around with the iron a lot easier. 
The barrel is ceramic, fused with tourmaline to easily create silky, smooth curls. The diamond coating enhances its durability and heat transfer. The tourmaline gemstone is a natural source of negative ions and far-infrared heat, which provides faster styling. Negative ions eliminate frizz and lock in moisture by closing the cuticle to create smooth, shiny hair. 

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron

The Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron comes with an assortment of features that will make curling your hair so much easier:
  • Ceramic and tourmaline technology with negative ions leaves your hair smooth and shiny by sealing hair oils, color and moisture in – means no frizzy hair
  • Diamond coating enhances its durability and heat transfer
  • Fast heating (less than a minute) with temperature controls between 260F to 410F
  • LED screen that indicates the selected temperature
  • Auto standby feature after 1 hour
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Rotating auto recovery
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light Weight
  • 360 degree cord
  • 2.5m cord
  • Universal voltage 

Once plugged in the infrared temperature light will start blinking but you still have to turn on the heat by pressing the power button for 2 seconds. The iron will start by default at 260 F. To increase and decrease the heat, press the + and buttons (above the power button). I like setting it at 380F.  It has rapid heating so the iron gets hot within a minute. When the LED light stops blinking then you know the iron is heated to the desired temperature. 

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron

The time you keep the hair around the iron will determine how tight the curls will be - less than 5 seconds = loose curls more than 10 seconds = tight curls.

In the picture below, I left the iron on for at least 15 seconds so I ended up looking like LilBoPeep. But I just pulled on the curls after letting them rest for a couple minutes. The curls loosened up nicely and after a tousle at the roots I got looser curls. Now I am lucky and my hair holds a curl for the whole day so I dont need a lot of products to assist that but I do have super dry ends so I do need some styling and conditioning oils.  Always a balance, right? 

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron

The auto-rotating feature is something else!  I love it! Pressing the right or left button will direct the curl. I take 1.5 inch sections of hair and clamp it about 1 inch from the bottom and let the wand do the rest. There is a teensy learning curve with this iron but after a few minutes it becomes easy, kind of fun actually. Bzzz bzzz bzzz. I played with the Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron for 10-15 minutes before I used it to learn all the features. The coolest feature I think is the Reset button. Press the red Reset button to have the handle clip return to the front position and you are ready to go in for another curl or you can place the iron on the counter. God I love technology sometimes!

The handle is ergonomically designed. As I mentioned before the iron is well balanced, not bottom heavy at all. The buttons are placed so well that you don’t accidently touch them when curling your hair. A common problem with my old iron; I would always turn the temperature down or up with my palm.  The base has a little bump on the bottom so that when you set it down, the little stand in the middle and the ’bump’ at the base make the curling iron stand perfectly horizontal to the counter. I haven’t even used my heat mat since getting this iron. The cool touch tip means you don’t have to wear gloves! But I found I didn’t even really use the cool touch tip because the Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron did all the work for me. 

I also tested the auto standby feature to see if it would shut off after an hour and it does. I was wondering why an hour but since it is a professional curling wand, I imagine it would be frustrating having it shut off every 20 minutes. I always have weird paranoia attacks sometimes when I leave the house; did I shut the curling iron off? OH Geez! and I will turn around and drive back just to check! Seriously.  I am such a weirdo sometimes. So auto shutoff is for me! 

Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotationg Curling Iron

I am loving my experience so far with the Ruby Auto-Rotating Curling Iron! I wish I would have had this a couple years ago! 

The Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Iron is available at for $119.00 USD. Irresistible Me offers affordable  hair extensions but also offers hair tools and accessories.  

**product provide for review but all opinions are my own