June 29, 2015

June 2015 Topbox

June 2015 Topbox
June 2015 Topbox
Hey there, I am back from my little vacay to NW Ontario. Nothing too exciting, I was just visiting family but it was good times, lots of food and very little sleep. I think me and my dogs need to nap for a day or two in our own beds to recover. The long drive and nights are what killed me.

While I was gone, my June Topbox arrived. There were a few Prive boxes to choose from for June but I opted for the regular Topbox once again. I love suprises...as in presents, not fees or unexpected car bills. Those kind of suprises I hate.

I have to say that the regular June Topboxes were pretty good. Let's see what I got in mine this month; 

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer
Full size: 11g/$20
Exotic bronzer treats skin with ultra-nourishing ingredients and delivers a sunlit glow as if you’ve escaped to Morocco. Improves skin’s brightness, tone, texture and elasticity.
This bronzer is sure pretty to look at. The golden compact. The golden spray overlay. All beautiful. But on my skin tone, I find this bronzer to be more of a highlighter than a bronzer.  It doesn’t really show up other than the golden sheen. To me, that is a highlighter. There is a lot of golden shimmer in this bronzer and you do get quite a bit of gold glitter from the spray overlay.  
My real problem with this bronzer is the Argan Oil. Normally I love Argan Oil.  But seriously, how much is the Argan Oil going to benefit my skin? It is not like I am going to powder my whole face with this bronzer. Not unless I want to look like C3P0.  Plus  I find the Argan Oil scent overpowering. While very pretty, I think I will have to pass on this.

June 2015 Topbox

China Glaze Nail Lacquer – New Birth
Full size: 14ml/$10
I am smitten this polish. New Birth is white crème polish that has a slight hint of blue in it.  New Birth was from last year’s The Giver Collection. At first I thought this was a light grey polish but it leans white. When I am inside, I can see a hint of blue. I did find that you need to work in thin coats to get this one to look good at full opacity. I needed three coats.

June 2015 Topbox

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
Full size: 118ml/$26
Shrink enlarged pores with this 2% liquid salicylic acid leave-on exfoliant that removes old skin cells both on the skins surface and inside the pore.
Ohhhh if this shrink pores, I am going to be in love.

June 2015 Topbox

Fruits & Passion Face Mask
1 mask $2.50
This refreshing Face Mask contains an essence specifically formulated to improve the appearance of your skin. Your skin is moisturized, softened and more luminous.
I do enjoy me a good face mask. It has become a Sunday night ritual for me. As I wind down for the evening I will put on some PVR’d show and then I slap on a mask and relax for 10 minutes. The mask I received was Cucumber, which has hydrating and soothing properties.

Okay I was more thrilled with the skin care than then makeup, which is unusual for me!. This will be the first time I will be able to try a Paula's Choice product or a Fruits & Passion face mask. Sunday night is going to be so fun! It is too bad that the Physician's Formula bronzer was a dud, it was so pretty. The scent was just way too much for me. I kind of wish I had gotten one of the Benefit's liners instead.
What did you think of this month's Topbox?
Topbox.ca is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Sign up at Topbox.ca  for $12 + tax. 

June 12, 2015

CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner #review

CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner
CoverGirl Iflexiblesify Me! Liquid Liner

Get the control of a pencil with the intensity of a liquid eyeliner for beautifully defined eyes every time. Our all-new paddle-shaped tip gives you two looks in one—thick and dramatic or thin and elegant. The intense black formula glides on smoothly and dries quickly for instant drama. Clinically tested, suitable eyeliner for sensitive eyes

Of liquid liners, I prefer pen felt tip applicators. I find them a lot easier to work with that the brush tips. The Intensify Me! Liquid Liner, with it's new innovative design, is just bit different than a regular pen liner. 

CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner
thin side                       |                     thick side
The tip is a flexible paddle-like applicator. I initially thought this was going to be hard to work with but the product came off the tip so easily. I laid the wide side of the paddle down from mid eye and dragged it out to the outer edge. Then I turned the tip to the thin side and drew a line inward to the tear duct. Then I made a smooth transition from the thin line to the thicker line. Easy peasy. 
 CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner

The Intensify Me! (Intense Black) is a beautiful jet matte black that stays pretty bold all day. The swatches on my arm did not budge one it set. Unfortunately this is not totally waterproof. It held up quite well to a sprinkling of rain and a hot day but not to tears. I was driving to work one morning and I got something in my left eye. My eye watered pretty bad. Not even thinking it would smudge I carried on. By the time I got to work I had a very huge downward left wing smudge. Thankfully it was easy to fix. So if you are a big softy this may not be the best liquid liner for summer weddings.

CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner
CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner swatches
Have you tried the Covergirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner yet?
Here is the interesting thing. I was trying to find this instore but could not. I did see that Well.ca has the CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner listed for $9.99. I will try to find out when it will be available in Canada and update. It is currently available in the US wherever CoverGirl is sold.
**product proved for review. All opinions are my own.

June 08, 2015

CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast Mascara #review

Or as I like to call it the PA-POW! Mascara.

CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara
CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara

The Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara gives you 400% more corner-to-corner volume for full, fanned out lashes. Our amazing Lash Styler transforms even small lashes— just twirl as you apply it to your lashes for an instantly Super Sized lash look. Opthalmologically tested, suitable for those who wear contact lenses.
I have the shade Very Black and it is a richly pigmented black mascara. The wand is what is really unique with this mascara. The flexible rubber brush applicator flares out at the tip and then tapers down. The spiky bristles are only on two sides of the wand. 

CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara
unique tapered rubber brush - larger at the tip smaller at the base
I am in a contant quest for a mascara that will make my lashes look insanely long. I gots tiny lashes man. The Super Sizer mascara surprised me and gave me some pretty awesome lashage. It gave me quite a bit of length and a good amount of volume. It really makes my teeny lashes pop. I even felt that there was enough fullness that I didn't even need to use eyeliner after I applied it. That's a first for me!

I was so uncoordinated when I tried to follow the application instructions.  I twirled the mascara wand as I went up the lashes but the more I thought about it the worse I got. So I just winged it and I think it came out pretty good. On my second coat, my lashed clumped together a bit but that didn’t bother me too much. I was just in awe of long and dark my lashes looked. Since then I just tried applying the mascara normally and I have gotten even better results.
CoverGirl The Super Sizer by LashBlast mascara

The Super Sizer mascara lasted all day for me with no smudging or flaking. Another plus, I didn't have to curl my lashes. The Super Sizer curled my lashes for me. What, what? Plus it came off so easily at the end of the day.

The Super Sizer won’t give you soft fluttery lashes but if you are looking to be noticed give CoverGirl The Super Sizer by Lash Blast mascara a try. I think I may need the waterproof version for this summer. What do you think? 

**product proved for review. All opinions are my own.

June 03, 2015

Bioderma Sensibio H20 #review

I am loving micellar water cleansing products.

One of my favorite moments of the day – wiping away the gunk that’s left after a long day and then cleansing my face with a face wash. 
Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Today I am reviewing the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I did try a sample version of one of Bioderma micellar water in a beauty box before and I really liked it. Now that I tried it more than a few days I kind of understand the raves about it. The Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a fragrance-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic micellar water.

How to use the Bioderma Sensibio H2O; (Bioderma website)
·         Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O.
·         Gently cleanse and/or remove make-up from your face and eyes.
·         Re-apply until the cotton pad becomes clean.
·         Lightly dab your face with a clean cotton towel.
I generally go though 2-3 cotton pads each night and one in the morning. I have to say that the Sensibio H2O excels at removing makeup. For the past two weeks, I have been using only this to remove my makeup and it does a great job even with my everyday gel eyeliner and mascara. I do find I need to whip out eye makeup remover to get waterproof mascara off.  

Bioderma Sensibio H2O demo
foundation, eyeshadow, lip crayon, eye pencil, waterproof eye liner, mascara

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
after one swipe with the Bioderma Sensibio H2O

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
after several swipes - it took a bit of pressure to get the waterproof liner off

My face feels great after wiping the makeup away with the Sensibio H2O. I even feel a slight tingle as the solution dries off the surface of the skin. This sensation made me go back to reread the ingredients list but I was right, there is no alcohol in this product. The Sensibio H2O does not leave any residue once it dries down. The Simple Cleansing Micellar water and the Neutrogena wipes left a bit of a residue behind that would make me want to wash my face.  

The Sensibio H20 would leave my face clean enough that if I had to leave it be, I could. Like if I was travelling or camping, I could use the Sensibio H2O with no rinsing. But as I mentioned in previous posts, I am hardwired to wash my face each night. I did try a couple of nights of no rinsing but I ended up washing my face in the AM. I feel guilty if I don’t.

I currently have the 500ml bottle and I have been extremely lavish with it over the past two weeks and I am only 1/3 of the way through the bottle. So keep in mind a 500ml bottle will last you approximately a month and half probably longer.

The only con I can see about this product is the price. Bioderma Sensibio H2O is available at Shoppers Drug Mart - 250ml $19.95 or 500ml/$26.95. Nowadays you can find micellar water at drug store prices $7-8. So is it worth the hype? The last two weeks would make me say yes. I experienced no irritation to my skin or eyes and there is no discernible scent. Plus the there is no residue left over at the end. This is perfect for people with really sensitive skin. Repurchasing might have to become a necessary splurge.
I did notice that this week at SDM, the Bioderma Sensibio H2O is on sale for $15.98/250ml and $22.98/500ml.

**product provided for review. All opinions are my own.


May 26, 2015

May 2015 Topbox


May 2015 Topbox
May 2015 Topbox
My Topbox came in last week. There were quite a few great selections to choose from for May: Aveda, NeoStrata, Elizabeth Arden, Indigenia, So Susan, a Canadian fragrance box and a Mystery box. Lots of choices but I decided to roll the dice and see what goodies I got in the regular box.

If you want to see what was in the NeoStrat Topbox, check out my April Topbox here.

Le Contents:   

May 2015 Topbox

THEFACESHOP Herb Day (365) Cleansing Foam Aloe    deluxe sample
Full Size: 170ml/$6
This cleanser will leave your skin supple and soft to the touch. Its formula is enriched with aloe and its soft foaming texture soothes irritated skin and provides the epidermis with intense hydration.
This sounds like it would be a great face wash for after those hot summer days where you might have spent a wee too much time in the sun for your own good. I did that this past weekend. I got an unintentional sun tan on my face cleaning my yard. Sun is freckle food.

THEFACESHOP Seaweeds Moisturizing Pack    deluxe sample
Full Size: 110ml/$12
Moisture pack to moisturize and soothe dry and tired skin. Non sticky, provides moisture for vital glowing skin. Before going to bed, spread evenly over your face, avoiding the eye and lip contour areas.
So this is an all nighter mask. I can’t wait to try this one out. The scent is kinda herbally. It reminds me of the Intelligence face line from Arbonne, which I really liked.  I was disapointed when they discontinuted that line.

May 2015 Topbox

Essie Polish in Flowerista -   deluxe sample
Full Size: ml/$8
I adore this teeny little bottle and I love the colour. I plan on using this polish for my mani next week. I will post a photo on Instagram when I does up my mani. 

May 2015 Topbox

Medusa’s Makeup Eyeshadow in Safari Black Gold    full size
Full Size: 2g/$8
Highly pigmented mineral pressed powder with micro sparkles. For best results, apply “Stick It” primer then apply with a brush.
At first I thought this was a forest green shadow but it is a charcoal black with gold and green sparkles in it. Not one of my favorite colours but I am sure I will find a use for it. I did go peruse the Medusa’s Makeup website (lots of products) and they have some pretty nice bright neon (Electro) colours offered. They also have the Safari eyeshadow line and the one shadow that really popped out at me was Liger. Medusa’s Makeup also has an interesting read on the History of Makeup. Check it out.

I think thise was well rounded Topbox. It included skincare, makeup, nails. Everything I want in a box. Was it my favorite? No it didn't knock my socks off but it is a good one and I will be using up these products.

If you are interested in getting your own Topbox, go to Topbox.ca and sign up. It is $12 + tax Canada only.

May 20, 2015

A Little Redemption

Every month or so, Shoppers Drug Mart has an Optimum Point Redemption promo where you can redeem your points (for free stuff) and get extra money off. This long weekend was one of those redemption events.

For instance, 50,000 Optimum points normally equals $85 but during a redemption promo weekend, you can get an extra $15 for those 50,000 points, making it a $100 of free stuff. 95,000 points will get you $200.

You collect Optimum points by shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale.ca. you get 10 points for every dollar spent plus there are opportunities to get bonus Optimum points on items during the week.

For the past few redemption events, I have been just getting basics with my points; groceries, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, tissue/TP, vitamins etc. This time I spent the majority of the points on me and not on household items or other unfun stuff. Okay I got some toilet paper and pop but it was on sale and couldn’t resist.

a little SDM redemption
a little SDM redemption
The first item I had to get was a curling iron. About a month or so ago, I broke my 1” barrel curling iron. I had it for over a decade. It was old but it still worked great. I was in the bathroom and I knocked it off the vanity.  The way it hit the ground was epic. It blew apart into a million pieces. The end tip came off, something flew out of the barrel, screws shooting off behind the toilet, the stand and clamp went flying. I was so sad after that; a) because it was something I used every other day and was so used to it and b) this meant I had to spend money on a new one L.  I tried using my 1 ½” and ½” irons but they either didn’t curl my hair that great (too big) or it took too long (too small). So getting a free curling iron is awesome. I like how this Conair Infiniti Premiere has a notch on the end so you can hang it on a hook when you want to put it away. I also prefer irons with the clamp. With my disability, it is difficult for me to use my right shoulder to turn my hair around the clampless irons. My arms get too sore or my shoulder seizes up. I was trying this method with my 1 ½” iron.  I like to just clamp it on and roll away. Maybe I should invest in an iron that also self rotates as well? Hmmmmm

I picked up some more hair dye, Garnier Nutrisse Cream. I have been using the mousse version but now I want to try out the cream.

I also got another Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. I really love this stuff for an everyday daytime moisturizer. My only complaint is that I wish it had a higher SPF than 15. I know there are other Aveeno lotions that have a higher SPF in them but I really like the results with the Positively Radiant line. 

Maybelline Fit Me concealer | Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer
Maybelline Fit Me concealer | Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer
I had to restock on my favorite drug store concealer, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light. I am really liking this stuff. It does a great job for a medium coverage concealer. Once I set it, the Fit Me Concealer doesn’t budge or settle too much. I will last me the whole work day.
My first Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer. I love how thick and opaque these are and not crazy sticky. I got Nova, a bright girly pink. I now wish I would have also grabbed a peachy one too. I don't know why I waited so long to try these out.

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Nova
Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Nova
If you have dry frizzy damaged hair, then you should give the Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil Shea Butter Condition Treatment a try. I have used it before and got 3-4 treatments out of it. My hair soaks it up. It smells so good, really really hydrates the hair, rinses out quite well and leaves your hair so soft and manageable. For $2.99 say Yes Please.

I also got some basic beauty items that I didn’t photograph because I put them away already or opened up - Quo nail polish remover, Quo cotton pads, some pointy ear buds/q-tips for makeup and nail fixes.

I was really debating getting the L’oreal La Palette 2 vs the curling iron. But in the end, I figured I had enough eyeshadow for the moment. Plus the price of the La Palette at Shoppers Drug Mart put me off…$29.99! What the fudge? Anyhow necessity won out over want. Forever practical.  ~~le sigh~~

So did you splurge and drop all your points for some fun stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart?


May 06, 2015

Aprils Favs

April Favs
April Favs
I am really sporadic blogging about my monthly favorites. That’s because I don't think my favs change too much from month to month. When I find something that works I tend to stick with it. I be loyal like that.

But this past month, I noticed I was reaching for some different items. Some of which are really good old friends. 
Marcelle CC and DD Cream
Marcelle CC and DD Cream
First fav up is my base; I have been switching back and forth between the Marcelle CC and DD creams. I like them both but slightly prefer the DD cream a bit more. Both offer light coverage but I think the CC cream has a bit more coverage and that the DD cream has more luminosity. If I want more than a light coverage, I may pump in a teeny little bit of foundation, making a little foundation concoction.  I highly recommend trying out the Marcelle CC/DD creams for a beautiful au natural finish. Plus they have some great skin benefits and a decent SPF count. I have reviewed the DD cream here if you are interested.

April Favs

I have rediscovered my fondness for the L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder in N2 for setting my face. I never thought anything would pry the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Medium from my hands but this one did. It is so smooth and the super fine powder never cakes on my face.

I also really enjoyed using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Light. So much so that the labeling has rubbed off. This creamy concealer blends beautifully and covers any under eye darkness I may have that day. It’s an awesome drugstore concealer.

Now that it is spring I have been reaching for pink blushes. None more so than my Clinique Cheek Pop blush in Plum Pop. It provides a beautiful soft pink glow. The only thing I don't like about this pretty blush is the more you get down in to the embossed daisy design, the very edges of the petals get dirty. I tried wiping it with a makeup cleaning wipe but I think I made it worse. So now I give it a spritz with my BeautySoClean spray every once in awhile to appease my mind. If you want to see it in its original glory you can read my review here. Has anyone else had this issue with the Cheek Pops?

Okay this one I am a wee bit embarrassed to show you. It's my Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I was going to insert a stock photo of it here but I thought I would just be honest and show you what makeup that I really love ends up looking like after a year or so LOL It gets loved to Death! Please, don’t judge me…
I got this small version awhile ago and I only hit pan on it a few months ago. I use it to contour a bit, bronze my face and I love it as an eyeshadow. It makes for a great warm brown crease colour. I need to get another one soon. I am quite impressed with how long it this little guy has lasted me with the amount of use it has gone through.  Poor Hoola.

I am including the Benefit Roller Lash mascara even though it is empty. I enjoyed this so much that I used it everyday until that sad day there was no more. Teresa wants more! I did review it here last month.

Annabelle Lip Liner in Demure Epic Blend Lip Balm
Annabelle Lip Liner in Demure Epic Blend Lip Balm
Every morning, I fill in my lips with the Annabelle lip liner in Demure. I drink a lot of coffee each morning and the Annabelle lip liners seem to last through my coffee indulgences a lot better than glosses or lipsticks. Demure is a beautiful nude-y pink, a my-lips- but-better shade. The Epic Blend Lip Balm is really moisturizing and has become my favorite balm to use of late. Plus you gotta love that it is a Canadian company and an all natural product. I only wish I could find it locally. You can order Epic Blend online.

I thought I would mention these Belvada nail polish remover pads. I finally started using them after receiving them last year in a TopBox. Initially, I didn’t like the lemon scent but I have to say I really like these nail polish remover pads. I can get all 10 digits done with one pad, two if it’s a really stubborn polish. But my favorite thing is how moisturizing these are and that I can sit in front of TV and absent-mindedly take off my polish. That's the lazy girl in me loving this product :)

That’s the nitty gritty of my current favs…some loved (really hard) more than others…
What is your favorite product right now?