January 24, 2015

Lip Exfoliation DIY | the lazy girl way

My name is Teresa and I suffer from a bad case of dry winter lips... {{hello Teresa}}. But I also suffer from laziness. Yes, I am too lazy to make my own organic DIY lip scrub and never seem to remember the importance of buying a lip exfoliator when I am in Sephora.
But I do have a easy method of lip exfoliation which has generally worked well for me the past 100 years or so.

This is what you are going to need;
  • a damp cotton face cloth
  • any thick lip balm or lip butter (sans peppermint oil and methanol)
  • brown sugar
lip exfoliation
these are my super dry lips {{{ick}}} 

Step 1: Gently rub your lips with the damp face cloth. This will pull up any dead skin.

lip exfoliation step 1
'it rubs the lotion on...'
Step 2: Apply the balm liberally. You want it kind of goopy. The brown sugar needs something to stick to.

lip exfoliation step 2
try not to eat the sugar
Step 3: Dab the brown sugar on your lips and gently rub for about 30 seconds.

Step 4: Wipe off with damp face cloth and then reapply lip balm or favorite lip butter to soothe your lips and to keep them hydrated.

lip exfoliation
Voila kissable lips!

Super easy right? Sometime I get even lazier and just rub my lips with a damp face cloth before I go to bed and apply balm.
How do you keep your lips ship shape in the winter?

January 14, 2015

Ipsy | December 2014

Ah Ipsy I wish thee well…

December 2014 Ipsy
December 2014 Ipsy
Ipsy was another subscription I cancelled. I might re-subscribe at a later date. Right now I don’t know.

For $17 something, I thought it was getting a little expensive for a monthly service. ($10 + $5 shipping converted to CDN). Ipsy is good for a mostly makeup subscription but it seemed like the same companies all the time. I have also had some great luck with Ipsy as well…the Urban Decay Perversion mascara was utterly freaking awesome and I truly enjoy Be a Bombshell cosmetics. So it is a bittersweet parting.

December 2014 Ipsy
I did like the little black makeup bag. It looks like a tiny version of a men’s travel bag. On a recent road trip, I stuffed my toothbrush, toothpaste, some floss picks, hair ties, comb and face lotion in there. Basically stuff that I couldn’t or wouldn’t put in my makeup bag.

I haven’t really played with December’s goodies yet so I can’t form any real opinions on the products yet. I am so dying to try these products but this damn endless cold will not let me. I refuse to put brand new makeup on this puffy scraggily face. Not until this cold has gone away! I did finally get antibiotics for a sinus infection. So hopefully this cold/infection/plague will be gone soon!!! 
December 2014 Ipsy
So I place these in my makeup cue to play with as soon as I know I won’t infect them.  I was quite surprised to see tarte in December’s bag. I really really want to try the tarte Lights Camera lashes mascara!! I have heard a lot of good things about that mascara. I did give my bestie the Precision Beauty lash curler as part of her Christmas present. She loves it. I have several lash curlers so I could spare this one. Although it being purple, that was a sacrifice for me yoh. Tugged on my makeup heart strings.
December 2014 Ipsy
December 2014 Ipsy 
Are there any beauty subscriptions you think are a must have for a beauty junkie? Which one is  your favorite that you could never let go of?


January 12, 2015

Luxe Box | Winter 2014

Hi again! This is a happy and sad post. Happy that I am finally getting to my Winter Luxe Box but sad  that I canceled my subscription. I am opting out for now. Right now I need to cut back on some expenses and luxuries are the first to go on my list. Damn I hate being responsible!! 
Luxe Box | Winter 2014
Even though I love a good surprise (really don't like shitty surprises; like people jumping out at me or hey guess what!?! we are eating sushi tonight etc..), I do like the fact that Luxe Box posts your products up on your account information.   I usually don't peak but that is only because I forget about this feature almost every time HAHA.
 The Contents;

This Luxe Box edition has a good mix of products - hair, cosmetics, skin care and tools, including two full sized products and  4 decent deluxe samples. Plus the Luxe Box packaging is always great. I reuse the boxes in my makeup table (perfect size) and to sort my polishes. 
Luxe Box Winter 2014
I have never tried Paula's Choice before and I am not sure how excited I am about these KP treatment clothes. It for those chicken bumps/acne patches people get on their skin.
The skyn ICELAND's Hydro cool Firming Face Gel is a great idea if you have smile line issues. Which I do not...yet. But I think I will try these to help hydrate the skin around my mouth. This cold (that will not die) has left me with quite a dry flaky triangle patch of skin from my nose to the bottom of mouth. 'Tis truly lovely.
Too bad the Butter London sample is kind of small. I really do not like these samples for lipsticks. Anyhow, I didn't even get try this as it fell off my desk and my Pepper chewed the snot out of it. I was just grateful she didn't chew through the lipstick foil or that would have been a catastrophic mess!
Luxe Box Winter 2014
I am still waiting to try the suki exfoliating foaming cleanser. Since I have had this cold for the past two weeks and my face is really raw. I am waiting for a week or so before using any type of exfoliant. The thought just makes me Ouch.
I also received the amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. I did receive this before in another sub service but I can't really remember what I thought about it then. I guess that is saying something now. I don't really use a lot of dry shampoo. My hair is on the sahara dry side so I can go 2-3 days of not washing no problem. 

Luxe Box Winter 2014

The Burt Bee's Lip Crayon in Niagara Overlook is a matte lip crayon. I haven't been able to really wear it too much as my lips are pretty scraggly at the moment (cold) and the matte formula of this lip pencil does not play well with scraggly unfortunately . 
The eyelash curler is not one of my favorites. The curler portion is way too curved.
I did like the Nicole by OPI nail polish in Profoundly Purple. It is a nice dark vampy colour great for winter. This polish was super tiny. But a I will get a couple use so what the hey.

Luxe Box Winter 2014
Burt Bees Lip Crayon - Niagara Overlook

As I mentioned earlier I discontinue my Luxe Box for the time being. At $29.12 (that's $26+taxes) it is one of the more expensive ones but it is only quarterly. 
I do plan on subbing again in the future - hopefully for the Summer edition. Right now I need to take a break from some of the beauty subs. See which ones I really miss and besides I gots way too many samples to get through right now. I think there is a few of us beauty junkies out there right now on Sample Overload. Am I right?


January 04, 2015

~Happy New Year ~ with a little December Topbox

Mes Amis!!! I really hope you had a wonderful holiday, that Santa was good to you and you had an awesome New Year's Eve!

I spent the holidays sleeping off a cold, Netflixing (that’s a verb now right?), worpretty (booo) and sleeping some more. New Years Eve for me ended with me in a Nyquil coma. Lovely! But other than that the holidays were pretty good. Santa left me Google Chromecast so I spent a few hours  watching my favorite Youtubers on the big screen. One observation: there's major contouring out there. Ha!
I am in love with my Chromecast right now.

As I get back into my blogging groove, I am going to start by posting my December beauty subs (before the January subs show up).
First up is my December Topbox. I opted for the regular Topbox option and the organza bag instead of the regular Topbox tube. There were so many great options to choose from but I kind of like being suprised.

December 2014 Topbox
December 2014 Topbox

CHS Curl Keeper Original  and Ultimate Hold Gel (2 deluxe samples)
I am really impressed with this curl enhancing frizz product. It takes my natural curls and gives them a little umph while controlling the frizzeees -no flakes, no crunchiness. Me likey this stuff.
I am on the hunt to find it locally but I am pretty sure I have to get it online BOOO I want more now!

December 2014 Topbox Curl Keeper

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Mudcake  (full size)
This is pretty shade and very pigmented. It has a duochrome to it – mostly seen as brown but in certain light it turns green. Or if you were to put it on a dark base it would appear mostly green. I definitely like it. I own a few variations of this shade in my makeup drawer. Would I spend $26.13 CDN (£14.49) on it? Probably not. 

December 2014 Topbox Marsk

Barefoot Venus Lilly Pilly Argan Dry Body Oil Spray  (deluxe sample)
This is sooo nice. I need a bucket of this please. It smells great and it moisturizes so well without any greasiness.

December 2014 Topbox Barefoot Venus

Kinetics Nail Polish in Up the Rocks (full size)
This polish is a dark blue. Its actually not a colour I have in my collection! I plan on using this for my mani this week. Maybe with a silver glitter gradient? Hmmmm?

December 2014 Topbox Kinetics

At first I wasn't too happy at seeing the Curl Keeper cardboard-y samples but it had a lot of product in them and it stood up on the counter so I was happy. Plus for me, it was an outstanding product. I am very happy with my December Topbox. Can't wait for January!

December 24, 2014

Holiday Wishes!

Hello my friends
It has been awhile hasn’t it?

I haven’t forgotten about themakeupnut.com, I just took some time away to recharge and heal. I went through another AS flare up and it took me awhile to bounce back. Then trying to get back into the swing of things was just overwhelming. It seemed the longer I was away, the harder it was to say something.
So my clever plan is to just step back into it and hope you don’t notice the long absence….

Maybe I shouldn’t reveal my plan?
Anyhooo, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas.  And that I miss you!

I will get back into the swing of things for the new year!
Cheers friends!

September 05, 2014

August 2014 Topbox

I was walking the dogs last night and I noticed something disturbing on the ground - Leaves!!! NOOOOooooooo!!! Canada Geese are walking unabashed throughout my neighbourhood. All omens
I am not ready for Summer to be over. So not ready...I had to dig out my fall jacket this morning, brrrr.

So I am kind of back. I have been sort of around –lurking and reading blogs. But since I got back from my vacay this summer, I just haven’t been feeling the mojo for blogging. So I took a break.
So I am going to start right where I left off - August beauty boxes, starting with the August 2014 Topbox.

I once again opted for the regular Topbox. What can I say? I am a ‘roll the dice take your chances’ type of gal! I also chose the organza packaging option. I have enough Topbox tubes floating around in my closet waiting for some magical DIY project LOL.

August 2014 Topbox
August 2014 Topbox

August 2014 Topbox
This month, my regular Topbox included:

August 2014 Topbox Clinique Repaiwear
Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream  
Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream   deluxe sample
I can always use an eye cream. Always. Although I am a little leery about some eye creams, I know this Clinique RepairWear is face friendly for me. My skin has been getting better at tolerating products since I started using a glycolic acid toner. Toughen up baby.
August 2014 Topbox  Belvada
Belvada Nail Polish Remover Pads

Belvada Nail Polish Remover Pads – Lemon scented   full size
price unknown/28 pads
I kind of like these little tubes of polish remover pads. I kind of wish I got a different scent. This one sort of reminds of Sunrise dish detergent – that intense lemon scent I am sure.

August 2014 Topbox
LAQA & CO Lip Lube - Bee's Knees
LAQA & CO Lip Lube - Bee's Knees     full size
I thought this was cute but it so similar to a lipstick I already had (and didn’t wear) that I gave this to a bestie. She is loving it so far.

August 2014 Topbox Barefoot Venus
Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Macadamia Oil Hand Cream  
Barefoot Venus Wild Flower Macadamia Oil Hand Cream   full size
Potent scent – very floral but moisturizing. I actually used this at work and some asked if some sprayed some air freshener  O_o.

Swatch: Bee`s Knees 

I wasn’t super wowed by anything but there were no duds either. Everything will get tested out and ran through it’s paces.

If you want to get your hands on your own Topbox, go to Topbox.ca and sign up. It is $12 + gst for this sampling service. Unfortunately, Topbox only ships within Canada.

August 12, 2014

Deal at Marcelle.com

Just wanted to pop on and let you guys know that Marcelle.com has a $10 off coupon (located on their website) to use in store. If you purchase any 2 of the following Marcelle products, you can get $10 off;

  • Cleansing Cloths 25 units
  • Eye Make-up Remover Cloths 30 units
  • Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel 350 ml
  • Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Lotion 150ml
  • Eye Make-up Remover Pads 80 units

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

Since I missed Marcelle's recent 40% off sale (doh!) I had to satisfy myself with this almost 40% coupon! :)  I wanted to restock on the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel which I have totally come to depend on at the end of the day. Plus I have always wanted to try their eye makeup remover. I think that this may be the first eye makeup remover I have purchased since subscribing to beauty boxes!

This coupon expires September 1, 2014. You will also need to print it out.

See the Canadian Human Rights Museum in the background? It looks awesome at night when it is light up.