July 31, 2014

July 2014 Topbox | Benefit They're Real!

Wow I am so late with posting. Summertime fun is getting in my way and I have been spending a lot of time outside and with friends lately! It seems like everyone has a birthday this month or we are celebrating all of them now... Plus with all the sitting by the pool, taking the dogs out, outdoor concerts, dinners with friends, Big Brother (hehe), my nights are pretty much spoken for lately.  I know excuses excuses... So I will just get on with it already!

July 2014 Benefit Topbox
July 2014 Benefit Topbox
Most have you have probably all seen the fab Benefit Prive Topbox that came out for July, but I want to post about it anyway. I sort of use my blog posts to keep track of what I have gotten in my beauty subs.

One of the selections for July (and a prive choice for August) was the Benefit They’re Real Topbox.

In it were deluxe samples of the They’re Real! mascara (a cult favorite), the new They’re Real ! Push Up liner and Remover, plus a favorite of mine, the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye primer.

July 2014 Benefit Topbox
July 2014 Benefit Topbox products

July 2014 Benefit Topbox

I posted previous reviews of the new They’re Real Push Up Liner if you want a more in-depth review.
July 2014 Benefit Topbox
Stay don't Stray primer |  They're Real! Remover
July 2014 Benefit Topbox
They're Real! Push-Up Liner  |  They're Real! Mascara

Since I already tried (and have full sized versions of) most of these products, why did I choose to get the Benefit Topbox? Because you can never have too much Benefit!  I love the mascara and primer so much that having backs ups is a huge plus in my books. The deluxe version of the mascara is $12 alone at Sephora, so that pays for the box right there. Everything else is gravy!

Topbox is $12 CDN plus tax ($13.44).

Sooooo I am probably going to be slow posting for the next few weeks. Maybe one post a week? Maybe.  I have a couple road trips coming up and I really don’t want to haul my laptop around. But I will be reading my blog feeds and emails. Summer is finally here and I plan on enjoying it as much as possible! Well until I have to head back to work…. I need more holidays!!!

Have fun MakeupNuts!!!!

July 23, 2014

Pretty summertime nails

Hello Makeupnuts.
Just thought I would show my nails from this past weekend. I just went to a friend’s BBQ party but I still did my nails. I <3 this NOTD so much I had to share!

Don't Over Pink It NOTD

I used Nicole by OPI polish in Don’t Over Pink It as my base and plastic wrap stamped OPI’s L..A.M.B over my middle nails. The pink and gold went together beautifully. I felt very summery and lady-like … LOL until I got the burps from the beer I drank. Hehe I try.

Don't Over Pink It NOTD

I liked the outcome after only one pass of the gold (using the plastic wrap method) that I stopped right there. I was going to use another pink on top but I left it as is. Tres fancy enough for moi! 

Don't Over Pink It NOTD

L.A.M.B. looks good paired with almost anything, don’t you think?
I only wish my cuticles weren’t so dry. Oops

July 15, 2014

July 2014 Ipsy | Sensationally Sunkissed

July 2014 Ipsy
July 2014 Ipsy Bag
I was totally surprised to see my Ipsy bag yesterday. I got my email last Thursday and I thought it said it would be delivered on July 17th, so I wasn’t looking for it. But YAY! it is here early! I think it is a pretty great bag this month. It has skincare, makeup, skincare/makeup combo LOL. All my favs! The theme for July’s Ipsy bag is Sensationally Sunkissed. That means BRONZER!

The bag is a hot pink faux leather laser cut bag. I think it is one of my favorite bags so far. Not something I would be immediately drawn to but I like it more each time I grab it.

July 2014 Ipsy
July 2014 Ipsy contents
Let take a look-see at what I got:

July 2014 Ipsy bareMinerals
July 2014 Ipsy bareMinerals READY eyeshadow in Inspiration
bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 2.0 in Inspiration   $20 @ulta.com
bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 2.0 provides vivid, pigment-packed color with seamless blendability  that lasts up to 12 hours. Powered by the proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex, it delivers skin-nourishing benefits including reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness plus boosted moisture levels.

This is my first bareMinerals eyeshadow. I have heard great things about them and wow they were right. These shadows are pigmented, soft and buttery. They blend so easily. I cannot wait to try them out. Plus I am a fan of purple so they had me as soon as I opened the compact. Oh the teeny compact! It is so cute. It is a mini version of the regular duo shadow compacts.

July 2014 Ipsy purlisse and Derma e
July 2014 Ipsy pur~lisse and derma e

derma e BB Crème in Light with SPF 25     $29.50 @dermae.com
Instantly erase the look of imperfections and turn back the clock on aging skin.
This multi-functional mineral beauty balm is an advanced skincare formula that also conceals with
lightweight, color-correcting coverage.

I am always down with trying new BB creams. I am so glad they gave us the light version but it does look a little dark when first swatched. Derma e is a brand I quite like. I am a big fan of their Microdermabrasion scrub. Love that shit!

Pur~lisse Pur~protect Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF30     $55@purlisse.com
Stay protected with pure flower power. Pur~lisse's unique peptide complex, Lotus Lupine 5, and Hydra-Shield Complex, offers superior full-spectrum sun protection in a light weight nourishing moisturizer. Skin is pampered and protected against premature aging caused by the day's rays. This moisturizer dries down to a healthy glow, and is perfect for sensitive skin.
I always bump up my moisturizer’s SPF in the summer to a minimum of SPF30. So I was glad I got this sample. I used it this morning for my morning moisturizer. So far so good. Skin is soft. My makeup is staying on quite well today although I did use a primer.
July 2014 Ipsy Pixi
July 2014 Ipsy Pixi Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm
Pixi Beauty Mini Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink      $12 @pixibeauty.com
Packed with lip-loving ingredients, this glossy gel balm protects & hydrates lips instantly. After the balm wears off, lips are left tinted with a flattering, personalized hue just for you (color & intensity depends on pH level of lips).  Twist-up crayon requires no sharpening. Secure lid after use.
I am kind of in awe of this little balm. I have had self adjusting tints before but this one is the most flattering. After using this, my lips were a natural rosy pink. I just looked healthy. Plus it is very moisturizing and has a nice little minty scent.

July 2014 Ipsy pop beauty
July 2014 Ipsy POP Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer
POP Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer in Secret Sunshine       @popbeauty.com
This radiance enhancing bronze glow delivers a soft honey beamed hue, adding warmth and a sun-kissed lift to your complexion. With added vitamin E.

This bronzer is sofffftt. Like buttery soft. I am so going to use this as an eyeshadow. It blends that good! It is not a matte shade but neither is it shimmery. You can just see a hint of sheen when swatched or blended out. I probably wouldn’t use this as a contour with but I definitely as a bronzer. 

Some swatches for your eyeballs:
July 2014 Ipsy swatches
July 2014 Ipsy swatches
Overall a great Ipsy bag. My favorite item so far has to be the Pixi Lip Balm. What did you think of this month's Ipsy bag?

If you aren’t subscribed yet you can head over to Ipsy.com and sign up for $10 USD or $15 CDN.


July 10, 2014

Get some great brushes at ObsessedLook.com

Did you know that you can get Sigma brushes here in Canada? Shipped free? No? Neither did I! Obsessed Look, sister site to Nail Polish Canada is now carrying Sigma brushes! The prices are only like a two dollars more than Sigma’s US site and the shipping is free in Canada. Plus Obsessed Look has tons of other brands, like TheBalm, Joico, Real Techniques and Cult Nails. 

Sigma brushes from ObsessedLook.ca
Sigma brushes from ObsessedLook.ca
Today I am reviewing two Sigma brushes, the E40 – Tapered Blending brush and the E45 – Small Tapered Blending brush**.

Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush
Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush
Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush

The E40 Tapered Blending brush is this makeupnut’s dream blending brush. This is the blending brush you want for the crease area to softly and expertly blend out those mid-tone crease shadows. The bristles are long and ‘floppy’. Some may say fluffy but I think it is more floppy. The E40 has enough density to plop the shadow down but enough give in it to move the shadow around diffusing the colour.
Blending process

This is my crease shadow process: Dab the tip of the brush in the shadow, dab on the outer area of the crease. Then I do the windshield wiper (motion), windshield wiper, windshield wiper and then circle, circle, circle, circle, circle. I usually do this process around 3 times until the color is just how I want it.
Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending brush
Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending brush
Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending brush

The E45 Small Tapered Blending brush has more of a pointed tip. It is a lot smaller than the E40 but the tip comes into a soft point. When you first get it, it seems like it would be super pointy by as soon as you wash it, the tip softens out. I think this brush is great for applying more concentrated color to the crease (a defined crease) or the outer V of the eye. One thing to note, while this brush smoked out the shadow under my eye quite well, it felt a little prickly for that tender area. So I will keep it to the crease area. I did have some shedding with this brush; a couple hairs came out when I first washed it.

The handles of these brushes seem quite sturdy and have a nice non-slippy lacquer finish. They are clearly labeled and I love the holographic font.  I do recommend the E40 as a must have brush.

To buy the brushes from Sigma, I would have paid $30 US for the brushes, shipping (around $10) plus the USD/Canadian conversion. BUT through ObsessedLook.ca, those same brushes would be $33.98 plus GST.  BooYAH easy to choose where to get them from right?

**These brushes were sent for review. All opinions are my own honest views.

July 08, 2014

Maybelline Volum' Express Pumped Up Colossal Mascara

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara
Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara
Okay I admit I don't need to buy any new mascara as I have quite a few in the cue. But as a makeup nut I just had to try the new Colossal mascara by Maybelline when I saw it. I was drawn in by the pretty packaging. The pink tube sucked me in. Plus the claims of the 'double pump' action was something I had to see for myself.

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara
Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara

The tube is just like the previous Colossal mascara; a bullet-y type shape only a hot pink. The brush itself is oval, tapered on the ends and huge in the middle. I do have to be conscious of the thickness of this brush when I am rolling it at the base of my lashes. Sometimes I get a little crazy when I am in a hurry and press to hard when applying. BahMO! Mascara on my lids. I pressed the bristles right through my lashes and right on to my lid. Ooops.

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara
Pumped Up brush
This version of the Colossal mascara has a 'double shot' brush meaning the big brush head scoops up more mascara. Maybelline has infused this mascara with a pumped up collagen formula that will provide more volume. I find the formula is a little wet but it is thick enough to coat the lashes for a natural look in one coat.  Two coats give me that va-va-voom that I usually strive for. I do get some volume from this mascara but I find I can build up length pretty nicely with the Pumped Up mascara.
I did find this mascara a little messy though. The tip of the brush always seems to goop up with product and I have to wipe that off before using. I guess that is the sacrifice for the brush being able to scoop up more mascara with each pump.

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara
Pumped Up Colossal on lashes (2 coats)
My thoughts? While this mascara is supposed to provide amazing volume, I think it does better at giving length. I do really like this mascara but I think I still prefer the Maybelline Falsies over the Pumped Up Colossal mascara.

Have you tried the Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara yet?

July 05, 2014

Annabelle wins via Sparkled Beauty

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over a Sparkled Beauty, a Canadian beauty blogged based out of Halifax. She was celebrating 5 years of blogging! She was one of the first beauty blogs I started reading. She has some great reviews on polish, makeup and LOTDs. Plus I always head over there every Friday to see the Canadian shopping deals of the week she posts. It's one of my Got-To-Reads :)

Annabelle gift box
Annabelle gift box

I scooped some amazing Annabelle products. I cannot wait to dig into these! They came in a beautiful faux leather box with lovely Annabelle paper wrapping. I am reusing this box too! LOL

Annabelle products
Annabelle products
Annabelle Expandable Mascara
Annabelle Retractable Liner - Jet Black
Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine - Chat (winner of the Elle 2014 Beauty Grand Prix best Lip Gloss Under $20)
Annabelle Smoothie Eyshadow Pencil - Grapefull
Annabelle TwistUp Lip Crayon - Royale
Annabelle CC Instant Perfecting Base - Luminous Finish

Annabelle swatches

I am going to create a LOTD with theses pretties ASAP!
I will review some of these products once I get to play with them more. I did swatch some of the products. Can you believe the colour payoff on Grapfull? OMG! #makeupgasm

Thank you Halifax (Sparkled Beauty) and Annabelle. I am going to have fun this weekend!

July 02, 2014

Loose Button Luxe Box | Summer 2014

Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
The same day my Topbox arrived so did my Summer Luxe Box. Thank god! It eased my disappointment from my June Topbox.

What I found interesting is that even though I didn’t opt in for any of the upgrades I got a box similar to the Hawaiian Punch Limited Edition box. I received all the same products except for the Teeez products. Instead I got a full sized Eyeko liner and a full size Be a Bombshell One-Stick. I can live with that! The Eyeko liner and Be a Bombshell blush are both products I enjoy anyhow.

Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
products laid out (forgot the tweezers!)
Let’s get this party started;

Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
Be a Bombshell The One-Stick in Southern Belle
Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
 Be a Bombshell The One-Stick in Southern Belle
Full Size / $16
An all-in-one multiple stick with a smooth texture. Apply to eyelids, cheeks or lips for the perfect pop of color anywhere!
You are supposed to be able to wear this One Stick on your eyes, cheeks and lips. It is sort like the Nars Multiples. Although I do not own any Nars products so I really cannot compare. So how about I just shut up about that? HA
I like Southern Belle better than the One Stick I received last December in my Ipsy bag. That was Flustered, a hot fuchsia pink, while Southern Belle is a more peachy pink. I wore it to work yesterday as my blush and I used a lip brush to put some on my lips. I think I prefer using these One Sticks as cream blushes. It suits me better. Lip wear was like a regular lipstick. It stayed on until I drank something.

Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Retail Value: $19.00 (Full Size)
The easy-to-apply, liquid eyeliner pen allows you to create thick feline flicks or fine defined lines to accentuate your eyes. With the unique long-lasting formula featuring key ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate for a gratifying, colour-intense smudge-proof finish.
I have gotten this in a Luxe Box before (but I don't care!) and I have purchased one myself at Sephora. I love this eyeliner. It makes the perfect thin line for me. The previous two liners I have had lasted a long time and I am glad to get another one. The Eyeko was on my wish list of stuff to get. (It’s a long list). This is the one and only pen liner I can use easily. Most other liners I cannot get to work for me. I think it may have to do with the length of the felt tip. I kind of lay the Eyeko one down lengthwise and drag that across my lid to get a nice even line.  I am pen liner challenged.

Luxe Box summer 2014

Nicole by OPI Something About Spring
Sample Value: $3.99 (3.75 mL)
When I saw this hot pink, it bloom my mind! Nicole by OPI puts salon quality at your fingertips…from the colorful world of OPI.
This sample is tiny but I think it is tres cute. I did try it out and I had to do three coats. Did anyone else have problems with bald patches when applying? I have never had an OPI polish weird out on me like that.

Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
Barefoot Venus Coconut Kiss Macadamia Oil Hand Cream
Barefoot Venus Coconut Kiss Macadamia Oil Hand Cream
Retail Value: $6.00 (60 mL)
Relieve dry and chafed skin with our nurturing and enriched lotion. Smooth it on and feel how quick the SOS is called off. Created with: Macadamia Nut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Wheat Germ. This smells great and I can always use another hand cream. Me loves coconut. This was slightly a bit greasier than I am used to and it does takes awhile for the lotion to sink into the skin. So no immediate web browsing on your tablet! But afterwards my hands felt great.

Summer 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box
Luxe Box sample packets; Nexxus, Eslor, Crest
Nexxus Color Assure Sulfate-Free System
Sample Value: $2.00 (2 x 5 mL & 1 x 9 mL)
Introducing Nexxus® Color Assure™ with their first Pre-Wash Primer. Finally, up to 2x longer hair colour protection* that helps lock colour at the core of hair.
Really? A Pre- Wash Hair primer now? Another step? I already hate the current two step practice of shampoo and conditioner. Now there is another step???  HAHA I guess I am having a hard time wrapping my head around a primer, that you wash right out?  Don’t get me wrong, I love getting shampoo samples but I just don’t know. I guess I will have to try it before I knock it right? Okay off the primer rant, I do like that these are sulfate free and made to make you hair colour last longer.
Eslor Introductory Collection
Sample Value: $15.00 (4 x 5 mL)
Hydrate, protect and treat your skin with the Eslor Introductory Collection. 100% Free of Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES).
We received a foil pack of each introductory step; Soothing Refiner and Cleanser, Replenishing Scrub, Comforting Mask and the Soothing Cream. 
I sort of wish I had a few more days worth of these sample foil packs. I thought it was a nice system. My face felt very clean and soft. Why does eSlor sound so familiar? Did I get a Eslor sample before? I can’t remember! The full sizes range between $30 and S70. Yoinks!

Loose Button Angled Tweezers $13
I can always use more tweezers. These seem to be pretty well made and sturdy. Sorry I forgot to take a pic of them but I started playing with them right away and totally forgot to put it back in the box. Ooops.

Crest 3D Whitestrips and Toothpaste x3 ($5 each)
Yeah I am getting quite a collection of Whitestrips going here. That’s okay.  now have enough for a five day run! YAY. White teeth here I come!

So there you go my friends, another Loose Button Luxe Box. It was beautifully quite packed with samples that I will use and enjoy.

Luxe Box is available to Canadians; $26/qtr, $50/6mths or $96/annually.