April 24, 2014

Limited Edition Flare Mani-Pedi Kit

Hi Makeupnuts! Okay, how much of a beauty junkie does someone have to be to order something and forget about it? Huh? LOL Well that's me. Ooops... but the Flare Mani-Pedi Kit was such a great deal for $25 I guess I just had to have it. 

Flare Mani-Pedi Kit
Flare Mani-Pedi Kit
When I picked up my April Topbox from the post office,  I was asking myself "Why is the box so big?" When I got it home and opened it and saw the Flare box, I was like 'Oh yeah DumDum you ordered the Flare Mani-Pedi Kit'. I ordered it during a late - I couldn't sleep - night. Those are dangerous for me but I remember why I wanted it. In the early part of March, Topbox offered a limited edition box curated by Flare. For $25, you get an annual subscription to Flare magazine ($12.95) plus a ton of Sally Hansen mani goodness. I already alternate between subbing to Flare and Lou Lou so that took care of that expense for me (kind of - in my beauty junkie reasoning).
Of course I once I remembered I ordered it, I also recalled what was included;
  • Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser & Balm
  • Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops
  • Sally Hansen Nail Shaper
Flare Mani-Pedi Kit

Six Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes (left to right);
  • Strawberry Shields
  • Tickle Me Pink
  • Get Juiced
  • I Lilac You
  • Jaded
  • Trouble Maker
Flare Mani-Pedi Kit
Strawberry Shields, Tickle Me Pink, Get Juiced, I Lilac You, Jaded, Trouble Maker
Flare Mani-Pedi Kit 
Oh these look so fun for summer! Even Strawberry Shields, which I thought was a weird choice for this box. But I already have plans to use it for a Canada Day NOTD. Interestingly, these are my first Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes. I can't wait to try them.

Flare Mani-Pedi Kit - So Susan Cheek Stain
So Susan 8 Hour Cheek Stain
The bonus item, for the first 500 orders, was a So Susan 8 Hour Cheek Stain.
The cheek stain is a vibrant pink. It claims 8 hour wear, water resistant, fragrance free, suitable for oily skin, no phthalates, made with grapeseed oil, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.
I think this will be great for summer wear. On my first swatch, the cheek stain glided on pretty smooth and blended out easily. I will be using my MAC 187 brush to apply this to avoid any harsh edges that the stick may leave behind which can be a pain to blend out.
Flare Mani-Pedi Kit - So Susan Cheek Stain

Flare Mani-Pedi Kit - So Susan Cheek Stain

And the last item was a one year subscription to Flare, which showed up today. That was pretty cool timing.

Flare Mani-Pedi Kit
Flare subscription
For $25, I find the Flare Mani-Pedi Kit a great value. It includes some awesome summer shades, some great nail care items and an annual sub to Flare.
The Flare Mani-Pedi Kit is still availabe to anyone, including the USA for $25 (free shipping). It just won't include the the So Susan cheek stain. If you are interested, go to Topbox/Limited Edition.
Now the only question is which polish to start with? Get Juiced is calling my name....teresa put me on put me on...

April 23, 2014

April 2014 Topbox | Murale Edition

My Topbox required a trip to the post office. I forgot I purchased the Flare Special Edition box ($25)! So my parcel was pretty big. YAY Lots of goodies this month!

April 2014 Topbox | Murale Edition
April 2014 Topbox | Murale Edition
Today I will show the Murale Topbox. I will post the Flare Special Edition tomorrow as I took lots of pictures and I don't want to overwhelm you with a ton of photos.
Onto the April Mural Topbox. I thought I opted for the regular Topbox this month but I am glad I got the Murale box. There is some pretty pricy skincare included this month.
April 2014 Topbox | Murale Edition
April 2014 Topbox | Murale Edition

The Contents:
Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive   deluxe sample
Full Size: 2oz/$42
Another exfoliatant! I love exfoliators in my subs. Plus the Green Apple Peel is supposed to reduce fine wrinkles and lighten pigmentation - all of which I need help with!

Natura Bisse Diamond Eye Extreme YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum
Natura Bisse Diamond Eye Extreme YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum
Natura Bisse Diamond Eye Extreme   deluxe sample
Full Size: 25ml/$231
This eye serum is supposed to diminishes the appearance of under-eye shadows and restore luminosity. I cannot get over the price. I don’t have a lot of problems with dark shadows (that sleep would help) but I can always use a boost of luminosity to look more awake. But I can’t help feeling that even if I love it I could never afford it.

Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum   deluxe sample
Full Size: 75ml/$250
Anything that promises instant radiance and hydration will always catch my attention! But for $250 for full-sized will make me slam on the brakes. Yikes! Unfortunately that is not in my budget. But I will try my sample as this serum is supposed to contain the highest concentration of glycans that is specially formulated to help restore skin's youthful beauty. Now the science-y stuff is kind of over my head so I am not the one to be touting on about glycans (complex sugars that communicate with the layers of our skin) but YSL patented the Glycanactif complex in the Forever Youth products – a combination of 3 glycans. Let’s see if glycans can make me more radiant shall we?

Ojon Revitalizing Mist Original
Ojon Revitalizing Mist Original
Ojon Revitalizing Mist Original   deluxe sample
Full Size: 175ml/$27
Called a liquid hairdresser that instantly revitalizes, re-hydrates and detangles without leaving hair sticky or stiff. I am assuming this is a leave-in conditioner/protectant hybrid. I have colour treated curly hair so it is a constant battle to keep it hydrated. I like ‘plopping’ my hair to make the most of my natural curls.  I am so hoping this will help next time I blow dry my hair. I am really excited to try this product out.

So this Murale Topbox was all mostly skin care – really really expensive skin care. I am excited to try these products. I just hope I do not fall in love with the YSL serum. O-O  But if any of these products help me repair my skin from the drying winter we had, I will be happy. And I need all the help I can get! We also received a offer for 18,500 Shoppers Optimum Points if we spend $75 at Murale by May 11, 2014. Tip: use TOPBOX at Murale.ca to receive the same offer.

So what are your thoughts on getting super pricy samples your beauty subs? Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Topbox is a Canadian beauty sample subscription service. Sign up to receive 4 beauty samples each month for $12 at Topbox.ca

April 20, 2014

My BB Sandwich

Hi all, I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. I already have my Easter bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter chocolates half eaten. I also have a chocolate bunny for my nephew that I have been eyeing up. I hope it makes it through to Sunday night! HEHE

I was trying to post earlier this week but my hands have been so sore.  My arthritis has not been behaving for awhile and has been affecting my hands pretty bad which is making typing kind of tough. Grrr.  I have been trying to use my iPhone to use for talk to text but it ain’t working out so well LOL Does anyone know of a good talk to text app I can download?  If you got any ideas let me know.
Anyway...on to the post....My BB Sandwich

Annabelle BB Cream | Smashbox BB Cream
Annabelle BB Cream | Smashbox BB Cream

While I know everyone is onto CC and DD creams, I have been busting out my BB creams lately. I just like how these have more coverage than my CC/DD creams. My two favorites are the Annabelle BB Beauty Balm (Light Medium) and Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (Light Medium). Each, on their own, I find the colour a little off. The Annabelle BB Cream is slightly too yellow for my face and the Smashbox is too pink and dark for my skin tone. BUT if I mix the two, I get a perfect shade. I use about a third of the amount of the Smashbox BB to the Annabelle BB cream.  I plop the Annabelle on the back of my hand and then pinch a little of Smashbox on top of that and mix together with my finger.
Annabelle BB Cream | Smashbox BB Cream swatch

Annabelle BB Cream | Smashbox BB Cream swatch

I dot the mixture on my face and then I buff it in with my trusty flat top kabuki brush. I find that both of these offer a long lasting medium coverage while the Annabelle BB cream gives a soft glow.  The majority of my redness is covered and I just have to use a concealer under my eyes and on any blemishes. Both have some SPF in it. Annabelle BB cream 15 and the Smashbox BB cream has 35. But mixing the two with really only afford you a max SPF of 15.

Annabelle BB Cream | Smashbox BB Cream
                  Bare Skin      |   Annabelle/Smashbox mix

The only cons about these BB creams I can think of is that you will need to let your moisturizer really sink in and dry (if you use one). I’ve noticed that if I don’t give my moisturizer time to dry, I have some pilling when I try spreading these out. Secondly, the Smashbox BB Cream clings to my dry patches really bad. Even when I mix it with the Annabelle BB cream, I still have it cling to dry patches. You can see in the pic above that I have some noticeable dry patches on my nose, under my eyes (I had a recent reaction to some makeup wipes) and on the left side of my mouth. To counteract this I spray MAC Fix+ on my face after I have given the BB cream time to set and it seems to fix the problem.
I do need to set my face afterwards as I feel like these don’t dry completely down. They stay a little tacky. I usually use my MAC MSF Medium just for some added coverage. Overall I really like the coverage this combo provides. I just have to make sure I have no bad dry patches.
Annabelle BB Cream | Smashbox BB Cream
Finished FOTD

So that’s my BB sandwich that I am loving right now. Does anyone else mix BB, CC, or DD creams together to get a perfect combo?