UD Naked Reloaded vs UD Born to Run | closer than you think

by - April 04, 2019

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded dupe
So as I am playing with and loving up my new palette, Naked Reloaded, I noticed that the shade Burn looked really familiar. I grabbed some of my palettes to see where I had seen it before. Wasn't I a little surprised to see where the 'dupe' came from. 

A lot of people compare Urban Decay Naked Reloaded to ABH Sultry palette or the OG Naked palette but perhaps Naked Reloaded should be compared to its sister palette, Urban Decay Born to Run.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded dupe
When I first started swatching Naked Reloaded, I noticed a familiarity with these shades. Not just Burn but several others looked and felt similar.  Born to Run came to mind as I had just used the that palette that morning. 
It turns out NR’s Burn and BTR’s Double Life were almost dead on dupes of each other. I also swatched a few more shades and the similarities are pretty damn close. Close enough that I started getting a little buyers remorse for picking up the Naked Reloaded and then I remembered that I essentially got it for free so I can live with this betrayal.  Just kidding, it wasn’t a betrayal just a F$@k Me moment.

UD Naked Reloaded vs UD Born to Run
Look at these swatches! 

- BTR Stillshot is more on the coral side of pink whereas NR Retro is more a rosy pink

- BTR Double Life has a smidge more of a blackened base than NR Burn

- BTR Riff is teeny bit darker that NR Boundaries but not on the eyes

- BTR Stranded is ever so slightly more golden that NR Barely Baked.

- also to note, if you put down a base of NR Bribe and top it with NR Angelfire, you kind of can get something similar effect to BTR Blaze.

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded dupe
Do you need Naked Reloaded if you already have Born to Run? 
I’d say no. Almost half the shades are so close to what you can find in the Born to Run palette. I would say only grabbed it if you really want those coppery metallic shades or really love Urban Decay.

Some key players in the Naked Reloaded are already covered in the Born to Run palette. With some nuance differences, you can probably create the same looks. In fact I created this look below using the Naked Reloaded on one eye and Born to Run on the other. Can you tell the difference?

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded dupe

                                            My Right Eye – Naked Reloaded                My Left Eye – Born to Run

Crease/upper lid              Boundaries                                                      Riff

Lower crease/mid lid      Retro                                                                 Stillshot

Outer V                              Endgame                                                          Good as Gone

Outer third of lid              Burn                                                                  Double Life

Inner third of lid               Barely Baked                                                   Stranded

Inner crease highlight     Bribe                                                                 Breakaway

Bottom lashline                Burn + Endgame                                             Double Life + Good as Gone

What do you think? Am I seeing things? Are they close enough to be considered 'dupes' or repeats? Is it a dupe if it is the same brand? 

XO Teresa

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  1. It turns out NR’s Burn and BTR’s Double Life were almost dead on dupes of each other.
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