May 2012

by - May 31, 2012

Finally got my May Glossybox! Last day of May!
I guess Glossybox is targeting shipping for the end of the month now. For the past 3 months I have received my box on the very last day of the month. Not a problem for me, but from what I can see on Glossybox's FB page, some people are a little agitated by that. K

So let’s see what’s inside this month’s J

The rundown:

boxx Cosmetics Cream Corrector in Amber  - full size. 
4 g/ $24.00
I have never heard of this cosmetic brand before. The concealer is a cream pot. It is an oil-free mulit-use product that can be used as a primer, concealer, foundation and brightener. I thought this might be a tad dark for me but when I swatched it blended perfectly into my skin. Plus we got a card for 25% off a first order at It comes as a pan. I am assuming somewhere on the  boxx website there is a freedom palette for this.  I will test this out further and do a more in-depth review.

unblended            blended

Sebastian Professional Volupt Shampoo - full size. 
250 ml/$15.78
In March, Glossybox sent out a Sebastian Hairspray. I keep it in my drawer at work. It is almost empty ~~sigh~~  I had hoped to save it for this summer for when I travel around but no I had to use it all K. This volumizing shampoo is full size! I love getting hair products in my boxes!

Curel Foot Cream – deluxe sample. 100ml/$3.99
Perfect timing Glossybox! Sandals are out and we need some nourishment. One thing I cannot stand is gnarly feet in the summer, on me or other people. Just ewww. Curel is a great brand for moisturizers so I expect good things from this foot cream.

Simple Eye Makeup Remover – deluxe sample. 
Simple Facial Wash Gel Remover – deluxe sample.
I have been hoping that one of my subscription boxes would get together with Simple and send out some samples! Hehe Wish granted! I know I would have eventually got around to trying Simple but getting a sample first is sooo much better, right?  I know that $10 for a full size isn’t very much but I have a lot of ten dollarish items that I have bought and hated, Now they are sitting in a basket under my bathroom sink...awaiting the Purge. LOL

Right now I am loving the Yves Rocher eye makeup remover I got last month from Luxe Box but there is always room to try new products! Plus I like that fact that Simple has no added irritants like dyes and perfumes. A brand catering to sensitive skin.

I am very pleased with these sample and the sizes. I will use everything in this box for sure J.

So happy I signed up for Glossybox! Definitely going to continue subscribing! If you want to get HAPPY too you can sign up for $15 a month (taxes/shipping included) and receive 5 deluxe beauty samples each month! You can use my invite linky J but no pressure!

Also a reminder, you can use promo code GLOSSY27 at check out to save 10% ($1.50).

What's your thoughts on May's Glossybox?



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  1. I received my box on the last day of the month too! In my opinion Glossybox is definitely worth the wait. I have been able to use mostly everything I have gotten in all of their boxes. I got everything you did as well. I saw others get lipstick. Love getting hair products as well! The foot cream has a very nice scent and makes my feet look great! The shampoo has a nice scent as well but I find it a bit drying as I need more of a moisturizing shampoo than a volumizing one, but still, full size! I can use it on my daughter's hair if it doesn't work on me, so score! I got a different shade of concealer than you that I still have to try out. Haven't tried the Simple products yet either so the jury is still out, lol!

    1. Everything was good in this box. I haven't tried the shampoo yet. I hope it doesn't dry my hair out :( I have curly hair so volume isn't a problem for me - expecially in the morning. The BF said I get Bam Bam head! I thinks he means Pebbles but at least he wasn't calling me a Cavewoman outright! ... I think? HA

  2. Looks awesome! I cant wait to get mine and see which Boxx product I get (it looks like that's the one that varies)! Great post :)

    1. Checked out your bloggy - to see what got you got in your Luxe box LOL


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