May 2012 Glymm Bag

by - May 14, 2012

Glymm has gone green this month. The outer pink box has been replaced with a white box that has the new Glymm gold logo. Gone is the pink box that the samples were housed. This month, the samples came in a pink nylon makeup bag. Cool can always use a makeup bag :)
Also to note: Glymm has raised its monthly subscription fee to $12 for new subscribers. Current subscribers will continue to pay $10 as long as they stay an active subscriber.

Inside were this month’s bag;

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CK Shock perfume samples- For Her and For Him. Sample
Full sized 50ml/$45
I had already received these samples in my March Luxe box. I gave the CK Shock for Him to my brother. He really liked it. I will give him this one too.

Coola Mineral Matte Cucumber Face Sunscreen.  Sample
Full size 50ml/$38
This sun block has an SPF 30. It is infused with certified organic ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, Shea Butter and Borage Seed Oil. Coola donates a portion of sales to cancer research. 
I imagine this was included this month as May is skin cancer awareness month. I look forward to using this as today reached 29C today. HOT! Need some protection!

NUME HyrdoPunch Hydrating Conditioner. Deluxe sample
Full size 250ml/$24.99
This conditioner is packed with Argan oil, fatty acids, Vitamin E and powerful antioxidants.
I wasn’t even aware NUME had hair conditioners. I just thought NUME had extensions and hair tools. I am always looking for the next best thing in hair masques/conditioners. I am hoping to find that holy grail product that will instantly revitalize my hair. So I am eager to give this a try.

Mereadesso Lip Treats – Sheer Burgundy. Full sized product
Full size (pack of 2)/$28
Moisturizing soothing lip balm that tints your lips but can also be used as a primer for gloss.
The colour I got was sheer burgundy. It’s a little dark but I can pull it off. Well I think I can HAHA.

Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream. Deluxe sample
Full size 60ml/$35
Luxurious face exfoliator will eliminate your imperfections and make you feel brand new.
I have never tried Caudalie yet, so we will see how this one goes.

Caudalie Anti-Ageing Serum Eyes and Lips. Deluxe sample
Full size 16ml/$33
Smooth and contour your lips and eyes with this light serum.
I have sensitive skin under my eyes and almost every eye cream sends my under eye area into an eczema like spazz out.  I think I will use it on my lips.


When I opened my Glymm box I was a little sad that the pink box was gone but really how many pink boxes does a girl need? With the exception of the perfume these are all sample I will try out.
But the samples seemed so ... small in comparison to my Luxe and Glossybox last month.   I don’t know... I am a little underwhelmed with Glymm this month. I applaud them for changing it up and going green and including the makeup bag. I guess I will stick with my subscription for one more month and see what Glymm has to offer next month and then make a decision if I will continue to subscribe or not.

What did you think of the May Glymm box/bag?


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  1. I pretty much got all the same things as you except for the lip balm. Mine was the clear thin one. Don't really care for it. Didn't need another lip balm either, I have like a zillion of them, lol! I liked the sunscreen idea, especially with the warmer weather coming. But, you are right, not too thrilled as compared to the other boxes. Probably will give one more month too and see. I already redeemed the bulk of my points for the M. Asam Magic Fini which me and my hubby actually love, lol! He likes it as a cover up for his blemishes, bahahahaha! I love it because it makes my skin glow and am so very happy that they introduced this product to us.

    1. The hubby likes M.Asam too? That too cute. Yeah I know they all look at our 'stuff' HAHA.
      I just wish the sunscreen sample was a bigger. I need more than one use to see if it is worth the $$$ - $38 is alot for sunscreen.O_o
      I am hitting pan on my M.Asam. I MUST get more! It is a wonder product. Well for you, me and the hubs anyhow :D

    2. $38!! Wowza! Methinks I will be sticking with Coppertone, lol! I haven't been able to try it out as it is raining/snowing here and I want to wait until the sunshine gets back (if ever *groan*)


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