Keep Me Coral

by - May 06, 2012

A couple week ago I picked up a Maybelline 14hr lipstick in Keep Me Coral. In theory the idea of a lipstick lasting 14 hours is awesome. So I had to try it out. J

the crack is from me dropping it :) clumsy

For a drugstore lipstick these are kind of expensive. I think this one was $8.99 USD. I grabbed it when I was visiting my Dad last April. I know I have seen them here in Canada for about $12.

Keep Me Coral does offer a pretty fantastic colour
payoff. I actually grabbed this one by accident. I meant to buy the Rose Gold one but I reached at the back of the lipstick slot and pulled this out. I was at home before I realized I had the wrong colour HAHA. Oh well. Happy accidents.

14 hour coverage? Maybe if you have perfectly moisturized lips and don’t eat or drink all day. But I found it needed to be touched up around the 4 hour mark, basically after I ate.

It was also drying when I applied it alone. After that first use, I made sure I treated my lips with some lip treatment or balm first then I apply the lipstick afterwards.

when applied over lip balm

after about 4 hrs and coffee

Would I buy again or recommend to others? If you can find it on sale I would recommend trying one out. I only have the one colour and I do really like it so I am going to rock it this summer.


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