WTF Luxe Box?

by - June 08, 2012

Loose Button is changing its Luxe Box subscription service, from monthly to quarterly or as Loose Button calls it seasonally.  Check your emails...

Luxe Box will change to a quarterly box subscription service. It will be $26 per quarter for 7-8 samples. $50 for 2 quarters, $96 for the whole year.
edited to add this tidbit from the Loose Button FB page:
By joining our membership, you will be receiving 4 seasonal Luxe Boxes containing 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle products.

Umm, more money for fewer samples? Under the monthly service we received 4-5 samples (5 x 3 /36 =$2.40 per sample) with the new quarterly service (8/26= $3.25 per sample) plus you got 12-15 samples in a 3 month period now only 8? How is this better?  

I had 2 months left under my subscription. I ended signing up for the Fall box and will get the Winter box since I will still have a $12 credit floating around in Loose Button land. They don’t seem to issue refunds.

I am not happy about this. I recommended the Luxe Box to friends ... and now this?

I was in the process of dropping a box out of my monthly sub services but this just made my decision for me. Unless the ‘NEW’ samples are out of this freakin’ world I don’t expect to stay signed up past the Winter box.  I mean they would have to have awesome DELUXE and full-sized samples with major brands. No more single samples. More cosmetics.

I just checked out the Loose Button facebook page and they are raving about the fact that so many members opted for the Fall box.  They obviously are not reading the comments below. Many are pissed. They only chose the new upgrade so they could use up their credit. What a load of crap. L

What do you think about this?



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  1. I love how they're not even calling them "deluxe" samples anymore on their page, if you look it now says that the new seasonal boxes will contain "trial-sized" samples. Like WTF, in other words they're not making any promises as to the quality of the samples anymore. I deactivated my account, they were my least favourite subscription service anyways with Topbox and Glossybox blowing luxe box away. Such garbage.

    1. Yes I noticed that too and the 'lifestyle' samples. What does that mean? I don't want any granola bars in my box! HAHA seriously no food.
      I was going to get my June box and the opt out but then I would have lost $$ that way. I am sure this is the same for most people that signed up for annual and quarterly memberships.

  2. I'm sooooo mad about this!! The reason LB is raving about subscribers opting for the Fall Box is because they are making us choose the lesser of two evils!! I have a $30 credit so I will HAVE to use that towards the $26 quarterly subscription. I was upset about the no refunds as well although from FB it seemed that if you had something like an $80 credit, LB did the refund. Ugh, it was so confusing too how they phrased this new and improved service. LB was so sneaky about everything...I really hope these seasonal boxes are awesome because I can't imagine any subscriber being happy about having the rug pulled out from under them.

    1. OMG I would be raving too $30 and no option for a refund? The new boxes better have fantastic super deluxe samples otherwise people are going to drop them like crazy after the Fall box.
      I am leery about the lifestyle samples. From what I have seen from the US boxes that means food items, power drinks, maybe jewelery. But for $26 dollars I can't imagine great jewelery.
      It was sneaky to just spring this on subscribers.

    2. oh didn't you love how they said we were getting a 'free' Fall box?? It wasn't free. It was discounted, the $12 I paid for my June box is going towards that box (a $26 box for $12)then I will still have a $12 credit that was for my July box that I will use towards my Winter box. BAHH

    3. Yeah, I was trying to figure it out in my head too and I'm like, this box isn't free!! No wonder people were confused! So sneaky...grrrr...

  3. Is it possible to get monthly && quarterly boxes?

    1. As of June 8th, Luxe Box will only be offering the seasonal (quarterly) boxes for $26/box.
      You can still sign up for Glossybox for a monthly subscription. Topbox has a wait list until September.

  4. I was a subscriber and after a few months of disappointment, I cancelled and got my last box a couple of weeks ago. When I read this on Facebook, I was stunned. I am just glad I got out of it and switched to other monthly subscriptions.

    Just found your awesome blog and a new follower now!

    Hope you will check out mine if you'd like too,

    1. Oh you are lucky then. I just renewed in May. LOL oh well live and learn... only buy monthly subscriptions. and thanks for the follow. ditto :)

  5. Hi Teresa, we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about the new Loose Button membership. I’ve been following your blog since your first post in February.

    The new membership plan was created based on feedback we received from our community at large and also because we wanted to create an experience beyond just a box. As you are aware, there are now a number of other sampling programs that recently launched. We belive it is very important to always innovate so that we can build a unique and valuable experience for our members. We don’t simply want to be like everyone else.

    The new Loose Button membership will involve more than just the Luxe Box. While all members are eligible to request a refund, We are introducing other perks and exclusive offers to our members which didn't exist before. This includes access to private events, and exclusive beauty tips, tricks and tutorials which will help women better understand how to use the products they receive. The Luxe Box will also be improved with better products and greater consistency. We won't reveal all of the perks here, but we’re confident it will be a welcome surprise. As an existing member you also get access to the first box at no extra charge, meaning you're paying $10 to $12 depending on your plan, versus the $26 price for the Fall membership. We hope that this token of appreciation for our existing members will provide you a great way to try the Fall 2012 (August) Luxe Box at no extra charge. While change may be difficult for some, in the long-run, we genuinely believe this will be a better service for everyone.

    I look forward to your continued feedback and your honest opinion. Thanks again for contributing great content about Loose Button to your readers.

    Have a great afternoon,


    Daniel Rodic
    Director of Brand Partnerships
    Loose Button

  6. Thank you for commenting Daniel. I was quite happy to find out that Loose Button reads my lil’ blog. I have never had an issue with the actual boxes and content that I have received so far as you can see in past reviews.

    You are right; change is difficult for some -especially when they signed up for monthly service.

    Thanks for reiterating the details of the new seasonal Luxe Boxes. I think a lot of resentment comes from the confusion of what the upgrade/cancellation options were. Such as the “Upgrade now and receive the August (Fall 2012) Luxe Box at no extra charge.” I think this was confusing and came across as free. But in reality it is discounted. As well as trial-sized samples – does this mean deluxe? I would certainly look favourably on 7 deluxe/full sized samples quarterly rather than 5 regular samples monthly. And the extras such as exclusive events/product launches – seem to be based in the GTA – not really a perk for those of us in Winnipeg, Vancouver or Halifax. Unless they are online events or product launches. I know HUGE technical issues there.
    But it is all in the details and I think that is what has us up in arms about the change – not enough details when introducing a huge change. Play with our heart and our money; you are going to get reactions.
    As I have stated, I have upgraded my account and will wait to see what the August (Fall) Luxe Box brings before making any final decisions.

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks so much for your reply!

    This first hand feedback from everyone has been really valuable to our team. We didn't mean to cause any confusion. The candid opinions that we get from you and all our members are all being reviwed and considered by our team for future messaging to our members.

    In terms of sample terminology, trial-sized samples are focused much more on the "number of uses" opposed to simply packaging size and design. Often, there are many high value products which we feel our members may still want to try, but are unavailable in deluxe sample packaging. Our focus will be on ensuring that you will receive enough quantity of each product to make sure you have enough of it for an effective "trial" to use it make a concious and educated full-size purchase decision.

    For events, we're working closely with our brand partners to bring these events nation wide, either through a physical presence, or potentially online through the newly designed

    I really look forward to your future reviews about the new Membership experience, including your Fall 2012 (August) Luxe Box. Feel free to send me any questions at!


  8. I just subscribed to Luxe Box in April.  I signed up for the year and only received my first Luxe Box in May (which I did enjoy).  I signed up for a monthly service and was really looking forward to a surprise every month.  (Actually, this subscription was an early Birthday present from my husband because he knows I love surprises.)  I only just learned about the change to the Luxe Box subscription service because I happened to login into my account last night.  I did not receive an email from Loose Button notifying me of the change in the subscription service.  I cannot believe that after signing up for a year long service, Loose Button feels that they can just unilatterly decide to change the service contract that I signed up for in April.  I am extremely disappointed that I had to find out by accident that my subscription was going to change.  I think that this is truely poor customer service.  

    Now I am told that I have a $100 credit that I can put toward the new seasonal subscription.  I did not see any indication that I could receive a refund, although after further investigation I found the option to request a refund (which they state can take up to 4 weeks).  In my opinion, this new subscription service is just a way to charge more for fewer samples.  Unless these new seasonal boxes end up containing mostly full sized samples (which I understand is not the case), I cannot imagine why anyone would choose to stay with Loose Button when there are so many other subscription services out there (and ones that provide better customer service I might add).  This move on the part of Loose Button is truly disappointing.  Oh and by the way Loose Button, not everyone is upgrading to your seasonal subscription.  As soon as I figured how to discontinue my subscription on the Loose Button website last night, I cancelled my subscription and requested a refund.



    1. Hi Sacha,
      I hope you emailed Loose Button as well. I understand your fustration. I felt that too as did many people about the sudden change. I am getting the August (fall) box to see what it brings.
      I am suprised you did not get an email regarding the new service. That's not right. A year subscription? Yikes! I would have have been hopping mad too. Heck I got mad over my 2 months I had left!
      Hopefully Daniel is still checking on the comments on this page so he can see your response. or you can email him to let him know your concerns.

  9. Interesting that he was following your blog! Hmmm, well that was nice of him to comment and maybe clear up a few things. I guess we'll just have to see if this change was worth it in the Fall!

  10. Signed up 3 weeks ago for the annual package. I was so excited about the prospect of receiveing a box monthly that I asked my husband for this as my 30th birthday present. "OMG a box comes every month" was what I was thinking when I signed up. Now I have paid $108 for 4 boxes. I want a monthly box, not a seasonal box. Not impressed. I would have signed up with a different company had I known. Feeling a litte dooped at the moment and I haven't even got a box yet...

  11. Thought I would share that they are trying to tell my they have "no payment information" for my subscription that I received as a gift (one year and I was only 4 months into it). I have sent a total of 7 emails none of which have been returned. I also noticed that they took their phone number down off their web site. I can't believe what a scam this is. The last auto reply I received from them said that they will return my email within 4 days, meanwhile the first email I sent was over a month ago. Looks like they are so broke not only can they not provide good products they are also stealing their customers money.

    1. Hi MK
      maybe try emailing Daniel at Hopefully he can assist you. Ket us know what happens!

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