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by - March 04, 2012

A few months ago I was looking at making my own makeup palette. I have a ton of small eyeshadow palettes and some get forgotten in the mix during the mad morning rush :/ or just get abandoned in the recesses of my makeup drawer. So I was looking at options to depot them and put them all in one palette. I was on the fence about getting a Z palette (actually had one sitting in my cart at the Makeup Geek store) but was not crazy about the price.

So I was surfing the interweb :P on how to make your own palette and came across an Esty seller, Anothersoul, that handmade individual magnetic makeup palettes. I was freakin' amazed by the designs that were available.
palettes from
So I contacted Lynn, the owner of Anothersoul, and she was very sweet and answered all my questions regarding shipping to Canada.  So I placed an order and bought two palettes from the Immortal Love line. Shipping was $8.50 and took about 7 working days.

There are so many designs to choose from and you know there is only one or two of each pattern made. You can even request a customized palette to a degree; double-sided even maybe a specific design/colour. All you need to do is send Lynn an email with your requests or questions. She is very quick to get back to you.

The standard sized palettes are 7” by 4.5”, are made of a durable cardboard and have a strong magnetic snap closure. The bottom of the inner palette is a magnetic sheet and will fit 20 MAC sized eyeshadows or 18+Wet n Wild eyeshadows. The standard sized palettes cost $12.99 USD. Very affordable!

I love LOVE my palettes.  I depotted all my Wet n Wild shadows and put them in the white palette. I put my Makeup Geek shadows in the purple palette. I plan on depotting my Smashbox shadows as well.
my makeupgeek shadows
Just a note; Wet n Wild eyeshadows will not stick to the magnet sheet in these palettes or a Z palette. There is something about the metal pans that Wet n Wild uses that isn’t magnetic. I had to buy a roll of magnetic tape from Staples ($5.50) and put a small strip on the back of each shadow and they popped into the palette after that.

What do think of these palettes? Aren’t they gorgeous? You gotta check them out! Here is the link to Anouthersoul's youtube channel. I highly recommend these as an eco- friendly and cost-friendly alternative to the UNII or Z palette. Seriously!

If you are interested in how I depotted my Wet n Wild shadows without using a lighter let me know and I will do a post about it.


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  1. Thanks for the review! This is going to end badly for Let the shopping begin!

  2. They are too cute. And Lynn is super nice. I might get another one for blushes now :D


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