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by - March 19, 2012

Hey there, I hope everyone had a great St. Patty’s Day weekend – no massive hangovers I hope HAHA!

On Saturday, I popped into Sephora to pick up some Urban Decay eye primer (original). My samples are almost kaput and I can’t live without this stuff now.  As I went through the gauntlet to the checkout, I invariably ended up grabbing something extra O_o.  I picked up Benefit’s sample kit, Tan about Town. I believe it was released Fall 2011.

The deluxe sample sized kit retails for $12 USD/$15 CDN and contains 3 products:
click to make larger

Some Kind-a Gorgeous – Medium – (Full size $29 USD/$36 CDN)  As per Sephora’s website, Some Kind-a Gorgeous is  The Foundation Faker (for Medium Complexions) is a lightweight, translucent, foundation-like product smoothes out imperfections and evens skin tone with a silky, smooth finish that's super natural and super gorgeous.”  I had originally thought it was a concealer but apparently it is foundation. The colour seems a tad dark but I think I can pull it off.  This kit only comes with Medium so fair ladies will not be able to use this particular product. I will do an update once I give it a full day run through.
Some Kind-a Gorgeous
Hoola - Bronzing powder (Full size $28 USD/$36 CDN) – this was the main reason I picked up this kit. I always wanted to try Hoola but at $36 ... well that’s a lot of clams for something I had thought was too dark for me. Turns out it is the perfect matte bronzer. Its has no shimmer what so ever, doesn't give me Pumpkin face and it doesn't look muddy as the day goes on. The pic below is taken just before I washed my face for bed. Once this little bad boy is done I am getting the full sized product :D.
Hoola bronzer
BadGal Lash – Mascara Black (Full size $19 USD/$26 CDN). Another product I wanted to try but I always know there is cheaper versions of this type of mascara which prevented me from splurging on it. My friend uses this mascara and raves about it so I was itching to try it. But I am saving my sample for my travels this summer. Even as I typed that I knew I would end up using it before that HAHA.

Some kind of Gorgeous (top)
Hoola (bottom)
Hoola on my cheek
Excuse the grumpy face, I took this pic last night just before I got ready for bed

Pros: great value pack at $15 CDN for deluxe samples to try before committing to the full sized product. Great for travelling.  All 3 products can be used to create an instant face to go in a pinch.

Cons: only one colour for Some Kind-a Gorgeous. The packaging for Hoola seems a bit flimsy, I hope I don't end up smashing the crap out of this :(

You want to try out BadGal lashes or Hoola bronzer cheap? Get the Tan about Town kit. Perfect time, Summer is right around...oh wait it is here already!

What 'extra' stuff have you ended up grabbing "running the gauntlet" at Sephora? Has anyone ever left there with out picking something out of those bins? 

Funny little tidbit: I had dragged my brother with me to Sephora as we were on our way to have lunch. As I am browsing, he is just standing there kinda stunned looking at all the makeup. He says to me “You guys use all this stuff?” to which I replied, “Well not all at once.” The MA standing beside us had a good laugh.



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