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by - March 31, 2012

Don’t yah just love getting makeup hauls in the mail? First, it was fun shopping for it, getting it in the cart and then managing a successful check out. (Never mind the buyer’s remorse the next day about spending so much HAHA). THEN, the products show up in mail (hopefully all in one piece)! Double the fun!  Ahh, just the thought of it brings a smile to my face J.

I have been achy for a couple months (stupid arthritis) so actually walking around the mall for hours isn’t so appealing to me right now. So I have been hauling off the net J. But I have been finding some awesome deals.

Let’s see what have I hauled the past few months.....

v  The Urban Decay Naked Palette and Naked 24/7 eye pencil set from The Shopping Channel – Deal: 24/7 pencil set was marked down to $25 and free shipping

v  MUG eyeshadows and brushes from Makeup Geek – Deal:  my whole order was 20% off.

v  ChinaGlaze TechnoPop Light set plus some other goodies from Nail Polish Canada – Deal: cheapest price I could find for the set plus free shipping and no GST (tax)

v  A massive order of brushes from Coastal Scents – Deal: saved 20% to 40% on brushes

And the most recent haul was from Glamour Doll Eyes...
13 sample jars, Control Freak eye primer and 2 free sample baggies

This March, Glamour Doll Eyes had a March Makeup Madness sale each Monday. Vee, the owner, would release 30 coupon codes on her Facebook page that could be used at checkout. I managed to scoop one up a couple of weeks ago - Deal: Buy $15 of sample jars (non collections) and save 30%. I got 13 sample jars and grabbed a Control Freak eye primer.

Last year, I purchased some loose eyeshadow samples from Glamour Doll Eyes and I really was impressed with them. So when I saw this sale, I jumped on it right away. Well as soon as I remembered... and I got free shipping for buying samples and/or because my gross total was $40 before the discount.

I got my order on Tuesday. It took about 8 working days to get to me from Nevada. Not too bad.

I will be breaking this particular haul up into a couple of post as I don’t want to blow up any servers with an insane amount of pictures! And I want to play around with a Control Freak (primer) this weekend.

I have been pretty busy at work this week, but I did manage to play with a few of the shadows. I am so loving DinoSpotz right now. I basically slapped it on this yesterday morning as I was in a rush to get out of the door. I put on DinoSpotz, a little Urban Decay Buck to blend the edge out, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and mascara. I will be getting a full-sized jar of this shadow for sure! Because I used it wet on the lids, it would change in certain lighting to a greenish teal colour. So cool! I wanted to capture that but I got busy and forgot to try taking a picture in a different room/lighting. :P
hardly any makeup, just Dinospotz on the eyes

The 13 shadows I bought were: Royal Assassin, DinoSpotz, Makin’ A Scene, Urban Trash, Graves in May , Secretive, Angel Wings, Gold Digger, Juicy Mango, Veteran, Glam Gal, Typical Girl and  All Nighter

Here is Royal Assassin, DinoSpotz, Makin’ A Scene, Urban Trash
Click on pics to make larger

A dark purple with flecks of greenish blue silver glitter.
Not so noticable when swatched. Crazy in the lid though

DinoSpotz, its a duochrome that is a rusty brown and has flecks of green in it.
I <3 DinoSpotz

What an awesome silver, I am digging the simple metallic wonderness of this one
Total blackout when wet

See how DinoSpotz changes! Urban Trash is so matte black when wet
 Swatches: Makin' a Scene and Dino Spotz are awesome shadows, wet or dry. Royal Assassin and Urban Trash are definitely way better wet/foiled. Urban Trash could possible be used as a liner it is so black when wet. They were kind of flakey/dusty when I swatched them dry. But then I was only using my finger. So I think on my next set of swatches I will redo them using a brush.

So what do you think? You likey? Sorry I am tired. I better quite playing with makeup and go to bed...


** I have an affiliate link with Glamour Doll Eyes (left bar) but I just signed up in March and if anyone chooses to use it, Thank you, but do not feel pressured :)
All products were bought and paid for by me and opinions are my own. ~~99Raina99

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