Luxe Box March 2012

by - March 22, 2012

Want to see what I got in my March Luxe Box? Then keep reading J.

March 2012 Luxe Box

March is Loose Button's one year anniversary. In the March box, Loose Button included a seeded Welcome card. You can plant this paper to grow some wildflowers. Cool idea. Very eco friendly. They also rolled out the First in Line selection option again this month. The options were Cargo single eyeshadow, Cargo Glitter Top Coat and Fekkai Hair Care.

seeded Welcome card (click to make larger)
The rundown: 6 samples (1 haircare, 1 cosmetic, 1 skincare, 3 perfumes) + 1 bonus item.

click to make larger

My thoughts...

DDF Advance Firming Cream: I am glad I got this one; I am all about anti-aging right now. My skin is so dry and shot right now. I will be trying this out tonight... okay maybe tomorrow night, just in case I have a bad reaction. I do not want to have to go work with a messed up face HAHA



Cargo  – Glitter Top Coat eyeliner: This item was the one I chose for First in Line. Not sure why I did that HAHA but the eyeshadow was gone so I selected this. I am not much of Glitter on the eyes type of person but I will try it  J

Kèretase Resistance – Masque Age Recharge: This hair masque looks promising. If I follow the directions on the card then there is probably only one use in this. I think this will be part of my Sunday night wind down this week.

Loose Button – My Scent: 3 perfume samples. Meh... I have so many perfume samples right now I can’t remember which smell is what.

Bonus item was ck Shock for him. What? Why? ~~Sigh~~ my box! ME! ME! ME! LOL

Anyhooooo, I am eager to try the DDF cream and the hair masque. I still have warm fuzzies from last’s month Luxe Box ...oh China Glaze nail polish... so I am not as excited with this month’s box but I am not unhappy either. So what do think of March’s Luxe Box? Did you get the same thing as me?

If you are interested in trying out the Luxe Box, here is my invite link or you can sign up at The service is $12 per month.  J



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  1. lol @ the shock for men. That is so weird they would put that in! And I'm the same way, my box is mine!

    1. I know, I saw few youtube reviews and the ladies that got the shock for men also had the WTF look on their faces HA.


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