China Glaze ElectroPop Lights from Nail Polish Canada

by - March 27, 2012

China Glaze ElectroPop Lights

If you are from Canada, you probably have seen the ads for Nail Polish Canada. They are everywhere. One night I decided to check them out. For a couple weeks (yes weeks), I perused their site, wishing I could order everything. They have TONNES of polishes and kits. It tooks weeks to go through it all HAHA.  I finally decided I wanted the China Glaze ElectoPop Lights set. I love China Glaze and I love creme polishes so I thought this would be a great set to try.

At Nail Polish Canada, the set was $39 (plus GST) with free shipping for orders over $29. Bonus  JThe only other place I could find the ElectroPop set was at Chatters and it was $42 (plus it in a very busy shopping area that I try to avoid at all costs HAHA).  So I placed an order for the ElectoPop set, an Orly Shine On Diamond mini polish, and a mini Orly Bonder. I ordered on Sunday and when I got to work on Thursday, my order was sitting on my desk. Pretty darn fast! Everything was bubble wrapped and packed tightly and safely.

There was a little snafu with the Orly Bonder, I got the Orly Won’t Chip Topcoat instead. So I emailed Nail Polish Canada regarding the mix up and Nikki of Nail Polish Canada had the Bonder out to me that night! I have to say they have great customer service! I received the Bonder the following Monday. So everything is cool.

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Fuchsia Fanatic, Dance Baby, Electric Beat

Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook, Gothic Lolita
Orly Bonder and Won't Chip Top Coat and mini Orly Shine On Diamond

Shine On Diamond - isn't it fab!

Fuchsia Fanatic
Dance Baby

Electric Beat
The first one I tried. I love the cornflower blue

Electric Beat with Shine On on ring finger

Kinetic Candy

Sweet Hook

Sweet Hook and Gothic Lolita on ring finger
Sorry about the cuticles :S

Gothic Lolita
This one has a slight bluish duochrome to it. LOVE IT!
I haven't tried all of them yet but I am getting to it! I found Electic Beat and Gothic Lolita went on very smoothly and covered nicely with two regular coats. Sweet Hook was kind of streaky still after two coats.

Would I buy again or recommend to others? Yes I would! Right now Nail Polish Canada is having free shipping on butter London polishes. Order one get free shipping with the whole order. Plus they still have the ‘order $29 and get free shipping’ is still on. I am thinking I just might have to get butter London Knackered now!



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