Review – My MAC Haul

by - May 13, 2011

Within the past month and half, I made several purchases from my neighbourhood MAC counter. Now that I have used these products, I thought I would give a little review of each.
Tan Pigment: it’s a wonderful colour. A little goes a long way. I am still going to try potting this pigment, once I find something to pot it in HAHA. I put this on my lid and Embark eye shadow on my brow bone and crease.
Embark eye shadow/217 brush –Embark is a beautiful dark brown mauve matte eye shadow and I use it every other day. It blends okay, not as easy as I hoped but it works just fine. Now that I have a decent blending brush for my brow bone, the MAC 217, it makes the job a lot easier. I have been looking around for something similar locally but to no avail. At $17, the 217 brush better do the job well! And it does. I would recommend this brush to anyone. Now I have to buy more MAC brushes. ~sigh~
Paint Pot in Painterly – I love the colour, it suits me. It really opens up my eyes when I apply it on my eye lids (lash line to brow bone). I like the creamy consistency and how easy it is to apply. The Makeup Assistant at the MAC counter recommended this as an eye shadow primer. I have been using it as an eye shadow primer but I still notice a teensy bit of creasing. Not a lot. Still I do like it. I like wearing it alone as it makes my eyes look more awake and youthful. Would I purchase it again? Yup.
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium: I like this powder but am not in love with it. Perhaps I have a heavy hand when applying but for a finishing power, I can see the powder.  Maybe I need a different brush or maybe I just need to learn how to apply it differently. I am not giving up on this powder. Even if I have to go back to the MAC counter and have the Makeup Assistant show me how to apply it again! At the MAC counter the Makeup Assistant put it on my face and it looked amazing. For some reason I cannot recreate it at home on my own. I still like my Arbonne Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I don’t notice the ‘powder effect’ with it like I do with the Skin Finish.
Fix+: I got to say I am impressed with this spray. It will fix any caked on mess. And believe me I have had few in the past few weeks! Once I am done with my makeup but before the mascara, I spray a couple pumps onto my face and it makes everything look nice and dewy. MAC should make a travel size of this so we can transport in our purses. I would carry the Fix+ with me but I’ve been told that it can leak. My coworker, who recommended Fix+, had an accident in her purse where the nozzle slide to the open position and leaked all over inside her purse.  Yikes! Perhaps I should buy a travel spray bottle and put some inside. Hopefully it would work the same way.
Lipstick in Touch: - it is lustre finish lipstick in a nude-y mauve shade. It goes on creamy and it has good wear to it. I wear it almost every day and I usually reapply around lunch time. Me likey. And it smells like vanilla!
All in all, I was very happy with my MAC purchases. I can’t wait to get more!
~signed lovingly MAC Addict

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