Avon Eye Shadows YEA or NAY

by - May 01, 2011

At the end of February and beginning of March, I purchased two Avon True Colour Eye Shadow Quads in Smokey Eyes and Blushing Raisin. I also bought the 8in1 Eye palette in Natural Tones. I included them in my March haul post.  I have been enjoying the Onyx Luster Tri-Shadow so much, I thought I would try more Avon eye shadows.
I was immediately drawn to the 8in1 palette in Natural as I like to wear a more natural everyday look. There are some satin and shimmering colours. I found the colours to be too sheer for shimmery colours. It seemed like I had to apply and apply the colour to get the right balance.
The Blushing Raisin palette is also sheer and I needed to work it (more than most eye shadows I have) to get the balance right. Of the three palettes, this is the one I like the best and use. I only use 3 of the colours in the palette.
The colours of the Smokey Eye palette looked very pretty so I pulled out my brushes and tried out a look with it. First of all, the shadows looked really pigmented but go on very sheer. I mean really sheer. I used MAC’s Painterly  Paint Pot as  primer. I never have had a problem with the paint pot before so I do not think it was the fault of the paint pot. Secondly, I had to build up the colour so much that I had fallout and the lighter colours ended up being too shimmery for my taste. It was a huge disappointment.  The fallout from the shadows ticked me off. I had to clean under my eyes and reapply a bit of foundation.  AGGHHH.
So it got tossed to the back of my shadow pile to spend eternity in makeup drawer oblivion.
Last week I was tidy up my makeup area and found it again. I opened it up and sighed; “Oh pretty colours why can’t you be what I want you to be?”
I took the sponge applicator from the palette and whimsically rubbed a little of the charcoal on it and swiped it on the back of my hand. Surprisingly, the colour came off very true to the actually colour in the palette. Hmmm, I wondered, was it the brush application that caused the shadow to be so sheer and cause massive fallout? I must give this palette a second try.

my left eye was done with brushes

This time I used the sponge applicator that came with the palette and redid my original look. It came off much better. I was pleased with it so I wore it out.
my right eye was done with the sponge applicator
So maybe I will use the Smokey Eye Quad again. It will depend if I have the time to work with the shadow. The 8in1? I will give it a try again and see if I can make it work. Maybe it is all in the type of application. Perhaps I should try applying them wet?
·         Nice packaging – very durable and transportable
·         Love the mirror in the quad palettes
·         Lovely colours, great colour matching
·         The shadows seem like the consistency of a semi-creamy chalk? IDK how else to explain it.
·         The shadows are very sheer when applied with a brush and have fallout issues.
·         The light colours are very sheer and not really made to build up.
Will I buy more Avon eye shadows?  Probably not. I find them too much of a hassle to work it.
What are your experiences with Avon eye shadows?

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