Avon Update - Eye Lash Curler

by - May 09, 2011

I never mentioned this earlier but when I made my Avon purchase, I bought the Avon eyelash curler. It was on sale and I needed a new one as my old one had come apart at the connection.
The Avon eyelash curler is a run of the mill eyelash curler. Decent and gets the job done. Unfortunately for me, something in the metal caused me to have an allergic reaction. Huge welt-y hives appeared under my eyes and on the lower part of my eyelids.

Day after applying hydrocortisone
It took me a week to figure out what was causing it. I mean these hives burned when I put anything on them. Several hives also appeared on my chin area but I think this was just a secondary reaction as I kept using the curler for a few more days.
In my hunt for the cause, I had originally thought I had a reaction to the MAC Tan pigment I recently purchased but I tried the pigment again and did not get a reaction. So I tossed my mascara thinking that was the culprit. Nope. UGH I just tossed a perfectly good mascara!
Finally, I went to the pharmacy to get some Benadryl. The area around my eyes was so itchy, I thought I would scratch the skin right off! I showed the pharmacist my eyes and asked what I could use on my eyes for an allergic reaction. She took one look at me and asked if I used an eye lash curler. I said, "Yes why?" She said she has seen this before and that I must be allergic to nickel. The welts under my eyes were right where the eyelash curler sits when I curl my lashes. So she brought me some hydrocortisone cream and told me to take the Benadryl and apply the hydrocortisone cream and go to bed. I used the cortisone for two days and the welts receded. Thank God!!!
Now I have to deal with the dry skin patches the hives have turned into. AGGHHHH!!!  
My previous curler had a rubber coating on it so I did not know I was allergic to the nickel in eyelash curlers. I am allergic to some metals that are in cheap jewellery but I never knew I could have a reaction to an eyelash curler. Another lesson learned.
I am now on the hunt for a good plastic eyelash curler. Any recommendations?

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  1. Oh my that's Awful!!!! :(
    Good thing you figured what was causing the reaction.. And TOO bad for the mascara :( Boohoo

    I can't recommend you a plastic eyelash curler sorry, but I can give you a trick for your allergies.
    I am allergic to all cheap metals as well. I usually add a coat of clear nail polish or car wax onto the metal that will be in contact with my skin and it works wonders. :)

  2. Hi. I have the same issue with metal eye lash curlers. I found a plastic travel eye lash curler by Sonia Kashuk ( I probably spelt the last name wrong) @ target. It's not the best but you can make it work if you have the patience. Wet n wild had one too but not sure if they make them any longer. Any suggestions for the dry flaky patches? I had no choice but to use a metal curler...once again, that irritation occurred again! Its frustrating

    1. I too found a plastic curler at Sephora for about $7. It works but not as good as the metal one. I am thinking of getting some latex paint or maybe coating one with nail polish. I have done that with a pair of glasses when the arms were giving me a rash. I still get the flakies, from what I do not know. EVerything irritates my eyes now. So when I get the dry patches I drink LOTs of water and I used lots of Neutrogena lotion. It is free of everything irritating LOL At night I used a teeny bit of hydrocotisone cream, I know it not good to use but I have to make the itching stop or I will make it worse. And I really moisturized b4 applying makeup and covered the dry patch with primer. They don't look so bad then. For some reason the primer helps?? Weird...

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