Gosh eye shadow base

by - May 28, 2011

I have been on the hunt for a great eye primer and came across the GOSH eye shadow base.
The GOSH primer is a creamy white base in stick form. Supposedly it makes application easier but I still swipe it on and blend it out with my finger. Once you get past the pearlescent white sheen of the base, you apply your eye shadow.  GOSH claims to have a high melting point so it should hold up under the sun and lights.  I haven’t put that to the test ;)
I used it for over a week before my allergic reaction. I thought it was pretty good. The shadow stayed on better and was more pigmented but I did notice some creasing after about 8 hours. LOL is it too much to ask for an eye shadow primer to last 24 hours?
Anyhoooo, I just started using it again and noticed something. It does not apply well to dry skin! Since my allergic reaction the skin around my eyes has been pretty dry and flaky.  It seemed to emphasize the minute flakes I had on my eyelids. YUCK! Like little white teeny tiny white dots!
So now I am back to my MAC Painterly Paint Pot. I really need to get to Sephora and try me some Urban Decay Primer Potion that everyone is raving about! Now that's 2 items for my Sephora wish list; smashbox Try Me Kit and UDPP!  

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