Adventures in Hair Colouring

by - April 25, 2011

Hi there fellow Junkies!
Yesterday I decided to pop out to Zellers to get some hair colour as my roots were tres BAD. But as I pulled up to the store, I noticed the big vacant parking lot. Oh Yeah, it’s Easter Sunday, I said to myself. Well Wal-Mart will be open. Wal-Mart is always open.  But guess again, Wal-Mart was not open. Shut down again. Dejected, I started home.  Then a glimmer of hope! I noticed someone coming out of the Shoppers Drug Mart. Cars, people, oh my!  YAY Shoppers!
I walked in and it was busy.  So I would be able to get me some colour and put these roots to bed! I went to my goto colour, Clairol’s Nice n’ Easy, but my eye was drawn to the pink packages beside the regular Nice n’ Easy display.  It was the NEW Nice n’ Easy Colour Blend Foam. Hmmm, I thought, I should give this a try. It was on sale from $12 to $10 and I had a $2.00 off coupon so I grabbed the #4 Dark Brown and headed to cosmetics checkout counter. I always go to the cosmetics checkout counter. You never know when a nice Cosmetics Assistant will give you some samples.

As I was waiting in line, I was beside the Sally Hansen nail polish display. The Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac caught my eye. I am such an impulse buyer! It looked like a perfect colour for spring.  So I grabbed that as well.

Later on that night, I prepared to colour my hair. I prepped my hair, the area I was working in and made sure I had all the tools ready that I might need. On with the gloves! I mixed the colour solution with the activator and shook it for a minute or so. Then I put the nice little pink applicator on the bottle. I pressed on the pink applicator as it looks like hand pump. Nothing. I thought maybe I have to ‘unlock’ it somehow. Nothing. Then I was stumped. How the hell do you get the stuff out? It took me a minute but I finally figured it out, you have to squeeze the bottle. LOL I felt pretty foolish as the word PRESS ME were in big letters on the bottle. HAHA oh well live and learn.

All in all, the colour went on easy (like shampooing your hair) and seemed to ‘melt’ down to the scalp. I easily got full coverage. And with some of my mobility issues, it was very easy to work with. The colour did stain a bit of my scalp in my part area but I noticed this morning that that has faded so I can live with that.

My one con about this product is that the Colour Seal Conditioning Gloss come in 2 small packages. I liked the fact I would get a tube in the regular Nice n’ Easy. But I guess since the Colour Seal is also sold separately now, Clairol thought we wouldn’t need so much.

Check out how it turned out on my YouTube video.


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