Quo Spring Godess Palette

by - April 22, 2011

Qou is a cosmetic brand sold exclusively thru Shopper's Drug Mart in Canada.

I was wandering thru the cosmetics dept when these cute little boxes caught my eye. They are sort of reminiscent of Benefit packaging.

I looked them over and was crazy for the Spring Goddess Palette. Then I realized they were on sale. Original price $25.99, on sale for $12.99. I have an SDM Optimum card so I used $10 in points and got this little gem for $2.99 +taxes.

I hopped on back to work and showed my co-worker my little prize. She had just spent $100 on Benefit products. Really nice stuff but out of my price range. Actually I was green with envy!

Funny thing is I didn't even realize there was a bottom compartment until I got to the checkout. I was twirling the little tassel and the drawer opened a little. The checkout lady laughed at how happy I was with my discovery. It made the $2.99 even more special! LOL.

The shadows are very nice although I find the light pink very sheer. The rest of the colours are very nice and somewhat creamy-ish. The blush is nice as well. Not my favorite but I will wear it. I think it has a bit of iridescent quality to it.
All in all an nice little addition to my collection.

What do you think of my little find?

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