Think Pink Nails

by - October 18, 2012

As many of you already know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I wanted to do a mani in honor of my mom. My mom was a breast cancer survivor so it has a personal impact on my life. My mom had her masectomy the day her first grandchild was born. She made me run back and forth between hospitals so I could get updates and film the baby and then bring her the news and the camera. She was out of the hospital the same day her grandson was so she could hold him. Her strength was inspiring.

So I have been sporting my Think Pink nails for a few days now. I did try to draw the pink ribbon on my nails but the ferrel of my one and only nail art brush broke off. I had to redo one nail so I took it as a sign and stopped there. HAHA

I used OPI's La Paz-itively Hot with Deborah Lippman What Lola Wants layered over alternating nails. These two work great together. I did have a hard time trying to capture the goldeny shimmer of What Lola Wants. It looks so good in person.  

OPI's La Paz-itively Hot        Deborah Lippman What Lola Wants

Hope you like them J


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  1. Lovely nails! Lots of love to you and your mom. <3

  2. Your mom is a rockstar. I will always remember your story about her! And what a cool combination! I have yet to use my DL polish so this is a great layering idea!

  3. Thank you guys. Mom was a fighter. She passed away two years ago from kidney disease (she battled diabetes her whole life). She was cancer free for 8 years. I will always remember her strength.


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