October 2012 Glossybox

by - October 30, 2012

This theme for October’s box is Breast Cancer Awareness. As almost everyone is aware of now, Glossybox Canada raised their monthly subscription in October from $15 a month to $21.

As I mentioned above, Breast Cancer Awareness is the theme and there were a few ‘pink’ items in the box. I love pink. J  
Also to note; Glossybox Canada has 50 boxes out there that have the Golden Ticket item in them; jewellery from Bijoux Caroline Neron. Unfortunately, I DID NOT HAVE A GOLDEN TICKET ITEM IN MY BOX!!! L  AGH the tragedy of it all!!!!

Okay now that I have stopped pouting, let's see what my box did have..

October 2012 Glossybox Canada

The Rundown:


Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream
Normal to Dry skin Treatment   deluxe sample
Full size: 50ml/$93.50  ßGulp Holy poo O-O
Extremely luxurious face cream, gently formulated to hydrate and increase the firmness of your skin.
This better be like the holy grail of moisturizers.  The full size is pricey!!!  My first impressions is that it seems a little thick for something that would be used as an all over face moisturizer and eye contour but where I tested it out on my hand is very smooth.…

ModelCo Flipstick Lip Duo

Modelo Flipstick Lip Duo    full size
Full size: Special edition for Glossybox members $38.75
Shine Ultra Lip gloss can be worn alone or layered over Lipstick couture for hours of unbeatable shine in a shade perfect for October pink.
I do have to say I do really like this lipstick shade – a mauvy neutral pink. The lipgloss is a very nice sheer pink with some hint of shimmer but the part that made me smile was the smell. It smelled like fruity watermelon.  I am impressed with this duo. I think it is a pretty universal shade.  This dual ended lipstick/gloss is a little big to fit in your pocket but in your purse – no problem. I didn’t wear it today because my lips are DRIED right out right now. I fell asleep with my ceiling fan on and dried out my face and throat last night UGHHH.
Another thing I noticed, it that it comes with little mirror on the back of the tube. I thought that is great! Until I realized you can't use it watch yourself put the to put the lipstick/gloss on as it is attached to the tube. LOL Oh well I guess I can always see what a mess I made?

Zoya - Loretta

Zoya – Loretta   full size
Full size: 15ml/$8.00
This is a delicate pink jelly. It will be great for French manicures. Even though I didn't like Zoya - Shelby (a pink creme) that I got in previous beauty box. I think I will like this jelly better. Plus it never hurts getting a full sized nail polish.

Sebastian Professional Trilliance

Sebastian Professional Trillance Shampoo and Conditioner    deluxe samples
Full size: Shampoo 250ml/$15.79  Conditioner 250ml/$16.39
Cleanse and polishes the hair surface to enable greater light reflection, creating gorgeous natural shine.
Okay I like Sebastian products. I will definitely use these! Doesn’t it seem like we get a Sebastian product every few months? How about a coupon next time too LOL

Gillette Venus and Olay Razor  full size
Full size: $16.99
I got this in a previous Luxe Box. Love it. Definitely going to use it. It’s unbelievably moisturizing.

There were also some coupons; one for a free Satin Care shave get with a purchase of any Venus Cartridge and 10% off promo code for Caroline Neron.

So that was the October Glossybox for Canada. Was it worth $21?
I do love my Glossybox and I am happy with it. I think I got $21 worth but I wasn’t over the moon about it. I mean I already have a Venus Olay razor and Zoya Loretta is probably not a shade I would have purchased for myself. But I will use them and i already know I like one of them  J but I will reserve my judgement until I play with the lip duo.  Okay I am going to go sniff my lip gloss now…..hehe

What do think of this month's Glossybox?


Oh PS: if you are interested in subscribing, I do have a promocode to get 10% off your initial order - GLOSSY27.

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  1. Looks like a great box but with the increased price I don't know if I'm going to keep my subscription. The anti-aging cream seems very good. Hope I will get that in my box.

    1. I love Glossybox but $21 is a lot of money for a sub. I am going to conitunue for awhile and see how it goes the next few months.

  2. You got some great goodies. I think the price increase is a deal breaker for me.

  3. To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed with this box... I could have just saved my $21 to buy a makeup product I actually wanted rather than receive an anti-aging moisturizer I don't even need. I'm only 18 years old! And the Gillette Venus Razor I could just pick up at my local drug store. Sorry to be so negative but I'm pretty disappointed. :(

  4. I was pretty happy overall, except like you, I wasn't crazy about the polish color. The lip duo is AMAZING though, I love the razor (got one earlier this year in Luxe Box as well) and the anti aging cream is great, regardless of age. I'm planning on using it as an eye cream since I know I won't repurchase due to the cost.

    1. I love this lip duo. The colour is the like my lips but better. And it is so freaking moisturizing. I love it.

    2. and I hear you on the eye cream - I cannot justify $93 for that. Not on my budget.

  5. Looking forward to the lip duo! Thanks for sharing

  6. The lip duo is fantastic! Thanks Candice.

  7. Thanks for the informative post, I am out of town right now so I had to see what was in the box this month! Honestly it seems about the same quality as previous boxes, maybe a tiny better. hrmm glossybox, hrrmmm.

  8. I wasn't happy with how light Loretta was too...I would never buy it myself either...I AM excited to play with the lip duo too!

    1. I am in love this week with the lip duo. I still find it kind unwieldy to handle. LOL I am just not use to having such a big tube I guess.
      I wore Loretta this week. It is alright, just makes me look like I have really healthy nails.

  9. those are much light shades sadly i cant use them but i will recommend it to someone..Thanx

  10. i dont think the box was any better, and they should be if they r going to increase the price.. look at the usa box its 21 and has more high end items

  11. I am wondering why all the main Canadian beauty boxes have had price inceases recently? Is sponsorship getting costly? Some have stated changes to websites,stores etc as the reason. Glymm and Topbox are now $12, Glossybox $21 and Luxebox went from monthly to quarterly at $26. Spending $50 to $75 a month on beauty boxes seems a little kookoo to me. LOL I could but a high end palette or other makeup item for that. I am seriously rethinking my beauty boxes.


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