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by - October 15, 2012

Its mid-October and the first beauty box out is Topbox. J

If you are not familiar with what Topbox is ... Topbox is a Canadian Beauty Box subscription service that retails for $10/mth for 4 premium beauty samples each month. Note that at least one product each month is makeup related.
In my October Topbox;



Endocare Concentrated Serum    2 Ampoules
Full Size:  7x1ml/$59
Concentrated serum provides intensive rejuvenating treatments for skin.
EndocareTensage Radiance Contour   deluxe sample
Full size:  15ml/$72.50
A regenerative formula designed to correct and brighten the eye contour area
I am not a fan of ampoules...or perfume tubes. I am clumsy and always end up getting oil everywhere. That is just me...so graceful.  Those that received the Endocare sample did receive an instruction email from Topbox.ca on how to open the ampoules properly. I will need to reread that one! 

MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask   one mask
Full size:  1 mask/$4.99
MaskerAide is a unique line of super hydrating facial sheet masks created for fabulous lifestyles.
I have seen these being blogged about recently and was intrigued. I can’t wait to slap this on LOL!

Stila In the Moment Shadows
Stila step by step guide
Stila In the Moment Eyeshadow palette   Deluxe sample
Full size:  14g/$50
I think this sampling of shadows of a complete palette is kind of cool. We get to try the shadows to see if we like it enough to spend the $50 on the full sized palette. I think there are probably a few uses from each shadow. Plus the sample card came with step by step instructions for two looks.

Stila Lip Glaze - Raspberry
Stila Lip Glaze - Raspberry swatch

Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry   Deluxe sample
Full size:  24ml/$29
This is a lip glaze so it is sheer. I found it a bit sticky but it smelled awesome. Like raspberries. I don't think it was full sized. I couldn't see the size on it but it still is pretty decent sized sample.

I was kind of hoping to get the Stila Prime Pot as I absolutely love my MAC Painterly Paint Pot and  I wanted to compare the two but oh well, I happy with the lip glaze too.

I liked this box. I love getting eyeshadow. So I am happy. Even if it is only for a couple uses at least I can create a couple looks with it and determine if I want the big palette or if I have similar colours. I wish more companies would do this with their pricey palettes.
There was some variation of the boxes; some received Aveda shampoo/conditioner samples, Stila Prime Pot, and new subscribers received the Vasanti BrightenUp. My box version was Box-11.

Topbox still has a waiting list so if you want to try it sign up now! J


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  1. Ahh mine still has not made it to my house and it was shipped out last Wednesday! I'm going crazy waiting for it.

    Amy xo

    1. Soon soon! LOL I will definately be checking out to see what you got!

  2. Ohhh this is the first box I've seen with the lip gloss. I got the primer and I'm pretty happy with it so far. Mine was box 5. It's pretty cool that they have different eyeshadow colour samples too cause my palette has more nude shades.

    Here's my review!

    1. What was the neutral palette called? I am happy with the one I received as I love purples. So jelly that you got the primer LOL

  3. I like your box more than mine, I got the Aveda shampoo and the Stila prime pot, but the shampoo sample is only 10mL...I have long hair so I don't know how long that is going to last me!

    The Stila lip glaze is nice, I have three of them and they're quite nice! I love sheet masks and had wanted to buy a Maskeraide one, but now I get to try it out first!

    1. ah now I am jelly of you too! The prime pot!
      I am trying out the MaskerAide tomorrow night. I am making a night of it - Big Bang Theory, Greys and MaskerAide :)

  4. I haven't tried any of these but I've heard good things about the stila lip gloss. Though, I've also heard they're similar to the elf hypershine lip glosses which I found horrible. It's good you liked the box, another blogger friend who posted about hers wasn't really happy with it.

    1. Yes it seems quite a few people are not happy with this months box. I figure for $10 it was alright. I have never tried the Stila lip glaze before so I am just testing it out but I am finding it kind of sticky. My hair stuck to my lip today ICK hate that LOL


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