My last Glymm bag – October Edition

by - October 24, 2012


Glymm is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) by presenting us with a special pink bag cosmetic bag this month plus a pink ribbon. I did not get a ribbon in my bag but no biggie; I had already bought one at the mall by my work. I have since lost that one L. It is the same thing that always happens with me and Rememberance Day poppies. I always stab myself and lose them several times each season.

Glymm also has several other ways members can donate by purchasing some BCA packages in their store. A portion of the sale of any item bought from the BCA selection will be donated to Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.  I applaud Glymm for promoting BCA this month!


Glymm is a monthly beauty box subscription for $12/month or $120/year. They have a current promo that if you sign up for a year you will get a nail polish with each bag.

They brought back the printed product card. I like this little fold out card. It has the same format at as the web version. I just like being able to read it as soon as I open the box.

October 2012 Glymm bag

October Contents

Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme  
CyberDERM H20 Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip
Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme   deluxe sample
Full size 59ml/$9 237ml/$32 473ml/$58
This daily maintenance hydration crème softens like no other and banishes dry hair while adding a plump sheen.
What is a ‘plump sheen’? LOL anyway it was a good thing I read this product card because I thought this was a body butter at first. HAHA. I have curly hair so I am very interested if this will work? I do ‘plop’ my hair every once in awhile to get the super curly goodness that I know my hair can deliver. So I am hoping this product will help with that.

CyberDERM H20 Hydration   deluxe sample
Full size  50ml/$60
This moisturizer will show you skin a good time. With more benefits than you can count, you can be sure to see some drastic results.
To be honest, I couldn’t get past the smell of the other Cyberderm products we received a couple months ago. I can’t really smell the alpine scent in these samples but the this particular sample smells a little industrial to me, like plastic or something. But it does seem pretty moisturizing.

CyberDERM Every Morning Sun Whip SPF25  deluxe sample
Full size  50ml/$38
It seems pretty light on the skin and the smell was alright with this sample. I would prefer a higher SPF but 25 is alright.

femme couture Lightening Lash Mascara & Lash Card
Femme Couture Lightening Lash Mascara  Full size
Full size $14
Get noticed with superstar lashes. Lengthen, amplify and bring each lash back to life.
Yay another mascara. I hope it delivers what it promises!!

Lash Card   2 cards
Full size   10 cards/$6.99
Say bye bye to clumpy and smudged mascara. This card will save you time and make your lashes lovably flawless.
This card is to be used in conjunction with the Lightening Lash mascara. I am willing to give it a try. I think I will use it on my bottom lashes. I usually forgo mascara on my bottom lashes in the mornings because I am in a rush and ALWAYS end up smudging the mascara on my bottom lashes by a too fast application. Maybe this is the answer?

Lash Card guides
The Bonus item was a travel sized Johnson’s Baby Oil. This was in the box to promote the Glymm Mama box that is soon to be released. It will cater to mothers and moms to be. This sample is baby related but a beauty junkie can also use it such as a eye makeup remover. 

So this is my last Glymm box. I unsubscribed because; a) lack luster boxes and b) I have way too many samples and am having a hard time keeping up with what I have. So I am going to limit myself to 2 monthly subs plus I will try the winter Luxe Box to see what that brings.

I do love the Glymm bags. I will miss them but how many makeup bags does a girl need?

Bye bye little bag...




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  1. This is going to be my last one too!! Bye bye Glymmie!

    1. Now watch the November bag be AMAZING! LOL like a Butter london or something.
      I will miss Glymm's loyalty program. That is something other boxes just don't have.

  2. I'm annoyed I didn't get the product card..without it how the heck am I supposed to know about a bunch of these products that have no explanations!?!

  3. You'll still be eligible for referral points when you unsubscribe. I un-subscribed back in October as well, but I'm still getting free pts!!


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