My Nails this week...

by - August 09, 2012

Bonjour Mes Amis!

I am so glad the incredible heat of this past month has taken a break!

I am posting my nails this week.

I used Cult Nails Devious Nature, Nubar Black Polka Dots and Nubar White Polka Dots.

I have to give credit to those nail bloggers who work with flakies all the time! They be hard to get out of the bottle! LOL I finally figured out to dig around in the bottle and then pat it on instead of brushing it on. Thank goodness for top coat. Top coat fixes almost anything!

I tried using Zoya Shelby as my base coat but I had to take it off ASAP because it was thick, goopy and streaky. I do not like that polish, ICK!

But I am LOVING this combo! J




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  1. Gorgeous combination! Did you take advantage of the $7 polishes at Cult Nails? I bought...ahem...11...

    1. Thanks Jayne :)
      11 polishes? Holy Poo!
      I haven't ordered anything yet - I am still trying to decide what I want... I love the CN formula! I can't wait to see what you got. You should do a post!

    2. I wanted the $75 free shipping!!

    3. I am guilty of that too LOL I spent over $100 at theBalm for the free shipping hehe it's only logical to us beauty junkies! :)


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