August 2012 Topbox and a ramble

by - August 25, 2012

Oh boy I almost forgot to post my August Topbox! I received it this past Monday. Yikes.

This week has been so hectic. I have been car shopping for the past two weeks, which is highly stressful. I finally settled on a 2009 Nissan Versa.  Perfect for city driving. I should document the whole process. LOL. You know; what to expect, what to look for, what to ask, what to negotiate, etc.

The last time I bought a car, I knew the sales manager and he looked for a car for me. When a suitable car came in and I liked it, I took it to the mechanic, he said it was a great car, drove it for a weekend, liked, sold. This time around; I wrote down what I wanted, then what I needed, did the online research, then went and looked around, test drove cars, finally came back to the second car I checked out and bought it. Obviously there were more steps to it LOL. But it was so stressful and I did get a good deal but I still feel like I got shystered LOL  

But back to my August Topbox.... it was certainly packed tight this month.

This month I received;

Kellett Skincare Moisturizing Gel   deluxe sample
full size $95.00/50ml
A Canadian brand! I am going to try this out this weekend and see how it is.

Expression Round Crease Brush  $16.00
This month, people got various types of Expression brushes. I am personally excited to get the crease brush. Well actually any brush LOL I am a brush whore. This brush is dense but has some give making it great for crease application.

Marc Jacobs Dot perfume deluxe sample
full size $79.00/50ml
Very pretty scent.

Chloe L'eau de Chloe body lotion deluxe sample
full size $60.00/200ml
Too strong -  me no likey.  

Pink Wipes (1 wipe)
Full size 15 wipes/ $12.00
Another Canadian brand.  I haven’t tried this yet so I can really comment on it.

Bonus items:  Nexxus Shampoo and Conditioner
Love me some hair products and I am so glad we got both shampoo and conditioner together. I have tried Nexxus before and liked it.

So what did you think of the August Topbox? I liked it but wasn’t blown away by it.

It looks like Topbox’s wait list is getting shorter so if you want to sign up for one head over to their website.


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  1. Is it weird that I just wanted to read your ramble? Car shopping is something I find so stressful and I admire your organization in finding what you needed! I own a 2006 Honda Civic and I hope it never dies because I can't go car shopping again!

    1. Not weird at all! I was so against going car shopping that I had put it off for a year. I knew it was time to trade the old Malibu in but everytime I thought about it I got stressed out. The brakes finally going made me bite the bullet and put my big girl panties on a just do it. Thank god I had help. My brother came with me and test drove the same cars I did. The boyfriend help for a couple days but he went out of town during. He likes my 'chick' car. Me thinks if he helped me more I would have ended up with a Dodge Charger or something HAHA


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