15 minutes $45 later

by - August 12, 2012

I hit up Winners this weekend. I had no intention of going there but it was right beside the cell phone store (I upgraded my dinky Sanyo to an iPhone 4s – Hello Siri). Well the cell phone store wasn’t open yet so I went in and found a few things in Winners. Fifteen minutes and $45 later..... I had in my bag;

don't mind the paint swatches in the back ground :)
I am going to paint my living room soon..ish LOL

Oscar de la Renta Live in Love perfume    30ml $22
La Fresh Nail Remover Wipes (18) $6.99
Nubar Nail Polish in Verde  $6.99
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I received a deluxe sample of the Oscar perfume in my February Luxe Box and fell in love with it. So I was stoked to find the 30ml version of it at Winners for $22 YAY. The La Fresh wipes were also a discovery from June Glymm bag. When I saw them for $6.99, I had to grab them. Of course the Nubar is nice too. I am looking forward to wearing this holo in the fall.

It was an expensive Saturday morning for me O-O. But I am enjoying my phone so much LOL... I have a little bit of learning to do but I am sure it will be fun.  I have joined the cool kids haha.

But the smile from my fun shopping spree was turned upside down when the brakes died on my car this morning. And I mean died. It was a scary scary moment. Arggghhhh. I am seriously thinking I have to get a new car... well not new but new to me J

Anyhoooo that was my weekend; started awesome - ended poopy....LOL How was your weekend? Any good deals?



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  1. Nice haul! Congrats on new iPhone. I hope I can have one too someday soon:P

  2. Thanks Miss L! I am loving my phone. I couldn't sleep last night so I watch Youtube tutorials for awhile on it LOL.

  3. iPhones are so good to have. I'm on mine now as I relax before sleeping for the night! Good buys! I need to go to Winners again soon and see what they have.

    I bought a few things recently too. First purchases from Sephora ever ut it was mostly for a friend. I go her some Tokidoki brushes and eyeliner with Samantha's smokey eye kit by Buxom. Her name is Samantha :) Got myself an eyeliner too by Tokidoki that I'm lookin forward to trying and also a super cheap eyeliner that is total crap from the drugstore lol

    1. Oh Sephora is so easy to blow a wad of cash in there. Too easy. It is my weakness so I stay away. You will have to let us know how the Tokidoki eyeliner is.

  4. Oh you found the La Fresh nail polish remover pads! My Winners still does not have them! Only the ones for the face. I'll have to keep stalking it...

    1. And for $6.99. I had to snap them up. I found they work quite well. So far....
      Some days Winners has awesome stuff other days not so much.


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