Orange it Something?

by - April 11, 2012

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Okay I guess I like Orange now O_o.  I thought it was one colour I would NEVER wear!

It took awhile but orange eyeshadow has finally grown on me... So what has changed my mind?

Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy. It is a wonderful matte shade. Very easy to apply. You can definitely wear this alone.

Glamour Doll Eye's Juicy Mango. I have only used it twice so far. It is a very light shade. By that I mean it is not 'BAM in your face orange'. It's suble, sweet and buildable.

I also picked up Revlon's Coral Reef lipgloss. I am not a fan. It goes on so sheer and picks up ANY dry spots on your lips. Not forgiving at all! :(  I am glad I only spent $3.99 on it.

You can see where the Coral Reef did deposit some colour; on my dry spot :(

I have been wearing Orange with Pink. I really like that combo. Below is GDE's Juicy Mango with some hot pinks from my 88 palette. I was going out so I dolled it up with some false lashes.

Below is my second look wearing GDE's Juicy Mango but this time I layered it over Tangerine Tango. And I used Urban Decay Demolition 24/7 eyeliner to sofen it up.

What do guys think of Tangerine Tango being the IT colour this spring? Do you think Pantone got it right?



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  1. lovely colors!

    anyway, please join my blog giveaway if you haven't yet!

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  2. I've been itching to get an orange eye shadow, and I never liked orange much before...I guess all the orange being the IT color of the season promotions have gotten to me. I love the pink with the orange btw.

    1. Thank you Frosso :) I know the whole orange thing had to grow on me too. I still do not like it on my lips though Uhuh!


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