Hauling Madness – Glamour Doll Eyes Part 2

by - April 06, 2012


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Okay on to part two of my recent Glamour Doll Eyes haulJ...

As I mentioned in my previous post, Glamour Doll Eyes had a March Madness sale each Monday last month. I snapped up 13 sample jars and grabbed a Control Freak eye primer.

The 13 shadows I bought were: Royal Assassin, DinoSpotz, Makin’ A Scene, Urban Trash, Graves in May, Secretive, Angel Wings, Gold Digger, Juicy Mango, Veteran, Glam Gal, Typical Girl and All Nighter.

Here is Graves in May, Secretive, Angel Wings, Juicy Mango, and Gold Digger;

Graves in May applies as mauve shade on my skin. It is subtle dry but gets a nice metallic sheen when wet.

Secretive is a very soft girly pink. It was very easy to apply.

Angel Wings is a gorgeous soft white. It looks great dry or wet.  Easy to blend.

Juicy Mango is a nice pinky orange. I love this one when applied wet.

Gold Digger looks almost like yellow mustard in the jar but when applied, it is a very nice gold shade. Beautiful when foiled.

I redid my swatches and retook the pics in natural sunlight. They look WAY better than the original ones. The left side is a dry swatch and the right is wet.

Graves in May, Secretive, Angel Wings, Juicy Mango, Gold Digger

left side of each swatch is dry, right is wet

Out of these 5, I am totally digging Juicy Mango. I never thought I would like orange eyeshadow O_o but this one ...Oh Yeah! A pretty summer colour.

Sample jars are $2.50. You can’t go wrong with that! A full sized jar is $6.00. You can check out all the shadows at Glamour Doll Eyes.

So what do you think of these shades?

I just want to wish everyone a great Easter weekend. Have fun and don’t eat too many chocolate bunnies! J



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