La Glamour Doll Eyes Part III - the Purples

by - April 17, 2012

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Hi all, sorry I haven’t posted for a bit. I hurt my back and it has been spazzin’ out like crazy. People have been asking me what I did (to hurt it). I got tired of explaining that I just woke up like this and have been just telling them it was a Rodeo mishap –that I got tossed off a horse J LOL it sounds better than I rolled over in bed and wrenched my back ;P
Buy anyhooos, I will survive this so on to my final post of my recent Glamour Doll Eyes haul... the Purples...J...

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As mentioned previously, Glamour Doll Eyes had a March Madness sale each Monday last month and I snapped up 13 sample jars and grabbed a Control Freak eye primer. Follow Glamour Doll Eyes on Facebook to keep on sales and giveaways! Vee is always coming up something!

The 13 shadows I bought were: Royal Assassin, DinoSpotz, Makin’ A Scene, Urban Trash, Graves in May, Secretive, Angel Wings, Gold Digger, Juicy Mango, Veteran, Glam Girl, Typical Girl and All Nighter

Here is the navies and purples of my haul: Veteran, Typical Girl, All Nighter and Glam Girl ;

Veteran – this is an awesome navy! It has little flecks of red and gold in it. It needs to be applied carefully or risk fallout, but that is the way with most dark pigments. I cannot rave about this shadow enough. It applies fantastically wet. Look at the swatches below to see how freakin’ vibrant it is! I thought I would be put off by the sparkles in it but nope, I luvrs it!

Typical Girl - is demure purple. This is my second sample of this. I need to just get the full sized already! If I am not wearing a neutral colour to work then I have this on. It is perfect for daytime wear.

All Nighter – I had this before in a sample form. Obviously I really like it. I also wear this to work usually in the crease with Typical Girl on the lid.

Glam Girl – gorgeous purple. It’s awesome when applied wet, it gets a metallic sheen to it. I pair it with my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple since they gel so well together.

Le Swatches...
     left side is dry, right is wet 

No flash
with Flash

I love me some purple but right now Veteran is stealing the show out of these four shadows. I can’t wait to create a look with it...maybe pair it with Gold Digger. Oooh the ideas are churning. Man, I need my back to straighten itself out (pun intended) so I can get done up and go out somewhere pronto!

Just an FYI – Glamour Doll Eyes website is closed at the moment. It will reopen on April 20th. The GDE team are in New York at IMATs, lucky shits.

Sample baggies are $1.25, Sample jars are $2.50. Full sized jars are $6.00.

So what did you think of these shades?J

Have you ever shopped at Glamour Doll Eyes?


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