Orange/pink gradient nails!

by - April 26, 2012

Today I just wanted to share a little nail post. A couple days ago I saw a gradient nail tutorial that Mimi @ Makeup Withdrawal posted using orange and pink. Linky here for tutorial. Since I have been on an orange/pink kick lately I had to try it. Mimi’s nails look way better but if I can do it anybody can!

First off, I should point out I suck really badly at applying crème nail polish LOL B-A-D. I love crème nail polish but my hands are not too steady. But I was happy with how it turned out I had to show you guys. It was pretty easy to do. It just takes a little time applying the base coat and then waiting for it to dry completely, then applying the gradient colour. It took me about an hour to do it all.

Products I used

·  Orly Bonder
·  Sally Hansen Extreme Wear nail polish in Sun Kissed   (just like the one in my giveaway!)
· Sally Hansen Extreme Wear nail polish in Fuchsia Power   (just like the one in my giveaway!)
· Nicole by OPI Top Coat
· Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
· Makeup sponge
· Q-Tips and nail polish remover for clean up


·  Make sure the base coat is COMPLETELY dry. My thumbs were not completely dry and I ended up making a mess out them.

·  Tape around your nails before applying the gradient. The sponging technique makes a hell of a mess. It took me forever to get the pink off the ends of my fingers.

·  Use Seche Vite or something equally awesome. Nicole by OPI Topcoat kinda sucks. My nails felts pliable even after drying. So I applied Seche Vite and now they are hard as rocks LOL

So what do you guys think? Are you going to give it a go?



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