NOTW – Pink and Black Gradient

by - January 21, 2013

Brrr it is so cold here today. -38  ̊C with the windchill. It is no different in Fahrenheit. It is stinkin’ hell froze over cold out there today! LOL

I don’t venture out to much in this weather. Work, grocery store, home and that’s basically it.

So I have had some time to play with my polishes. I did this mani last week. It is a pink and black gradient. I got my inspiration from Sokolum79. She did it in reverse - black as the base and pink on the tips. I just changed it up. 

Products used:

  • OPI You’re Web or Mine? (frosty pink) used as a base
  • Cult Nails Nevermore  (black crème) sponge on tips of nails
  • Orly Bonder basecoat
  • Nubar Diamont topcoat


I am determined to get the prefect gradient nail down. It looks so easy but can end up a big blotchy mess :/ I am happy with my latest attempt. I am getting better.
I got some dotting tools now so watch out for some dotmania happening soon... haha


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  1. This is GORGEOUS Teresa, just gorgeous!! Lovely combination!

  2. looks so pretty ^^
    can you make a gradient nail tutorial?
    I was so bad made gradient nail :(

    1. I could try a tutorial but my gradients are hit and miss LOL If you click on the link for Sokolum79 it will take you to her Youtube tutorial :)

  3. Really pretty!

  4. I love sponged gradients!! this is soo pretty! I can't even image what -38ºC is like - I wouldn't even go out for food shopping :) We're getting +38ºC today, so on the complete other end of the scale, it'll be too hot to do anything much but swim!

  5. Going out in -38C at 7am sure sucks... I want to just stay in my toasty bed!
    Holy Yikes +38 is HOT! We only have about a week of that here in July. I stay in the house then too HAHA


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