January 2013 Privé Topbox

by - January 19, 2013

Oh Hai, my Topbox finally showed up. Yayyyy

So you’re probably bored of seeing the same post since we all got virtually the same products. But in case you are out of the loop or just want to see what I got, keeping readingJ.

This month, Topbox sent out a Privé box to everyone. A Privé box is different from the regular subscription as it is all one brand exclusively. The price is still the same; $12/mth.

January’s Privé Topbox was Clinique. I like Clinique. It was one of the first brands my mom introduced me to when I was a teenager. She would get herself something and then get me the gift with purchase set. Back then ,you get the mini version of the 3 step program; bar of soap in its little dish, toner, moisturizer. Ah the memories….


Clarifying Lotion (2)         deluxe sample
Full size $16/200ml $27/400ml
This is for dry/combo skin which is probably a good choice since most of us have some sort of issue right now with dry skin due to the colder weather. I use this like a toner by putting some on a cotton pad and swiping over my face to remove excess junk after washing my face. It is one of the better toners that I have tried.

Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent   deluxe sample
Full size: $25/125ml
Oil-free, blur-free, sting-free; my kind of eye makeup remover. This is actually a good remover. I have used it before. Since I have started receiving subscription boxes I have not had to purchase eye makeup remover.

Colour Sure Eye Shadow Duo     full size
Full size: $25/2.5g
The colour duo I received was Strawberry Fudge, very lovely - perfect for Valentine’s Day or just a sweet everyday look.

Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle $ UV Damage Corrector       deluxe sample
Full size: $57/30ml $86/50ml
It states at 12 weeks the visible –reducing power is remarkably close to a laser procedure (63%). For the price, I hope it works miracles! I have a couple 11’s happening on my forehead I would like to try this on.

Here is how Clinique says to use it:

·     Apply 3 to 4 drops twice a day to face and around eyes. For all Skin Types. Partner with any of Clinique's de-aging solutions

·    For increased prevention against the effects of stress, sun and pollution, add Superdefense SPF 25 and Super Rescue.

·    For intense visible repair, add Youth Surge SPF 15 and Youth Surge Night.

About a week ago,, we Topboxers received an email asking for us to create a wishlist for the February  Privé boxes we were interested in: the two brands I can remember were Benefit and Lippy girl. There was another option but I can’t remember what it was.

Email excerpt:

Here's how you can try to swap your February Topbox for a Privé Box:

1.     Create a WISH LIST for the Privé Boxes you are interested in.  You can 'wish' for as many Privé Boxes as you want, and it won't affect your chances of getting a certain Privé Box.

2.     Topbox will randomly select the recipients of each Privé Box based on all Wish Lists.

3.     Your Topbox will arrive as a surprise in the first week of February. Due to limited quantities, not all members will receive a Privé Box.  If you do not receive a Privé Box, you will receive the February Topbox

 If you didn’t want a Privé box then you just ignored the email and voila – a regular box for you.

I am not sure how well it will go over if it is a random selection as to who gets the Privé box. But time will tell I guess.

So there you have it, the first Privé Topbox. Clinique was a great brand to start with….now fingers crossed that I get Benefit next month!!!!


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  1. Hmmm...my #2 came in a clear bottle and is liquid even though it says lotion... :S Now I'm super confused if I got the wrong product in the wrong bottle..?!

  2. It's funny how Clinique was one of the first brands all us girls remember trying. I got my first lipstick from a GWP when I was 14 from an aunt who bought all of their skincare stuff. The lipstick was like a "here you go kid. Take care of that" type gift and I agree that Clinique was my only department store brand of makeup until I was 20. Memories!

  3. It is funny that we all remember that! I used the 3 step program for years. I remeber being so excited getting an eyeshadow duo from my mom when I was 15. It was light pink and a rose. I thought I was so sophisticated LOL


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