Coastal Scents Winterberry Palette Review

by - January 24, 2013

Today I thought I would do a mini review of the Coastal Scents Winterberry palette that I recently won.

This palette came out in 2010. It has 12 cool shimmery shadows. The case is hard plastic and very durable with a large mirror on the lid. The case is actually magnetic and has removable pans so if one was so inclined they could switch out the current shadow pots for other Coastal Scents Hot Pots, MAC shadows or Makeupgeek shadows. You get my drift right? It’s reusable.

The shadows themselves are all cool tones with lots of shimmer. There are lots of pinks and purples. I wouldn’t do a full look with just these shadows because I find them really shimmery but add a couple to any eye makeup creation and it would look awesome.  These shadows are pigmented as you can see from the swatches below. The purples needed 3 swipes to get the same pigmentation as the rest. But most purples are like that.  I really had no problem applying or blending them. My particular favorites are the grey (3-3) and the dark purple (4-4).

Here are the swatches (swatched over bare skin);

First Row
ME014 Light Pink, ME005 Silver Lilac, ME004 Light Plum, ME007 White Silver

First Row (with Flash)
First Row (with no Flash)

Second Row

ME020 Mauve Frost, S016 Amethyst, ME018 Steel Grey, S006 Thulian Pink
Second Row (with Flash)
Second Row (with no Flash)

Third Row

S013 Tyrian Purple, S008 Lavender, ME015 Raisin Berry, S014 Regalia Purple
Third Row (with Flash)
Third Row (with no Flash)

I have coveted this particular palette for awhile now. I was waiting for a great sale at Coastal Scents to get it but YAY fate intervened and it is mine! So I blew my money on another palette hehe but that will be for another post.

Do you need this? No. Some of these shades are in the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette.
Should you get it. Sure why not? – just wait for a sale at Coastal Scents. They always have them. Right now it is $12.95 USD. 


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  1. Yes, I totally want it. :) I will wait to see if there's an even better deal! :p

    1. There are always sales at CS. I am a brush whore so I keep my eyes open for their brush sales. There is always a deal of the week on a palette or palettes.
      Always LOL

  2. thanks for the review, the pallete looks great. i always love pallete though already have a lot

    visit my blog

  3. Great review. I almost picked this palette up but I have a hard time wearing pink shadows.

    1. I was actually quite surprised at the quality of the shadows. Not to shabby I must say. Just wait for a sale.

  4. yep I want it :) I love the soft shimmery colours which I think are better suited to summer or spring so the whole 'winterberry' name isn't real appealing! for $12.95 you can't go wrong... I wonder where I can buy this in Australia???

  5. Maybe the name Winterberry is because the couloirs are cool tones and cool= winter?just a guess LOL
    I have been wearing the dark purple for the past 3 days now!

  6. oh i love shimmer! looks amazing!!
    wld love for you to visit my blog..and follow maybe?

  7. I can't wear pink very well, but this palette is just as beautiful as I thought it would be! Which palette did you end up buying??

    1. I got the Contour palette plus a zillion brushes LOL I will post soon.


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