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by - February 13, 2012

**Edited Feb 15, 2012
Last month (after a glass of wine and long night of surfing the web :P) I signed up for the Canadian version Glossybox. I had seen reviews of the UK Glossybox and was intrigued. Now it is here in Canada! For $15 a month (taxes/shipping included), you receive 5 deluxe beauty samples.
Note: Most of the other subbies services run $10-$!2 for 3 to 4 samples.

I received the inaugural box this morning at work. I already knew what was in it as several bloggers had received and reviewed theirs last week. BUT I got almost the same box but with one exception. Instead of receiving the Essie Nail polish, I got a sample of Wella shampoo. At first I was a little sad but then I realized I probably wouldn’t have used that particular shade so I am kind of happy I got the Wella product instead J

So here is the inaugural

The pink box is super sturdy. And it came with labels so you can reuse it later. Ideas are churning....
Intro Card

Product Card
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The rundown:
The Oscar de le Renta Live in Love eau de parfum is a beautiful fragrance. It smells clean, spicy and woody? LOL I am bad at describing scents. But I just know I like the smell. Let’s see how it is ON me. **Okay I LOVE love this perfume. It simple, clean, and it it not overbearing. I have gotten compliments on this perfum and I have only been wearing it 2 days!! :)
Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist and Wipes - I am super excited about this product! This was a bonus item! I have been using alcohol wipes I picked up at Dollarama so I can't wait to spray something down with Beauty So Clean. LOL  Everyone needs these! Plus there was a 20% off coupon code included with the box in the event you want to purchase a full size product.
Elizabeth Grant Moisturzing Stick is a lip balm in a lipstick tube. So far I like it but I don’t know if I would spend $12 on lip balm. It is very moisturizing. It smells like watermelon **So I guess I WILL pay $12 for a lip balm LOL. The Elizabeth Grant moisturing lipstick is fantastic. Even my Burt's Bees hasn't done this great of a job keeping my lips moisturized and smooth this winter. I can't believe how soft my lips are right now.
Ahava Mineral Body Lotion – very moisturizing but very very scented. I can’t put my finger on the scent but it is strong. I put some on my hands at work and one of the ‘guys’ asked who put perfume on. LOL ooops. This is not for people who have issues with scented products.
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day crème – I haven’t had time to try it yet. A coworker said she tried it and it was good but not worth the price tag. Then I actually looked at the price and just about shit myself. LOL $160 for 50/ml YIKES So I am going to try it and see how it is. Oh and it too smells faintly of watermelons.
And now the Wella. The sample I received is shampoo for Fine to Normal Coloured Hair. Perfect for me. It makes me think someone read my profile LOL. This shampoo is very scented as well. But I like the scent. I am going to use it tomorrow J
All in all, I am very happy with my first I will continue my sub for a while. Let’s see how does next month.
So what are your thoughts on the Canadian Glossybox?



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  1. I keep hearing about this gloss box! It's so cute. I am also super excited about the BeautySoCLean products too. They are amazing especially the wipes! I love them!

    1. The box IS cute. HAHA. I already am using this months box to store my beauty tools like puffs, disposable wands, etc. I have already used a wipe to clean my spoolies - I couldn't wait to use them.

  2. I noticed the scent from an Ahava product I got in my birchbox one month! It was too strong for me and my hands (from my psoriasis) did not care for it, but I know others who have liked it.

    1. The Ahava lotion works very well but is just too strongly scented. I wouldn't be able to use it all day. Good thing we were able to try it out first!

  3. I see someone else mentioning Beauty so clean! I like it too; I use the wipes for my lipsticks (and even my hands in the car.... I know they aren't for skin, but when you have sticky fingers who cares!!) The mist is the best for powdered foundation.

  4. I am not a robot!


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