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by - February 18, 2012

I love me a big purse. I have to travel just over a half hour to work each day (longer getting homeL). So I need to carry a lot of crap around with me. Well I think I do anyhow.

But I cannot stand the jumbled mess at the bottom of my big purses and I get frustrated and go back to my midsized old black purse and some random tote to carry everything else; my lunch, makeup, books etc.  I bought one of those nylon wrappy type of purse organizers before but it was too much of a hassle because every time I tried to grab something from one of its pockets the whole thing almost came out of the purse. Not good when you are standing in line at Walmart.  ACK!

So one night of watching random YouTube videos, I saw a ‘What’s in my Purse’ video (I cannot for the life me remember who it was) and saw in their LV purse they had a cute leopard print purse organizer. She mentioned she got it off of eBay.  So a couple weeks later I got this Nine West bag but again it was too cavernous and trying to even find my car keys was a HUGE freakin’ chore. So off to eBay I went. I searched “Purse Organizer Insert” and found this seller; Dawns Early Light LLC.

I fell in love with the zebra print organizer and at $14.99 plus shipping, I bought it. Shipping was like $6 and it took about 6 days to get here from the US. I had no issues with the seller. It has sturdy sides, 6 pockets on the outside, handles for easy removal of the insert and 6 pockets in the inside plus a zipper pouch. Lots of room to pack all my junk away. The ad states you can pack away 50 small items. I have about 15 large items HAHA.

Here’s my sad floppy bag and all its unorganized glory:

Here is the fab zebra insert:

It has zippers on the bottom so you can expand it to fit even MORE crap in your purse :)
There are snaps on each end at the top to make the opening smaller or larger
The junk that must be put into the organizer:

Here is my Happy Purse J. It is even standing taller LOL

Love this organizer. I have tweaked it since I took the pictures. There is so much more room in my bag. I think I have actually MORE crap in my purse now. It seems heavier now.......

So how do you organize your purse?


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