Painted Purple - Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow

by - January 08, 2012

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!

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Last Friday I returned a liquid liner (Relvon ColourStay) to Shoppers Drug Mart. It was horrible! It was watery and a very grey. Not the Blackest Black as the packaging promised! I think I got a dud. Turned me right off! L

Anyhooo, while I was waiting for the CR to ring through my exchange, I noticed the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyestudio 24hr Eyeshadow display. It had such a rich array of colours.

I was intrigued by the colours and the only tester I could see, Tough as Taupe, was gorgeous. It instantly reminded me of the consistency of my MAC Paint Pot. I had a $10 coupon for Shoppers Drug Mart so I grabbed Painted Purple. FREE!

Off I went back to work with my colour tattoo pot. I ripped it open right at my desk and swatched it on my arm. It was pretty pretty pretty! It’s a beautiful shade of purple and has a teeny little bit of sparkle. But it didn’t go on as intense as it shows up in the pot. When I swatched the Tough as Taupe it went on more creamy and had more full coverage. Painted Purple seemed to skim the top layer of the derma and didn’t go into skin. Does that make sense?

But I thought I would play with it more when I got home. After about 3 hours, I remembered I still had the swatch on the back of my hand. It was still as if I just swatched it and when I rubbed my finger across the swatch there was no movement of the pigment at all. None. These suckas ain't going anywhere!

Painted Purple

So this morning I had some errands to run. When I was getting ready I thought I would test it out a bit. I just used my finger to swipe it on my eyelids and crease, no primer. Then I set it with some light purple eyeshadow from my Sephora Smokey Eye kit. Nothing dramatic as I was going to Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Don't want to scare the Sunday townfolk! Haha.

My feelings on Painted Purple? BEE-U-TEE-FUL colour but it didn’t go on as intense as I hoped. But it didn’t put me totally off the Color Tattoo shadows as I bought 2 Tough as Taupes and a Bad to the Bronze. LOL :P Reviews to come on them later. I am such an addict...


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  1. It looks like it would be a good base for purple shadows, though, to make them more vibrant. Maybe give that a try and see how it works? :D

  2. @chaya bunny That's my next test. Try a bit more product than I did this morning and use some of my Glamourdolleyes pigments. I certianly am not gonna give up on Painted Purple. It is a lovely colour!

    Stay tuned ... I did buy 2 Tough as Taupes... I only need one!... ;)

  3. Ohhh I cannot wait to see Tough as Taupes and Bad to the Bronze. :)

  4. I hated the purple! Just didn't work for me. But I agree, the color looked a-mah-zing in the pot!


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