My First Glymm Box Jan 2012

by - January 21, 2012

So I finally received my first subscription box yesteday, the Glymm Box.

If you have been inundated with Glymm box reveals, I give you permission to jump now LOL
I had seen the Glymm box offered last summer but I thought I would wait to see what or how Glymm would perform before buying a box.

For those of you that don’t know what Glymm is; it is a for-Canadians beauty subscription box. It’s similar to the US Birchbox.

Okay here is the big reveal:


Pretty pink box

The goodies inside (click to make extra large)

The insert (click to make extra large)

The only thing I have used so far is the Cargo eyeliner. It goes on very black and smooth, but it moves after a few hours. After opening the box, I immediately whipped out my mirror and slap some of this on HAHA. It was very dark and as I said before very smooth, no tugging at all for a pencil liner. But when I got home six hours later, I had a bit of transfer under my eyes. So I would recommend setting this liner with a powder eyeshadow.

The CARGO eyeliner
plus Bad to the Bronze Colour Tattoo (on lids) 

First impressions: The packaging is beautiful. I will also certainly use the Vasanti face rejuvenator, which is a enzyme face exfoliater and the Anastasia eyebrow gel. Right now I am using clear mascara on my brows. The mascara works fine but I do notice my eyebrows get dry. So high hopes for Anastasia!

I gave one of the Burt’s Bees lotions to a co-worker J so I only have one to try. I like Burt Bee’s chap sticks and hand lotion so I am looking forward to see how moisturizing this milk and honey lotion is.

The Kaia bamboo cleansing clothes seems like a cool idea but why so expensive for a full pack? $17.99 for 30 clothes. I guess I should try it before bitching about it LOL.
Glymm, like other sub services, offers loyalty points. 10 points = $1.00. You can use these points in their store. As well, existing subs get reward points when other sign up for a subscription using their referral link. My referral link HERE :)
The Glymm Box will be available to the US shortly. Just create an account with Glymm and be the first to get notified when the US subscriptiona will begin.
Am I going to keep subscribing? Yep! I like being suprised although next time I hope I get mine earlier. It seemed like half the country got their box 4 days before me. Or maybe I will avoid the reviews..but I am such a nosy Nettie!

I also subscribed to Loose Button’s Luxe Box ($12/month) which I should start getting in February.  In addition I signed up for the ($10/month) but that won’t come until May. Crap. So it better be good!!! I will probably forget about it by then HAHA

On another note, UK’s GlossyBox is now available to Canada for $15/month. Hmmm something to ponder. Nah I better try these ones first!

K now I am done HAHA


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  1. That sucks about the liner moving around, but it does look nice on your eyes. I get birchbox and I've been thinking about the myglam box...they are addicting!

    Oh! And I got your package in the mail! Thank you so much! That was so sweet of you. I can't wait to try out the powder. It looks great! And the travelo will definitely come in handy! I'll admit, I have been that girl that throws a whole bottle of perfume in her purse, so this will be much lighter! Thanks again & I hope your new year is going well :)

  2. Thanks, and you're welcome!
    I stayed up way too late surfing the net last night and ended up signing up for the Glossybox HAHA. I figured $15 why not. LOL I was looking the MyGlam too but they don't ship to Canada yet. soon but not yet. It looks like great makeup products in the MyGlam bag.

  3. I just signed up for my first Glymm box! Can't wait for it to come in February!

    1. Good Jen! I can't wait for my February boxes to come too. 3 of them! What was I thinking? LOL late nights and internet - not a good mix!


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