Review: MAC Holiday 2011 Ice Parade Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette in Warm

by - January 05, 2012

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As I previously posted, I gave myself a little Xmas present – a bag of MAC. Wrapped it up and put it under the tree HAHA! Take that Santa! I was at my dad’s for Christmas and he was handing out the presents. He thought it was pretty funny.
When I was at the MAC counter, I had a hard time deciding between this Warm palette and the Sultry palette, which has more mauves and purples. But I chose the Ice Parade Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette in Warm.  

Of the six eyeshadows in the Warm palette, my favourites are Patina (permanent line), Magical Mist and Buckwheat. The first colour I tried was Buckwheat and my first thought was Holy Shit this Damn Good! Smooth, easy to blend, great colour payoff. Then I tried Midnight Flurry and my excitement deflated. It is the only true matte of six shadows and it was chalky and hard to blend. You can see it in the swatch. I really had to work it; layering and blending. I finally got pissed off and damped my brush to get it to show up right. LOL Then I tried Patina and was happy again. Although in the pan, it looks totally different than Patina, Magical Mist is very close in colour to Patina, just a tad greyer. I use it as an upper crease colour to soften out Buckwheat. Winterscape barely showed up and I had a bit of fallout on my cheek. Gaelic Gold is a very pretty yellow gold and it did go on creamy smooth.  

For $45, I think it I was expecting perfection but I do really like 3 of the 6 colours. But then I could have just bought 3 colours I really liked for $45. ~~sigh~~ Oh well. The snowglobe on the top is cheesy. I would have preferred a flat top but hey my nephew liked playing with it HA. The little brush it came with is a decent brush. It’s soft, dense and makes creating defined lines easy. Is it sad that I more impressed with the little palette brush that Midnight Flurry?
All in all, I am okay with the Warm palette. It didn’t knock my socks right off but they slouched a bit HAHA.

This is the look I created using the Warm palette. I used Painterly Paint Pot as a base. Patina in the inner corner. Gaelic Gold in the center of my lid. Buckwheat as the major crease colour, with Midnight Flurry as the crease defining colour. Blending the upper crease out with Patina. Winterscape as an inner eye highlight. In the picture, the colours are washed out. In real life, I had a ton of eyeshadow on. For some reason, I cannot take ‘true’ pictures of neutrals looks. Perhaps I need a different base?
My dad had observed me working on this look. He had asked if I was going somewhere. I said no just creating a natural look with my new palette. My dad’s comment on the MAC Warm Palette: That’s a lot of money to look natural.
I thought that was funny, had to mention it :P

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  1. HAHAHAHA I love your dad's comment.. LOL

  2. it really is funny, glad you mentioned that in review :))
    I love these colours, and use them every day. your natural look is great!


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