e.l.f. mini haul

by - June 01, 2011

I recently went back home to visit my pops. Since ‘hometown’ is a small bordertown in Ontario, I was able to do a quick trip across the border to Minnesota. I went to Kmart  - the nearest Target was a 2 hr drive away :(

While at Kmart, I checked out their makeup selection. They had e.l.f. YAY! A lot YouTubers have been raving about e.l.f. so I thought I had to try it out. I can’t find e.l.f. here in Winnipeg BOOOOO .

So I grabbed a few items; the Eyebrow Kit, Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Translucent Matifying Powder and the Cream Eyeliner in Black. Each of these products was $2.00 to 3.00 USD.

I like the eyebrow kit and use it every day now as well as the blush, a very nice pink. I have used the bronzer as a contour on my cheeks and nose. I do like the translucent powder but you need to apply with a very light hand or you will end up with a cakey face. I have been using the sponge applicator it came with. I dab it in the product then dab the back of my hand to take the majority off and then on my face where I need it. It’s been working well using this method. The cream eyeliner was a disaster LOL I do not like it at all. I really wanted to try the HD Powder but Kmart didn’t have it. ~~wahhh~~

I also picked up Revlon’s ColorStay foundation (Normal/Dry) in Buff, some Ardell false eyelashes and L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. They also had Mally, but the selection was well picked over LOL. I am going back again soon, so I hope they have restocked by then!

The Revlon ColorStay foundation was $11.99. There was a girl walking around signing people up for their discount/points card, so I got one and saved $1 on the foundation – got it for $10.99 YAY! Now why is this foundation $17+ in Canada? Why?
The L’Oreal mascara came up as a weekly deal as well - $5.00. OMG! That’s all I can say O-M-G. I had used L’Oreal Voluminous before and didn’t find it too spectacular but now it is my HG mascara. I have only been using it for about a week and I know I am grabbing some more of this stuff! My eyelashes seem huge now! Happy dance for L’Oreal Voluminous mascara!

My total cosmetics purchase was $31. Yippeee!
That’s it for my mini US haul at Kmart :)

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  1. Nice Haul!!! I wish I lived closer to the states. Shipping rates from Elf's website are pretty expensive, mind you that it doesn't stop me from buying online.. hehe
    WOW 10.99$ for Colorstay form Revlon is such a great bargain. :) LUCKY you!!!!
    How do you like the foundation so far??

  2. I have only used it twice so far. It's not too shabby LOL I plan on doing a review later after I have worn it a few more times. I am heading back to my dads to pick up my car so I plan on making another trip across the border. Maybe go to JC Pennys and see what they have there :)And they have a DollarTree so I am hitting that too. :)

  3. This revlon foundation seems to be awesome!


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