GlamourDollEyes Sample Purchase and Review

by - June 12, 2011

  ***Pictue Heavy***
I’ve been interested lately in buying some truely pigmented loose shadows. You know when you put it on, it's like POW! So I’ve been looking at some mineral eye shadow companies, checking out their products online and looking at products reviews.
Since then I have been lurking around YouTube lately watching reviews and tutorials and came across MakeupByNIght. She did a tutorial using Glamourdolleyes shadows. I liked the look so I went to and watched some tutorials and reviews. I subscribed to GDE’s YouTube channel because I think Vee (the owner) is a sweetheart.
In May, I made a purchase of several samples from Glamourdolleyes (GDE)website. Link HERE. Although I found the website initially weird to navigate, I got over it when I saw the colours. GDE is doing a website overhaul so it should be interesting to see. GDE is holding a contest for a banner design to the end of June. Link HERE.

The samples baggies are $1.25 each (0.5 g), sample jars are $2.50 each (1g) and the full size jars are $6.00 (2 g). On the website, each shadow has it’s ingredients listed and identified if it is Vegan (or not) and what it has been approved for; eyes, lips, nails etc. I like that J
My total order came to $15.00 and shipping was free. YAY gotta like that! GDE offers PayPal and credit card payment methods. I placed my order on a Sunday night and GDE had it processed and in the mail by Monday afternoon. That's pretty cool for a one person operation. I received my order 9 working days later (way up here in Canada :P). I expected this so I wasn’t too worried about. I did purchase insurance on my order (an extra $1.50) just in case ;) I probably didn’t need it but, oh well, better safe than sorry!
I ordered two sample jars, Boyfriend Sweater and Chelsey, as well as eight sample baggies; Typical Girl, All Nighter, Making a Scene, Dusk, Angel Wings, Dazzle Me, Mind Reader and Premonition.

Click on pictures for SUPER DUPER view LOL

I think there is plenty of eye shadow in the sample baggies for a quite a few looks. You just have to be careful when opening them up. The sample jars have a lot of shadow in them, I was quite amazed at how much.
My free samples :)
I am still playing with all my goodies LOL! But I have to say my favourite out of the gate is Boyfriend Sweater. I have been using this the most. I don’t know what it is but I love the colour. I pat it on and blend it out. The colour is so rich. Chelsey and Premonition are close seconds! The colours I have tried are super pigmented! Woot woot! AS with most mineral products, yah got watch the fallout!
I was going to swatch them but the GDE website has nice swatches on there. I suck at swatches. Badly :( Maybe I will try again tomorrow and edit this post.
AAANNNNDDD I got 2 free samples, Island Chic and Secretive. Love that!
Here is some looks I have done so far...

I used Chelsey as the base colour

and Premonition as a crease colour

Here I basically just used Boyfriend Sweater
(this was after a work day so I look a wee bit greasy LOL
but I thought the colour was hanging in there pretty darn good) 
Just layered the colour and blended. I used a vanilla colour on the brow

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