March 2013 Topbox | Pure + Simple Privè Box

by - March 18, 2013

Oops I thought I posted this last Friday! HA how did I not even notice that? Oh I know...I have family visiting and am having yet another flare up. YAY! But better late than never right?

There were quite a few choices this month for the March Topbox; two versions of Aveda samples, 3 versions of Pure + Simple, a Lippy Girl box or upgrade for $7 for Jurlique box. I kept changing my mind as to what box I wanted; Aveda or Pure + Simple. I finally made my one and only selection on the very last day. LOL such a procrastinator!

I opted for the first Pure + Simple Privè box. It was to contain a full size Pure + Simple blush and China Glaze lacquer in Purr-fect Plum.

March 2012 Pure + Simple Topbox
Pure + Simple Topbox
I had an issue with my box this month. The blush was smashed L. Thankfully it was carefully wrapped so the blush contents were confined to the tissue paper. I also noticed that the size I received was 3.5 grams when the card states 5 grams.

Pure + Simple blush
aww broken...
I was sad about this but I contacted Topbox and they have contacted Pure + Simple for a replacement and will ship it in my April box. I guess this happened to a few people who received the Pure + Simple Privè boxes. But I am alright with getting this all sorted out in the April box.

Pure + Simple blush
pretty colour though

The colour was pretty. I haven’t tried it. Right now I have it wrapped up in the tissue still. I am going to see if I can transfer the loose contents to a sample jar. I just have to find my sample jars LOL. I have a bag of them somewhere in my spare bedroom or should I call it my junk room HAHA. It is a mineral blush so smashed or not, I might get some use out of it.

China Glaze lacquer in Purr-fect Plum
China Glaze lacquer in Purr-fect Plum

The China Glaze lacquer (Purr-fect Plum) was something that I do not have a duplicate of so I was happy with receiving it. I am surprised I do not have a reddish plum in my stash??

I am still reading reviews on everyone’s boxes. I am kind of glad I didn’t get the regular box. There were too many perfumes for my liking.

So I guess my March Topbox will be continued in the April Topbox.... J

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  1. You don't have a plum coloured polish? Shocking! LOL. The blush looks like a pretty colour. I would just take the tissue and rub it on my face for the time being!

    1. HAHA rub it on my face... I should :D
      I know it is shocking.I was looking through my nail polish 'tubs' and was like Really? no wine coloured plums WHAT? Isn't that like a standard colour to have?

  2. I kind of wish I had gone for this one now. I also don't have a plum in my stash, though I only have about 40-50 polishes. Yes.. 'only.' lol

    1. LOL at 'only'! 40-50 doesn't even seems so bad now does it?


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