February Favorites and my new vanity

by - March 03, 2013

Hiya! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Yesterday, I put together my new vanity/desk from IKEA. It is the Micke desk - long version. It was pretty easy to put together except for the last four screws! I had to get my brother to come over and tighten them for me. I am really happy with it. It looks good and is pretty sturdy. At $99, it was a pretty good deal. Later today, I will try and get my makeup organized in/on my vanity. I am also going to use it as desk for my laptop; makeup on one side, laptop on the other. I don’t know I am still thinking. It may just end up all makeup HAHA.

IKEA Micke desk
my new IKEA Micke vanity/desk

As I was moving my makeup to a safe location so I could set up my vanity, I was putting my favorites in a box for quick access. So I thought I would do a favorites post!

I had such a hard time narrowing it down. When I looked at all the items in the box I had like 30 things. I managed to pare it down to 15 items, okay 16 if you include my new vanity/desk HAHA. I know it is still a lot!

Revlon, Tarte, Urban Decay Naked palette, Prada
my February Favorites
  1. Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Foundation – I bought this back in November and I still love it. I am 2/3rd through it already. I did a review of it here.
  2. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle – I love the subtle highlight this give me. Perfect for a dewy look.
  3. Urban Decay Naked palette – I don’t think I will ever stop loving this palette. Ever.
  4. Tarte Amazonian Clay blush / Glisten – I rediscovered this in my stash earlier this month. Why did I stop using it? Such a pretty pink. The shimmer is so subtle it is hardly noticeable.
  5. Benefit Hoola bronzer – I have had this for almost a year and I have barely put a dent in my deluxe sample. I alternate between this and my Vasanti Brazilian bronzer.
  6. Benefit Dandelion blush – this came in my February Prive Topbox. I absolutely love it. I layer it with my Tarte blush. Gorgeous.
  7. Benefit They’re Real mascara – I finally used up my 2 mini samples of this mascara so I went out and got the full sized. They’re Real and Marcelle’s Extension Plus are my HG mascaras. They’re Real gives me mainly volume with some length...
  8. Marcelle Xtension Plus mascara – gives me mainly length with some volume. I love them both J Review here.
  9. Coastal Scents Synthetic Angled Kabuki brush – Sorry it is dirty in the photo, I just got done using it. :/ This brush is perfect for applying my Revlon Whipped Crème foundation. It gets into the curves of my nose and under my eyes perfectly.
  10. Elizabeth Grant moisture stick – I got this in my very first Glossybox. It’s a great for getting your lips primed for lipstick or gloss. Plus it smells great – like melons.
  11. MAC Craving (amplified crème) – I am so glad I got this. I feel pretty when I wear it LOL. I love the amplified crème formulation. I have to go see what other colours are available.
  12. Tarte Lipsurgence / Sweet – I have used this so much I have worn off the labeling on the tube J I layer this over my Rimmel lip liner for a perfect pinky nude lip. I find the lipsurgences really moisturizing.
  13. Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner / Epic – I picked this up in November and it has been the only lip liner I have been using. I line my whole lip with this and then layer the Tarte Lipsurgence over it.
  14. Eyeko Skinny liquid eyeliner – this so black and so easy to use. I need to get another one soon. I received this in my fall Luxe Box.
  15. Prada Infusion D’Iris – this was a surprise like. I am bad at describing scents but it has a woodsy citrusy something smell LOL I said I was BAD! But I found it smells better as you wear it. Suffice to say I have been wearing it a lot! This was from my Winter Luxe Box.

Revlon ColorStay, Tarte Amazonian Clay, MAC Soft & Gentle

Tarte Lipsurgence, Rimmel, eyeko, Prada
So there you have it, the stuff I have been reaching for the most this month. Next time I will try to limit my selection like 5 products. HAHAHA I will try....

What was your favorite product this month?


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  1. I have that desk too but with drawers on the side, it's great! Craving looks so pretty, great picks :)

    1. Craving is really pretty.I am happy with it.
      Don't you just love these desks. I was looking at the one with the drawers on the side too but I loved how long this one was.

  2. Is this the desk where the drawers go really far back but can only be pulled out 1/3 of the way?

    I am dying for a new desk, but I'm waiting. IKEA seems like a great place for me to get one, but I don't live anywhere near one. :-(

    1. The drawers actually come out quite far on this desk. There is only about 4 inches left when opened fully. I really like IKEA products for the most part and the price but I hate shopping in the store. I feel like a rat in a maze HA. I need a golf cart next time I am there to get around ;D
      IKEA does shipping but I think it would be pretty expensive to have this desk shipped out. :-/

  3. LOL, you are too funny! I totally get "woodsy citrusy"! I am not as big a fan of the Eyeko liner...I really wanted to like it, but it just bleeds on me after a few hours which rarely happens to me so I don't know what's up!
    Also, great vanity! It's going to be fun organizing what you put on it ;)

    1. Yes I am very bad at describing scents LOL I am never even close to guessing whats scents are in a perfume unless it really dominate; like rose, vanilla etc. I am scent decribing challenged. :P
      That's to bad about the Eyeko liner :(. I have no issues with bleeding.
      I <3 my vanity. I am still playing, um I mean putting stuff away :)

  4. That is a fabulous vanity!! :) I'm still looking for the perfect vintage one. Solid wood, inlaid... large round mirror that sets INTO the vanity... lowered centre... I wonder if I'll ever find what I'm looking for. :P

    Great pics for February! I'm loving MAC Craving..I'm scared to go to MAC lipsticks because I know I'll fall hard down the rabbit hole! Also, I love the EG moisture stick!

  5. You will fall hard for the MAC lipsticks. I do get overwhelmed when I am there though, So much to chose from.
    I saw a couple vintage vanity like the one you descibed on Kijiji Winnipeg. I check Kijiji before I headed out to IKEA. They looked like they need work though. But the bones looked good.

    1. Yes...I check quite often. :) I'm looking for something that doesn't need a lot of work because I don't have an area to work on a project like that.. *tear* I'm willing to pay the little more for a really high quality one though! :) Can you take two mac empties for a new one or something? I can't remember if that's some kind of promo or I'm imagining it.

    2. You're thinking of the Back to MAC program. Six empty items get you a free lipstick. So far the only thing I have finished is 2 eyeliners LOL it's going to take me awhile hit pan on anything else.


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