Fyrinnae - 50's Retro Collection plus some

by - March 28, 2013

When Fyrinnae released their 50’s Retro Collection, I was logging in to order within minutes! Well maybe within the hour LOL but I had to get me some.


I had wanted to get a full sized Type A lip lustre for about a month now but also wanted to get some more shadows. Plus I wanted to get a couple of other minis for a surprise...

I got my order on Monday and I couldn’t wait to start playing with my shadows. I have to say I was in a pretty happy mood when I was swatching these shadows. For ‘neutrals’ they are anything but ordinary!

From the 50’s Retro Collection:

It Beautifies
This is a satin bronze with golden undertone

Fyrinnae It Beautifies

Housework Pearls
Satin peach with a rose undertone

Fyrinnae Housework Pearls

Automatic Toaster
A soft deep matte brown. This is a beautiful neutral dark brown. Perfect for the crease.

Fyrinnae Automatic Toaster

Monster Movie (free sample)
A light sage green with slight shimmer. Even though this looks a little mossy in the jar it is anything but! It turns a pretty sage-y mint green.

Fyrinnae Monster Movie

From Endangered Species Collection:

Enchanting Otters
A deep emerald green with rainbow sparkle. God this is gorgeous. I am not a real fan of green anything but when I opened this and saw the iridescent sparkle in it; I was like “Ohhhhh prettttyyy...”

Fyrinnae Enchanted Otters

Center Stage highlighter
A subtle champagne shimmer. I swatched this like a shadow. On the top portion, I swatched it over Pixie Epoxy to see how it would look as an eye shadow and on the bottom over bare skin to show how it would look as a highlighter. As I was swatching, I forgot to go light on the bottom half HAHA I was just so excited.

Fyrinnae Center Stage Highlighter

(top half swatched over Pixie Epoxy and bottom half swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion) 
Fyrinnae swatches
In indirect sunlight
L-R Center Stage, Housework Pearls, It Beautifies. Automatic Toaster, Monster Movie, Enchanting Otters, Type A lip lustre

Fyrinnae Swatches
taken by lamp
L-R Center Stage, Housework Pearls, It Beautifies. Automatic Toaster, Monster Movie, Enchanting Otters, Type A lip lustre

close up to capture the sparkly awesomeness
L-R Monster Movie, Enchanting Otters, Type A lip lustre

I also got:

Pixie Epoxy mini
My last mini lasted so long. I truly love this for loose shadows and even for making any shadow pop. There is some magic in there that that just takes an ordinary shadow and makes it awesome.

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

And I had to get another Type A lip lustre. I just love this lustre. I did a previous review here of the Lip Lustres. 

Fyrinnae Type A Lip Lustre
Type A Lip Lustre

As I said before these lustre are not glosses. They are thicker than glosses but not as thick as a lipstick. They are emollient so they are moisturizing. The lustres are not sticky at all but they have some lasting power to them. Plus they smell cake batter-ish YUM

Now I want to get Glamorous Rebel, Ocelot and Pygmy Hippo lip lustres.

I cannot wait to use these! I am going to try to do a FOTD with these soon.
Which shadow do you like the most?

Fyrinnae loose shadows retail for $2.25 mini $6.25 full size. Lip Lustres are $2.00 mini (1.5 ml) and $7.00 for full size (8ml).



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  1. wow your swatches are neat!

  2. Thanks :D I use tape to get straight edges.

  3. Fyrinnae pricing is quite reasonable and you're right, these colours are anything but what I would consider regular Joe neutrals!

  4. The prices are really great! I am in love with It Beautifies. I love Fyrinnae's colors.
    The emerald green (Enchanting Otters) is from another collection but I wanted to try something outside my comfort zone :P.


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