Thank you to Makeup Chic Blog

by - October 02, 2011

Recently I entered a contest at Makeup Chic Blog for a Sephora eyeshadow. I won! YAY
But Staci, being so sweet sent me not only the Sephora eyeshadow but one of her favorite Wet n' Wild shadows, Walking on Eggshells. I have been enjoying it this past week! I am amazed at how pigmented they are! AND she knew I couldn't partake in the recent Urban Decay sale because they do not ship to Canada so she sent me a UD loose pigment, Smog, as well. I luvs it! NOW that was truly nice!

So thank you Staci, I love your blog! You guys need to go check it out! :)

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  1. Ohh yay!! Congrats on winning her blog Giveaway hun :)
    Wow she sounds sweet.. I will take a look at her blog for sure.

  2. I definitely only just saw this, but thank you for your kind words :) I'm glad that everything arrived.


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