Rockin’ the RED

by - October 23, 2011

I have been noticing a lot of RED lips in my magazines lately. Shocking reds, pinup reds, burnt reds, santa red HAHA I had to toss that in there. Lots of looks with a neutral face and red lips; stained, glossed out, creamy and matte. I also couldn’t help but follow Koutney Kardashian’s lips around the TV screen whenever the Kardashian’s popped on. They seemed to be a character of their own! So now you know one of my guilty pleasures...a little KUWTK on Sunday night before bed to put me into a lull. LOL.
I am not a trend setter or much of a follower, but when I do see something I like I gotta try it. At least once and hope it isn’t an epic fail. But I am not so bold as to go all Cruella Deville with the red lipstick HAHA. So here’s my attempt - I been wearing it this past week and at first I was self conscious of the red but now I like it.

If I have worn red in the past, it has always Revlon ColorStay in Flesh, an old favourite of mine. I think I still have one kicking around here somewhere LOL I will try if I find and hope my lips don`t fall off later HAHA
So I was perusing the cosmetic counter and bought Revlon’s Super Lustrous in Wine with Everything. It’s not really a wine colour despite the name. It has more pinky-orange undertones. It’s not too bright and it not too dark. A very middle of the road red.  It has a nice creamy texture to it but it does rub off quite fast like most creamy lipsticks do L but overall worth the $6 I paid for it.

A little tip I got from watching my mom putting on dark lipstick; pat the lipstick on first using your ring finger, blot and then apply the lipstick from the tube. Now days, I put lipliner on first, apply the lipstick with a lip brush, blot and then apply another layer of lipstick. It makes it last a bit longer then just slapping it on. J
Wine with Everything
Wine with Everything swatch
I wanted to see actual swatches of more red lipsticks before buying another one so I went to Temptalia’s swatch library and found this:
Gotta love Temptalia’s devotion to beauty LOL.  From these swatches I really like MACs Runway Red. EEK maybe a trip to the MAC counter coming up....

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  1. I think that color looks gorgeous on you! I will have to look for that shade. And good tips. I'm always afraid of wearing a deeper shade b/c I'm always wondering if it's all still on my lips, but I also don't want to be that girl staring in a mirror the whole time, lol


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