Topbox | March 2016

by - March 20, 2016

Bonjour Makeupnuts! It’s monthly Topbox time. Once again, I opted for the regular Topbox for March. I am so predicable right? Honestly I can't remember what the wishlist selections were. I think there was an Elizabeth Arden and So Susan prive box. What I do remember is that I either had or tried most of the Topbox wishlist items previously. So the regular one it was.

March 2016 Topbox
March 2016 Topbox
The contents:

March 2016 Topbox

Maskeraide All-Eyes-On-Me Hydrating Eye Gel Patches   deluxe sample

Full size: 4 eye patches/$25
Place these under the eyes on clean toned skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
I am a big fan of the Maskeraide masks so I am genuinely looking forward to trying these.

March 2016 Topbox

Mereadesso Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer    deluxe sample

Full size 25ml/$45
From my little swatch fest, I do like how this foil sample is presented with a little resealable flip top in the packet. Although the colour looks a bit warm to me, on the orange-y side. But I will have to try it out before I write it off.

March 2016 Topbox

Pop Beauty Pure Pigment in Metallic Charcoal   full size

I was not expecting a full size pigment in this bag.  This charcoal has a slight duo chrome metallic shift to it. I like pigments and think it is quite pretty. But I have learned the hard way to be careful with dark pigments. My carpet can attest to that! But the sacrifice was in the name of beauty. 

March 2016 Topbox

Nova Scotia Fisherman eXtreme Skin Care Lip Balm - Fisher Mint  deluxe sample

Full size: 9.2g/$4.95
Spearmint! That’s all I can smell when I open this. There is definitely mint oil in this. It is so tingly and cooling on the lips. I still haven’t decided whether I like that or not. But it is so moisturizing. I mentioned in my last Topbox post that Nova Scotia Fisherman has a free trial where you can chose three samples for free but pay $5 postage to try out the line. 

March 2016 Topbox
mereadesso all-in-one-tinted moisturizer | pop beauty pure pigment metallic charcoal

I am really eager to try out the Maskeraide Eye Patches. Tonight actually. It has become a Sunday night ritual to do a mask before bed; get ready for bed, apply the mask and relax for 20 minutes.

Want to try out some new beauty products each month? Sign up for a Topbox. It is $12 for 4 deluxe samples sent your door each month.

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