November 2015 Topbox

by - December 08, 2015

So what do we have in the regular November Topbox?

There are a few goodies in here.

November Topbox
November Topbox
Benefit air patrol             deluxe size
Full size: 4ml/$38
Air patrol BB cream eyelid primer contains an EnviroDefend complex known to help guard your eyelids against sun and pollutants. It also extends the wear of eyeshadow for long lasting colour that won’t crease fade or smear.
It seems pretty yellow tones and I am more a pink toned girl. I only tried this once and I didn’t notice anything to really warrant the $30 price tag. There are better or just as good primers out there for less. Sorry Benefit.

Nova Scotia Fisherman Extreme Skin Care Lip Balm         full size
Full size: 9.9g/$6.95
Our Lip Care is created using 100% natural ingredients and contains 93% organic materials. Apply as needed.
This has become my new night-time lip balm. My lips feel so great the next day. I have electric heat and some days my lips are shardy little messes. The Nova Scotia Fisherman has really helped. Plus I love the 100% natural part. The packaging is a bit masculine for my taste but it is simple and it works.

Revlon Professional Style Masters Modular Hairspray   deluxe sample
Full size: 500ml/$19.95
Spray Modular hairspray on dry hair. For best results, hold about 30 cm, away from the hair. Medium Hold Hairspray, perfect for everyday use.
I like this hairspray just fine. It held my hair for a few hours. It certainly smells like hairspray. Again $20 is a little pricey for me for non salon. Maybe I am being a snob?

TheFaceShop Character Brightening Mask           one mask
3 masks/$9
Wash face. Pull out the mask and carefully place it on the face. Remove after 10-15 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin. 
I haven’t used this mask yet. It looks pretty cute.I am saving it for a Sunday night pamper ritual. I still a few masks to get through. 

My favorite item would have to be the Nova Scotia Fisherman Lip Balm. It’s the item I have been using every day. Next month I did opt for the Benefit Prive Topbox. Fingers crossed! 

Get your own Topbox and sign up for $12 a month at Ships within Canada only.

Soooo Yeah…I am alive. Sorry I was MIA. I have been trying out a new medication for the arthritis and the change threw me into a pretty bad flare up, including some more neck fusion, YAY. Pain=Misery so I thought I would keep my negative energy to myself. Basically I stayed in bed for 2 months. But all is good at the moment so I will take it. On the bright side, I am still walking and talking right?

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