Everyday Work Look for Hooded Eyes f. Lorac Pro Palette

by - March 24, 2015

Makeup for Work

I have puffy hooded eyes. Yeah it’s a fact. My eyes aren’t overly hooded but enough so that creasing and mascara transfer are a daily pain for me. I don’t generally curl my lashes day-to-day because I end up with mascara on my upper crease. Without eye shadow of some kind I sort of look tired all the time because of how my upper brow sits on top of my mobile lid. I don’t even want to think about what’s going happen to these lid-a-roos in 10 yrs. Yikes! Brow lift? Lipo for the brows? Can that be a thing?

Oh how I wish for Instagram eyes, but I am realizing it’s all about technique, baby, all about technique.

Below is my favorite go-to eye look for work. I think it helps define my puffy crease and gives me a more wide awake look. I can whip out this soft neutral look in 10 minutes. For this look, I use my beloved Lorac Pro palette. I.Love.This.Palette. The mattes are amazing. They do kick up a bit of powder but they are so soft and blend so easily. 

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

1)     Prime your eyes to ensure your shadow lasts the work day and won’t crease. Put a little bit on the lower lash line as well.  After that I set the primer with a vanilla eyeshadow to ensure all shadows blend easily. I will also lightly fill in my eyebrows as well.

2)      Next using the Lorac Pro Palette, apply a mixture of Taupe and Mauve in the crease and slightly above your crease (about 1/4 cm) and blend out with a fluffy blending brush (Sigma E40). I apply slightly past the corner of my eye just because I like creating the illusion that I have awake upturned eyes. You don’t have to go out as far as I do.

3)      With a shader brush (MAC 217), apply Sable into the outer half of the crease and slightly above. I dab the colour into the outer crease and then blend upward and out. Go over the edges with a fluffy blending brush (Sigma E40). With a pencil brush, apply Sable under the bottom lash line. I only go in about two thirds. Blend that out. Keeping the under shadow to half or two thirds doesn’t close the eyes in and makes them look bigger. I also apply a little bit of Champagne in to the inner third of my lid using just my finger. I tap it on the lid and in the inner corner as a highlight. This makes my eyes look a bit brighter. 

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

4)      With the same pencil brush, apply Pewter to the outer V of the eye lid. I also dab this on and then blend out a V shape with the pencil brush

5)      Blend those edges. Blend blend blend. I will go back with the Taupe and Mauve mixture and blend out any harsh outside edges of the Pewter.

6)      Next add some black eye liner to the top lid and tightline the top lash line. Apply a couple coats of mascara. Done! You can add a touch of highlight to the arch of the brow bone – I use a matte highlight like White. I don't use a frosty highlight because liberally adding frost on a puffy brow bone will make it look more prominent.

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Finished look 

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Products on eyes
Benefit’s Stay Don't Stray eye primer
Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in Universal Dark
Lorac Pro Palette (Mauve, Taupe, Sable, Champagne, Pewter)
Annablelle Retractable Liner in Jet Black
Benefit RollerLash mascara 

Products on Face
Maybelline Fit Me Hydrate+Smooth foundation 120
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Light
MAC MSF Natural in Medium
theBalm Frat Boy blush
Neutral pink lip liner (unknown) and Lip balm
MAC Soft and Gentle
Benefit Hoolah bronzer

This is my basic look on any given work day. I can have this eye look on in 10 minutes or less. I vary it up some days maybe using the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronzed on my lids or switching out the palette. Mornings are a time crunch for me so getting my face on in 15-20 minutes and look decent is crucial to me.
Do you gravitate towards neutrals for work or do you like mixing it up for work?

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  1. I really like this look, we have the same eye shape, I'll have to give it a try.


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